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Why a loved one can not give a watch

Perhaps every person is familiar with the belief that giving a clock is not good, but not everyone knows what this is really due to. Perhaps this is just a meaningless superstition, which only naive people can believe in? Or does it contain a fair amount of sound logic? In this article we will tell you why giving a watch is a bad omen.

There are a number of theories that can shed light on the question posed. For example, in western states The hands of the clock refer to sharp objects (along with knives, forks and others). Things of such a plan are categorized as bad, inappropriate gifts.

Also, many people were convinced that such gifts are closely related to power and the person who received them as a birthday present is able to tie her to himself. In addition, according to the acceptance of the donated hours, over time, the relationship with the donor should have certainly deteriorated. And also various troubles and troubles were not excluded. Our ancestors were convinced that sharp objects (in particular, watches) are capable of cutting long-lasting relationships once and for all (no matter what plan - friendly, love or partner).

Referring to another variation of this omen prohibiting the donation of watches, we fall into ancient China. For a long time, the Chinese believed that if they presented a watch as a gift to a person, together with them he would find an invitation to a funeral.

Japan residents they went even further - in this culture it was believed that if someone wants to present a watch, it means that he consciously wishes death to the hero of the occasion. At first it may seem to you that in such an assertion there is no sound logic at all, but one should not forget that Eastern culture always had its innermost secrets and secrets, incomprehensible to outsiders, but that did not lose its relevance.

Eastern prohibition of giving a clock on his birthday was explained to the person from the other side, in this case there is several interpretations at once:

  • The presented hours begin to count down the time before the parting with the donor will be soon, and when they become - the connection with the person will be irretrievably lost.
  • Hours received as a gift automatically start a certain countdown until the person dies.

Signs about the clock of our ancestors

Our distant ancestors, the Slavs, interpreted this sign in their context: they believed that pain, anxiety, disappointment and excitement came to life with the donated hours.

Another explanation of the signs suggests that, together with the clock, the donor gives a certain part of his life. There is also a version according to which the gift of such a plan provokes serious quarrels or even death. And it does not matter what kind of watches were presented - wall, pocket or wrist.

Having read so many negative opinions about donated hours, it becomes clear why people in most cases avoid presenting such gifts. After all, even if in reality nothing bad happens - the human imagination will surely complete a terrible picture for itself, “inspired” by so many negative prerequisites.

Can a man on his birthday give a watch?

There are a large number of versions explaining why you should not give a watch to your loved one. According to a popular legend, one girl decided on the birthday of her lover to give him a beautiful watch. Until that time, their couple completely lacked any quarrels and problems, and after the triumph the relationship changed, and in a most radical way.

Regular conflicts and clarifications of relationships began to arise, which, of course, did not bring any pleasure to both partners. As a result, fortunately, everything ended quite well - the power of their love was enough to break the ill-fated clock. The subject was not subject to restoration, and lovers could live all their life happily ever after.

All of the above signs for obvious reasons do not have scientific evidence, therefore Is it permissible to give a watch to your surroundings or not? - this question will have to give an independent answer. First of all, you need to once again reflect on how a person will perceive such a gift. If you know that the hero of the occasion is very superstitious and will subsequently think and worry about such a gift for a long time - it is better to refuse him, not to spoil the nerves of yourself or the birthday man.

100% it can be argued that for hours (especially old) people will be happy who are collectors of these items. Or just love the watch. In this case, to add a gift even more "highlight", order them a special engraving.

And if you want to be sure that such a gift will bring a person only positive emotions - go shopping with him.

If you belong to the category of superstitious people, do not rush immediately to think that the donor will certainly wish you harm. Most likely, a person is simply not aware of the existence of such a belief or does not really believe in it. And in principle, more important is not the gift itself, but the attention shown.

In addition, there is an effective way to get rid of the alleged negative impact of the gift. All that is required of you is just do something, that is, pay for the clock. Then they will automatically become not a gift, but an acquisition. Of course, there is absolutely no need to pay half the cost of the goods - a few coins will be enough.

In all life situations, try to tune in only to the positive. Scientists have long been able to prove that thought is material and can greatly influence the further course of events. Therefore, believe in the best, wear your watch with pleasure and try to never waste time!