Dream interpretation

Signs about the raven


According to the common belief of our and foreign ancestors, the crows - the bearer of bad news. Signs about the raven in most gloomy. And what other value should be given to scavenging birds with dark plumage and unpleasant hearing caw?

"Nakarka!" - A standard rebuke for invoking trouble. Crow's grave is a precursor diseases, catastrophes and death. Previously, it was heard over the battlefields, burial places of people and livestock, and now, when the city crows feed on food waste - next to the landfills. Not so scary anymore!

In the past couple of centuries, signs about crows, like many others, have "softened" and acquired a positive or neutral meaning.

  • Lonely flying crow - forerunner of bad events.
  • Crow on the roof is pecked by a flag, banner ad or other fabric. - unfortunately for the head of the family living under this roof. How to interpret the sign, if the house is multi-family, the sign does not inform.
  • See two or three crows - Unfortunately.
  • But see immediately four crows - to replenishment in the family. Somehow to compensate for all those dead, who promise other "crows" signs.
  • Catch a ravens fight, especially bloody, with the loss of feathers - to trouble.
  • Flocks of crows fly high in the sky - a sign of good, clear weather.
  • Crow flies to your right - good luck to the left - to difficulties on the way to the goal.
  • Crow pecks bone - to fractures and other injuries and bone diseases.
  • Crow carries food in its beak - a sign of profit.
  • The crow holds in the beak a chip, a twig that-then wooden - heralds a fruitful friendship with a good man.
  • See the crow during the wedding celebration - to failure. It can extend both to marriage and to the life of any one present.
  • What if the crows sit quietly on the roof of the house - to the wedding soon. Obviously, instead of spoiled from the point above.

On the window and outside the window

Urban living makes adjustments to the interpretation will take. Less and less fields and forests around us, more and more high-rise buildings and double-glazed windows. In pursuit of insects, crows, like pigeons with sparrows, often sit on the cornice. What could this mean (besides the fact that the crow was starving)?

  • Crow flew into the house - to death in this house. If someone is sick, and the crow flew into his room - most likely, the sign is intended to him.
  • The crow is pushing hard at the window and caws - unfortunately, death. Especially if before that she or her companions circled over the house.
  • A flock of crows gathering on a tree outside your window - someone spreads rumors behind your back.

Near the church or in the cemetery

The crow was always suspected of being close to the world of the dead, so a separate category would take it — for the crow in a place where you think about death ten times more often than usual.

  • The crow flew over the churchyard, and then sat - a funeral is coming soon. Not necessarily in the family of those who saw the crow, so you can relax a little.
  • The crow sat on the church roof and caws - hints at a quick death, reports the dead man. Again, it is difficult to determine to whom exactly this dead person will apply.
  • Crow sat on a gravestone - A sign of the imminent death of the parish priest to whom the cemetery belongs. Already somewhat less blurry.
  • The crow sat on the grave cross and shows a tail in the direction of someone's home - to the dead in this very house. Specifically, no discrepancies! It is good that even in cities there are graves far from residential buildings.

Heard the crows cawing, but the birds are nowhere to be seen? Or first heard, and then, looking, noticed?

  • Crow shouted twice and fell silent - to the money. It's time to do projects that have been postponed for a long time: now everything will turn out.
  • Crow shouted three times - foreshadows death.
  • Hear the caw of the left - to difficulties in business, especially if you are at the same time standing in the water (swimming or stepping into a puddle).
  • Crow crowing over the house - to the disease of the household.
  • Hear the crows caw between 20:00 and 22:00 - Luckily. This short period is the only time when the crows caw - definitely for good. Many at this time are returning from work, it's time to listen.
  • Crows cawing out long and without interruption - to bad weather. In winter - to frost and blizzards.
  • Crow caws, looking south - to rob the witness of this action.
  • The caw of one crow, sitting on the roof of the house - A sign that someone from your friends remembers and is going to see you.
  • Hear the crows caw in the woods and get scared - to failure in the conceived, don't flinch and pass by - to success in life.

Birds differ in impudence and fearlessness from species to species and from individuals to individuals. Among the crows there are those who are not at all afraid of people, because in such behavior there is clearly a sign from above.

  • Crow sat on his head - a good omen, promising wealth, success in business and a turn of life in a better direction. Everything that was before is bad, anxious, it took away strength - it will soon be gone, hard times will end, a new day will come with a new income and luck. You just have to be careful, the crows have crows - hoo, and the beak is firm and strong. Do not frighten the bird to avoid injury.
  • Crow marked you - also great, it's for the money. Not a very pleasant coincidence, the clothes will have to be cleaned, but at least a happy meaning.
  • The crow flew into the car - Warns about the accident. On this day, be careful on the road!

Crows - such malicious in terms of birds will take! What to do to the failure and death, which they massively proclaim, bypassed?

  1. Do not touch the crows themselves. Bust a crow's nest - bring the child to death. Kill the crow - to fire, damage the house. Therefore, do not touch yourself and teach your children to go around the side of the nest, or carefully transfer them if the crow nesting place is uncomfortable.
  2. The bird flew into the house - carefully, so as not to cause injury, catch and release. Watch out for claws and beaks! The surface where the crow sat, you need to thoroughly wash. Advice is universal for any bird that has flown into the house; they, most often, mean unhappiness, the house needs to be cleaned of them.
  3. A red thread should be tied onto the window handle to prevent the disease from entering the house.