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Amulets of Ancient Egypt - the most popular amulets


Ancient Egyptian amulets and symbols impress the imagination with its wide variety. Each amulet has multifunctionality, but in reality is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. The magic of ancient Egypt is an unusually strong thing. Many stories are known when sacred objects found during the excavation caused significant harm to everyone who tried to carry them with them for use as a talisman. Let's try to answer the question of what is an amulet in ancient Egypt and what kinds of talismans you know.

Egyptians, like some other nations believed in magic and energy accompanying each person throughout his life, as well as in the next world. It is for this reason that the amulets were given colossal significance.

The greatest value among a huge number of other artifacts was used by things that were lit by the priests (the strongest sorcerers), or were removed from the sarcophagus with mummy.

Subjects such a plan used to get extra strength. These amulets were a virtually endless source of unearthly energy. There were a lot of evidence of this - the legends and tales of the peoples living in ancient Egypt.

Egyptian amulets have passed a difficult path from antiquity to the present day. At first they were made of various stone rocks. In most cases, amulets transformed the image of an animal (mystical creatures were also taken into account).

Most Popular Characters

  1. Ankh - acted as the most important amulet, it was distinguished by a deep sacral meaning of immortality and itself symbolizes the union of eternity with human life. This symbol is also a hieroglyph, with the meaning "happiness". According to ancient Egyptian superstitions, the Ankh is able to protect its owner during his lifetime, as well as after physical death, protects him from misfortune (even in the world of spirits).
  2. Scarab - is a symbol of immortality. Images of the scarab beetle in ancient Egypt should have been not only with living people. Often the scarab figurines were placed in a funeral sarcophagus or directly inside the mummified body (they replaced the mummy's heart, but before that an inscription from the Book of the Dead was put on the subject, which was supposed to encourage the bug to speak only good things about the deceased at the doomsday).
  3. Isis - the female symbol of the eponymous deity, defended women with children. Isis can control winds, water, and air. She was usually depicted as a winged woman with horns on her head, in the center of which there is a shining solar circle.
  4. Wadget - it is an all-seeing eye (the moon eye of the sky god Horus is known in a different way.) The symbol is the personification of a non-stop movement and is able to reliably save its owner from evil forces. In addition, Wadzhet inherent property to heal seriously ill.
  5. Winged sun disc - symbolizes natural balance. The amulet is framed by the wings of the goddess Isis, it maintains psychological balance and harmony with the outside world.
  • Aton - activates the ability of foresight, heals from gastric pathologies and headaches;
  • Heart Aba - attracts happiness to life, will give love;
  • Bant Sa - assists women in the process of childbirth;
  • Bes - is an excellent protection against evil beings;
  • The eye of the deity of Horus - will provide protection in the work;
  • The head of a wise Snake - will save from the bites of poisonous reptiles;
  • The head of a hissing Cobra - symbolizes universal power;
  • The head of the goddess Hathor - acts as a family amulet;
  • Griffin - restores world justice;
  • Two fingers attract the support of heavenly forces;
  • Jet - will help heal a sore back;
  • Menat - is a kind of via-groy for men;
  • The Scourge is a very powerful talisman for travelers;
  • The buckle of the goddess Isis will save you from evil spells;
  • Cesen - fill with inspiration and desire to create;
  • Shenu - will give wisdom and longevity, is an excellent protection against the evil eye;
  • The node of the goddess Isis - normalizes the composition of lymph and blood, it is used for healthy childbirth.

And this is not all known magical symbols of ancient Egypt. In total there are more than 75 items. At the same time, as a protecting talisman, you can use absolutely any object, if you apply the correct spell or image on it. In ancient times, such knowledge was known to specially trained priests, and today only the most powerful magicians can perform such an object.

To set up Egyptian amulets to perform specific protective actions, a special activation ritual must be performed. In the event that you do not have special knowledge, it will be best to seek outside help. Remember that the ancient Egyptian amulets are not a joke at all, the forces behind them are very powerful and it is important to find a rational approach to them so as not to suffer as a result.

Amulet should always be with you, as staying at a great distance its qualities begin to weaken greatly. In the event of the loss of the object of force, any person who kidnapped him or found him by chance could cause significant harm to the original owner of the amulet.

In no case do not give your protective items in the wrong hands, After all, this way you can confuse the energy sector and, in the end, you will not get what you expect at all. Do not overly spread that you use protective objects, secret forces prefer silence and will certainly generously reward everyone who carefully observes their rules.