Dream interpretation

Why dream quarrel with a friend?

Shout, find out the relationship, swear and impartial speak out in relation to each other with a girlfriend? Then you wake up, and you understand that you had a dream to scold, but there was a residue on your soul? Why dream quarrel with a friend? Such a dream cannot be pleasant - disagreements with a close person are unpleasant even in the realm of Morpheus. Let's try to figure out what promises night vision, in which you are not very pleasant to find out the relationship with your girlfriend.

Important: to interpret a dream as accurately as possible, remember it in the smallest details. It is better to write down - woke up, took a pen and laid out on the paper the plot of the dream completely and with details. This will help to find the most accurate values ​​in the dream book.

Popular interpretation of dream books

A quarrel with a girlfriend in the kingdom of Morpheus may have diametrically opposite values, depending on the circumstances affecting the plot of the dream. For example, the prediction depends on who initiated the quarrel:

  • Raise voice, throw claims and you started to quarrel. So, in real life, you are dissatisfied with the relationship with this girlfriend. She seems to you frivolous Madame, who is too easy to get everything she wants. You secretly envy, dreaming of being like her. Advice - stop communication, this is not friendship, but a relationship that pulls you down and prevents you from developing
  • The initiator of the scandal was a girlfriend. In this case, the value is favorable. Soon you will have a great time together - go to a party in a merry company. And one of you this evening will meet your future elect. So cook a good mood and pretend

The reason you fell out with a girlfriend in a dream also plays a role in interpreting night vision:

  • Quarrel with a girlfriend because of a guywho liked both. So, in real life, you do not trust your friend, suspect that she is able to lead away your young man, or too kindly communicates with your husband. Try to protect her from communicating with your chosen one - suspicions are not groundless.
  • Quarrel occurred because of money. Either a friend in a dream did not return the debt, or refused to lend. Such a dream is very favorable. So, in real life, your girlfriend is a very reliable person; you can rely on her in any situation. Appreciate this person and take care of your relationship; nowadays, real female friendship is a rarity.
  • The reason for the quarrel - a bad mood. You girls, therefore, tend to break away from others sometimes. Such an emotional quarrel over a trifle in a dream is a dummy. There is no value for such a dream. Perhaps you have a banal PMS
  • Quarreled over refusing to help. If in a dream you ask a friend for help, but she refuses, and a quarrel occurs, this is not a good sign. Soon and in real life a similar event will occur, only its scale will be different. For example, if in a dream she refused you trifles, then in real life she would not come to the aid in a difficult situation. Hardly your true friendship

Do not take predictions too seriously. They do not come true 100% of the time and are more likely a signal from the subconscious. You need to pay attention to the relationship with her friend, try to solve all the problems, find out if she has any offenses on you, spend time together in the heart.

Emotional interpretations

For an accurate interpretation, you can recall the emotions that you experienced in a dream:

  • Were very angry, literally wanted to devour a girlfriend. So, in real life, you are experiencing similar emotions, but to another person. Such a dream is just the release of steam by your subconscious mind, the rest of the brain from too strong emotions.
  • They were calm and with a grin watching the emotional girlfriend. So, in real life, colleagues or boss show you a bunch of unfounded claims. Your work is unhappy, but this is a biased opinion. It is worth thinking about changing the place of work or leaving on maternity leave.
  • Both of you were extremely emotional, shouting at each other. Such a dream foreshadows success in love affairs. Lonely girls have a fateful acquaintance with their future husband, married - a romantic surprise or an expensive gift from her husband. Expect a pleasant experience.

Sometimes a dreaming quarrel with a friend is another reason to call a dear person and remind you of your feelings for him. Let your friend know how you appreciate and love her.