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Birthday omens: what can and cannot be done


Birthday is a favorite holiday of every person, it's so nice to receive congratulations and gifts from loved ones. So that the whole next year will be successful and favorable, you need to correctly not only celebrate your holiday, but also spend the next 12 days. In addition, there are signs for his birthday, which will tell you what events can be expected in the near future. This year I want to celebrate my anniversary in accordance with established traditions. In this article I will talk about what customs were in the old days, and what signs remain relevant today.

Old omens

The tradition of celebrating your birthday widely began many hundreds of years ago. According to the main sign, the whole next year will be as cheerful and good as the celebration itself. Many traditions are still observed:

  1. Treats for guests. In order for the hero of the occasion to spend the next 12 months in abundance, it is necessary to set a rich table with a wide variety of treats.
  2. Presents. It is customary to give gifts to the birthday party so that he does not need anything, but according to an old sign, he should also present something to his guests. In the old days, the culprit of the identity gave each guest a small souvenir, since it was believed that such a sincere gesture attracted wealth.
  3. Toasts and wishes. During the celebration, each guest should wish the hero of the occasion something good, but the main thing is to do it sincerely, because only in this case the message will be charged with positive energy.
  4. Birthday cake. At Birthday, the main treat is a cake, and, the bigger it is, the more wealth and success awaits the person next year. Previously, instead of a cake, a festive cake was baked, filled not with a sweet filling, but with chicken eggs and buckwheat porridge. He was not served on the table, but at the end of the celebration he was taken to a crossroads to appease the spirits, who in gratitude gave the whole family a birthday boy with good luck, wealth and happiness.
  5. Blowing out the candles. This tradition is relevant to this day. It is necessary to make a wish and at one time blow out all the candles. According to the sign, if this did not work out, the desire will not come true, but our ancestors said that in this case you need to ask your friends to blow out the remaining candles, and then the desire will come true, and with their help.
  6. The number of candles. Few people know, but on some Birthdays you can not put candles in the cake, namely, when it turns 9, 13, 18, 21, 51, 99 and 100 years.

According to old beliefs, you can not celebrate 9 and 40 years, because these dates are associated with commemoration. If you disobey this omen, then you can call on yourself the trouble, health problems, lack of money and a series of failures.

Rules of celebration

There is a lot to accept what you need to do on your birthday, so that for the next 12 months you will have good fortune, prosperity and harmony in your home, and also what you can’t do to avoid trouble.

  1. The number of guests should be even, but if there is no opportunity to invite someone, then the birthday man should still celebrate this date even in solitude.
  2. So that well-being, luck and health did not leave the house, you cannot lend money to someone or borrow them on your holiday. It should be noted that on this day alms should not be served either.
  3. The birthday man must choose in advance the outfit in which he will hold the whole celebration. If the outfit is stained or torn, and I had to change clothes, then this should be done with the words: "Not for your loss, but for good"
  4. Celebrating before the date of birth is strictly prohibited, but later - allowed. According to the sign, it can lead to health problems, even death.
  5. On the holiday table should not be pancakes, because according to tradition, this dish is served only on Shrovetide and funerals.
  6. The omen, which heralds death, is connected with the dog's howling, therefore, if there is a dog in the house, then it was taken to the street for the duration of the celebration. During the chants, pets are not rarely "singing" to the guests, and this can attract misfortune.
  7. If during the feast the dishes were broken, then its fragments should be carefully collected and thrown into the trash can, but it can only be removed from the house the next day.
  8. Clean up the house, wash and throw garbage to the day before the birthday, or the next day. An exception is washing dishes after guests, but only after everyone’s going away.

If the birthday man fell ill on the eve of the celebration - this is a bad omen. All next year he will be pursued by health problems.

Signs about gifts

To protect yourself from the negative, and to bring well-being into your life, you need not only to know what to do on your birthday, but also how to receive gifts properly, and what is forbidden to give at all.

  • The donor must pass the gift directly into the hands of the hero of the occasion.
  • When accepting a gift from an envious person, you should say to yourself: “I take a gift, not a lining”.
  • You can not give the donated things, even if they are not needed, because with them, happiness and well-being will leave home.
  • For some gifts you need to give something in the form of coins. This applies to knives, dishes, flower pots, purses and purses. Otherwise, such a gift promises poverty and enmity.

It is strongly not recommended to give a birthday tie, pearls, handkerchief, hairbrush, mirror, souvenirs and paintings of birds. If presented as a gift bouquet, then it must necessarily be an odd number of flowers. If the bouquet has an even number of flowers, then one of them should be thrown out.


A birthday party can change its life for the better if it knows not only what to do at a birthday party in order to attract success, wealth, happiness and good luck, but also if it spends the next 12 days correctly. Post-holiday days symbolize 12 months, and each of them is responsible for a certain area of ​​life that can be improved if you follow the old traditions.

  • The 1st day personifies the personality of the birthday, so you need to dedicate it to yourself. It is recommended to engage in introspection, to summarize the past, to make out the mistakes committed and to consider plans for the future.
  • Day 2 is associated with material benefits. In order to achieve financial success next year, on this day you need to plan your budget, consider ways of additional income, make a list of necessary expenses. In addition, in order to be full in the next 12 months and the house reigned in prosperity, the ancestors staged a “feast of the belly” on that day, but they ate extremely healthy and high-quality food.
  • Day 3 is responsible for business and friendships. This time should be devoted to communication with friends and colleagues, to analyze their environment, and, perhaps, to say goodbye to those who hinder your development. Also on this day, you can start new projects, start your own business and start exploring something.
  • The 4th day is connected with the family and the house, therefore, it is first of all necessary to devote it to communication with relatives. Also on this day you need to visit the cemetery and remember the dead close people. This period is favorable for making real estate transactions, or conducting magical rites.
  • The 5th day is devoted to entertainment and recreation, therefore, it should be held in a pleasant company and relaxing atmosphere. No need to think about work and household chores, it is better to go for a walk with loved ones.
  • Day 6 represents health. You can begin treatment, diet, exercise. Communicating with animals will have a positive impact on psychological health, so it is recommended to visit the zoo.
  • 7th — marriage and relationships. On this day, you can not quarrel with a loved one, in the house should reign harmony and peace. If a trial was scheduled for this day, then it is better to postpone it, otherwise it will end unsuccessfully, and its echoes will haunt you all next year.
  • The 8th day is associated with the magic and mysteries of the universe. At this time, you can conduct various ceremonies, engage in meditation and learn spiritual practices. It is necessary to pay attention to dreams - they will come true. For the next 12 months to pass in peace, this day is recommended to be alone, and not go out to people.
  • Day 9 is dedicated to spiritual and moral development. It is recommended to study something new in order to expand your skills and horizons. On this day, you need to be tuned to a positive, and not to pay attention to the negative aspects.
  • 10th is success. This day should be devoted to those matters that have a positive impact on personal life, career, health, reputation, etc. Also, this time is suitable for resolving conflicts and forging communication with others.
  • The 11th day is connected with bringing something new and useful into life. Favorable will be any changes - relocation, marriage, starting a business, changing the image, joining an educational institution. In addition, this day is to say goodbye to those things that negatively affect your life - bad habits, ill-wishers, unloved work, old things and other things.
  • Day 12 is responsible for restrictions and enemies. He needs to be held with a positive attitude, but at the same time he will have to do those things that do not bring pleasure. For example, it would be good to sort out this day with the accumulated problems and bills, or make peace with the enemy.

Simple signs and traditions will tell you what to do on your birthday so that the whole next year will be in a positive way. But if something goes wrong on this holiday - no need to get upset and get ready for something bad.


  • Birthday is worth celebrating, even if there is no one to invite to visit.
  • In order for gifts to carry an extremely positive message, you need to know how to receive them correctly.
  • For some gifts you need to give something with coins.
  • It is important not only to celebrate the name day correctly, but also to spend the next 12 days.