Dream interpretation

Why dream in a dream kissing a former guy?

What dreams of a kiss with a former guy? Perhaps you just have not got cold feelings, and in the realm of Morpheus, you re-experience the romantic moments of your relationship. Perhaps, the once-forgotten chosen one remembers you, therefore his image is disturbing in dreams. But the interpretation of this dream may be different - just turn to the popular dream books.

Therefore, remember the plot of the dream in detail and read the interpretation options selected below. We chose the most plausible and proven forecasts compiled by authoritative authors. It is better to remember the dream in detail - then it will turn out to make the most complete interpretation.

What dreams of a kiss with the former?

Most often kisses dream to the upcoming troubles. Possible major conflicts in the near future. But this is a general interpretation. Private are slightly different:

The girl dreams of a kiss with a former guy. So, the young lady did not completely get rid of feelings for the chosen one. She is still experiencing a break, which was painful for her. He secretly wants to renew the relationship, so he takes steps towards it. But this is the wrong behavior - it’s impossible to return the guy with his actions and confessions. On the contrary - keep your distance, take care of yourself and your affairs. Then sooner or later the lover will return. The main thing - do not impose

  • A passionate kiss on the lips with a former chosen one in a dream - evidence of unresolved problems in the past. It is important, whose initiative to kiss was in a dream. If this guy wanted, he wants you to return in real life. If the initiator of the kiss is a girl, she should forget about the former lover.
  • Very passionate kissMoving into foreplay is a sign that the girl is sexually incontinent. Perhaps because of the difference in temperaments and there was a gap. You should show your emotions more moderately, otherwise absolutely all men will run as if from fire
  • If a kiss with the former dream of a girl in the status of the brideThis is an unfavorable sign. Your marriage will not be easy - a big quarrel is likely right after the wedding. Try not to compare your husband with your former lover and not to remind you of past relationships, otherwise you can’t avoid a gap.

These are not the most favorable values. However, do not be upset if you saw a not very pleasant forecast in the list of interpretations. In a dream, the subconscious sends a certain signal: you must receive it and understand how not to behave. Correct behavior is a way to avoid the problems predicted by dreams.

Good dream predictions

Let's talk about the favorable predictions that are promised by the authors of other dream books:

  • Kiss in the dream occurred spontaneouslyextremely unexpected for you. So, soon you will meet with an attractive young man, with whom beautiful, extremely harmonious and quiet relations will start, and you will forget about the former one. Feelings with a new chosen one will be extremely strong, perhaps this union will grow into marriage
  • If a With the former young man you parted easily, without quarrels and mutual claims, then your kiss in a dream does not promise anything bad. You may be reunited again, and the relationship will move to a whole new level. Wait for a surprise
  • Kiss with the ex that chases you and extremely annoying in real life, means that obsessive behavior will soon cease. Former beloved finally leave, and you can safely build new happy relationships

The more positive emotions you experience in a dream, the more favorable the meaning of the dream. So remember - whether the kiss was pleasant, how long it lasted, what feelings you had for the ex-boyfriend:

  • Were depressed and upset - means, subconsciously want to renew the relationship
  • Very upset - there will be a major quarrel with the current young man
  • Sorry - soon your wrong behavior will lead to bad consequences for you, carefully think over every action
  • Were happy - soon memories of your former lover will leave you

Sleeping with a former lover is a reason to finally put all the points in your own subconscious and close the gestalt of old relationships. If the memories do not let go, write a letter - tell all that you feel, what are offended, what is haunted. Write until the words run out, and then burn the written sheets. Then the former guy will stop dreaming and remind himself.