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Plot to get pregnant - only white magic at home


Carrying a child under the heart is the greatest reward for any woman. That's just not every member of the weaker sex can know all the delights and joys of motherhood. And, it seems, all examinations have been passed, a lot of tests have been passed, and everything is normal with health, but the pregnancy, which is so expected, does not occur, they only spread their hands to doctors. In such a situation, one can only hope for a miracle. The magical conspiracy to be read at home can help to bring this miracle closer.

What is the magical power of the pregnancy ritual?

The reasons for the occurrence of pregnancy does not occur, can be very different. Initially, this is an unfavorable base for the conception of a child: stresses, bad ecology, difficulties in relations with the husband, depressed state of mind, poor state of health, etc. All these factors have a negative effect on the emotional and physical state of a woman, they are laying dead on her shoulders, attacking her whole consciousness, causing disturbing thoughts. And thoughts (consisting, as you know, of words) are material, and in the context described above, they generate a steady negative psychological program, which deprives a woman of the chances of conceiving a baby and motherhood.

There is a conspiracy in words, and therein lies its secret power. The word - provided it is properly applied - can be a powerful weapon in the hands of a person, and a weapon with both a destructive and constructive effect. Conspiracies for pregnancy have an equally powerful positive energy, and therefore are able to destroy all the psychological barriers that impede the achievement of the desired goal, in this case - the onset of pregnancy. In addition, the plot creates a fertile soil and has a positive effect on women's health.

Principles of proper conspiracy

Pregnancy is a serious step to which a woman should approach with all care and responsibility. The decision to use the conspiracy for pregnancy should also be deeply thought out, do not take it spontaneously, on emotions. Casting a magic spell to conceive a child requires special training, which includes the following measures:

  • Purification of the energy of future parents. For this, a woman and her chosen one (husband) should go to church together for worship, and also to pray to the higher forces, ask for their help.
  • Select the desired phase of the night lights. For conspiracy to become suitable period of pregnancy new or growing moon - time with strong creative potential. Some ceremonies are also done on the full moon.
  • Memorize the text of the selected plot. It is necessary for the spell to be pronounced clearly, without hesitation and unnecessary pauses, from a pure heart.

When the preparatory stage is over and the matter has come directly to casting a pregnancy spell, the performer must meet a number of specific conditions during the process. These include:

  • A woman should begin to conspire in a calm and peaceful state.
  • The singer must perform the ritual alone. It is impossible for strangers, pets, to be near her. Nobody is allowed to talk about conspiracy use either.
  • An essential requirement is the ability to focus on the final result. At the time of reading the conspiracy, you should throw all extraneous thoughts out of your head and think only about your cherished dream - the onset of pregnancy and the opportunity to give birth to a new little man.
  • Spell the spell must be clearly, delving into the essence of each word, passing it through itself. Mechanical utterance without an understanding of the content, muttering under his breath to the desired goal will not lead.

For the onset of pregnancy is not enough to say just a conspiracy and wait until he fulfills your innermost desire. The singer must believe in the power of the magic text, put sacral meaning into each word - this will bring success closer. In addition, her husband (or chosen one) must believe in the action of magic, help and support his woman, because in conception they will both be involved.

Possible consequences of conspiracy on pregnancy

Remember that in no way you can use the ritual to get pregnant from someone else (especially married) men. So you tune the magic against yourself and risk getting the terrible consequences of a pregnancy plot. You sincerely have to love the person from whom you decided to conceive a child - only then a higher power will be on your side.

Do not give up and despair, if the plot did not immediately help. Prayer for pregnancy takes time and patience. And if nothing happened the first time, you need to re-repeat, after a while, the same ritual, or choose and try another one.

The texts of conspiracies of white magic for pregnancy

Simple plot for pregnancy

Time - new moon. A woman needs to stand in bed in front of a large mirror before bedtime, put her hands on her stomach and read the plot:

“The month is young, you are the bridegroom, a good place, and I am your bride. As you are born today, so I soon gave birth to a child. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen".

Conspiracy of white magic on the wedding ring to help get pregnant

This pregnancy plot can be read at home on your wedding ring. Text:

“Great people will gather, all good people, all important birds. As the round ring will roll on the light image, so be the small one in that ring, in time to be the firstborn small. Old men will look with wise eyes, men will speak in coarse voices. Old women with old hands the belly of God’s slave (own name) will be ironing, the girls will comb her hair. And small ones will run around it, they will run and they will not stop. God's servant (own name) waiting for its small, waiting and will be waiting. He is preparing an embroidery cradle, spinning his light shirt, red shirt. As in a dark pocket the round ring lies, so in its womb the little will live. My words are strong, firm, forever indestructible. I will hide the key in black water, lock the lock on my chest. Let it be! Amen".

The plotted little ring needs to be wrapped with a clean white scarf and worn not on your finger, but in your pocket.

Plot for pregnancy at home from Vanga on a young moon

This plot of Vanga must be pronounced on the night from the 1st to the 2nd lunar day, around midnight. At this time, a woman who dreams of pregnancy should go outdoors (a balcony is an option), look at the sky, stroke her stomach clockwise and read the words of the prayer:

“The Lord is our Father the Most High! As the red sun You gave us, white-faced the moon gave, gentle clouds, bright stars, mighty trees, gentle wind, so make me, a servant of God (own name)child conceived. As the young moon was conceived today, let the little child conceive in my womb. Amen!"

This plot can be repeated every lunar month - until the long-awaited pregnancy.

A strong conspiracy to get pregnant

The time suitable for the rite is the rising moon. On Friday, at the growth stage of the night luminary, you need to visit the church, pray there to the Mother of God and Jesus Christ. put candles in front of their icons and dial then holy water. In the evening of the same day, between 10 pm and 11 pm, put on a loose white shirt or tank top, open the window, dissolve your hair, put a basin on the floor and stand in it with your feet. With a dipper, it is necessary to take the holy water from the tank and pour it over yourself in a thin stream, pronouncing the text of the plot:

“As the pure and holy water dripped, slid, and slid, and so is me, the servants of God (own name), the hardships of all and incomplete, rolled down, washed away and dissolved in the holy water. In the sky a clear month grows, and God's servant (own name)child conceive. Jesus Christ and Mother Mother of God, help! In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit! Amen".

After the ceremony, you need to dry yourself with a clean towel, apply the sign of the cross 3 times, read the “Our Father” prayer 3 times and go to bed (but not in the room where the ritual was performed). The water remaining in the basin after ablution, you need to pour behind the house, preferably - under the tree.

The conspiracy helps to get rid of infertility and early pregnancy.

Another ritual look in this video:

Conspiracy of pregnancy for 40 knots - very strong

For the ceremony, the performer must find a red thread of natural fiber (linen or cotton). Ritual should be carried out from the first lunar day (guided by the lunar calendar). According to reviews of people who made this plot, it helps most often.

On the first lunar day you need to tie the first knot on a string, reading the plot:

“The knot to the bundle stuck tightly. Knots tied - in the uterus the fetus began. Strong and red knots, rosy and healthy child. Tie up - do not untie! Lord, bless, Virgin Mary, help! Amen".

A thread with a knot needs to be hidden in a secret place - it is impossible for anyone to see it. The rite must be performed within 40 days in a row. Skip days are not allowed. As a result, 40 knots should appear on the string. The number 40 is sacred here and is associated with 40 weeks of gestation.

When the pregnancy comes, the thread should be hidden in the highest place in your home - it will serve as a guardian for the entire period of carrying the child and ease the torment of the woman during childbirth. After giving birth, it should be buried or burned.

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