Dream interpretation

Preserved Lunnitsa and its value


People by nature tend to believe in miracles. Since ancient times, our ancestors tried to notice everything happening around, to draw conclusions about various phenomena of the surrounding world, and also the theme of amulets and amulets was quite popular. In this article we will talk about what Lunnitsa charm is and what value it has.

The meaning of the concept of "guardian" is hidden in its name. This term comes from the verbs "protect", "protect" and implies a person's protection from negative external influences.

In essence, a talisman is a thing that protects its owner, protects him from evil and removes any troubles and machinations of fate.

People tend to combine the concept of an amulet and a talisman, but despite this there are a number of differences between the two objects:

  • for example, the amulet is worn solely on the body;
  • and the amulet can be located in the dwelling place or near it (such charms as the stork's nest and horseshoe are immediately remembered).

Amulets are items chosen to be protected by our ancestors during lengthy experiments and studies. The power of these magical things was greatly appreciated by our ancestors and helped them to change their lives for the better.

The effects of the amulet are closely intertwined with the doctrine of the human aura. So, wearing the object of a particular color, we can very quickly close those energy breakdowns that are a threat to our well-being.

They have the following properties:

  • protect us from negative effects on the psyche;
  • preserve health;
  • maintain a great emotional state;
  • using them, we protect ourselves from alien will and protracted depressions.

The greatest value are the amulets transmitted from one generation of relatives to another. It can be decorations, as well as details of the decor and interior - all this protects representatives of one kind. Also a simple pin or a ridge on a roof can be a talisman, magic properties will not be affected at all.

Homeland guard Lunnitsa - Ancient Egypt. It is from this state that the stories about the magic power of this talisman gradually spread to all countries of the European continent and Asia.

Then every girl and woman dreamed of having a moon in her jewelry collection. And the purchase of this talisman promised reliable protection from diseases and various troubles. The same representatives of the fair sex, who by their financial position were not able to buy the amulet, made it themselves.

In this case, as the material was taken:

  • wool;
  • skin;
  • tree.

Charm could draw, cut or embroider.

The talisman Lunnitsa is distinguished by a very unusual look - in it, each of the numerous lines has its own secret meaning and purpose. In most situations, bronze was the main material for making the amulet; silver was also taken. The product is made in the shape of a crescent with the edges pointing down. There were several triangles all over the square, their special placement had a secret magical meaning.

When scientists examined this product more closely, they made a unique discovery - the lunnitsa is an exact copy of the lunar cycle in all stages, from birth to complete withdrawal. Each of the slots on the decoration indicates one of the 28 days of the full lunar calendar.

The magical properties of the charm are revealed gradually, harmonizing the energy of the moon. And the sacral properties of the lunica begin to manifest only after the charm is fully energetically connected with its mistress. After that all his positive qualities become active. The positive, high vibrations emitted by the talisman have a strong influence on the surrounding reality - they fill everything around with positive energy.

If we talk about the sacral properties of the amulet, then the most prominent is the ability of Lunnitsa to protect the children of her mistress from diseases and negative impact from the outside. Our ancient ancestors believed that Lunnitsa saves not only its owner, but also her home, as well as all the people living in it, fills the house with warmth, comfort, harmony and tranquility.

And the charm that was worn around his neck showed to others around him the connection of the creative beginnings of the universe with the inner energy of the personality.

Lunnitsa is a very beautiful and unusual talisman that will save you from negativity and help fill your life with positive emotions. Magic always works for those who sincerely believe in it, with its help you can significantly improve your life and become a very happy person.