Dream interpretation

Why dream cursing in a dream

You enter into a dispute, which goes into abuse, throw accusations and accusations towards your opponent, and then wake up, realizing that it was only a dream? So, it's time to figure out what dream to swear in a dream. Do not worry - often negative dreams have quite favorable interpretations. Therefore, remember your dream in detail and get ready to study the dream books.

Important: for accurate interpretation it is necessary to recall the exact plot of the dream. Therefore, when you wake up, immediately write down all the details to refresh them in memory. Then it will turn out to make the most complete and true prediction.

Popular interpretation of dream books

The meaning of sleep, in which you are rapidly exploring relationships, can be different. The forecast depends on the circumstances of the dream. For example, swearing with my mother in a dream - to fundamental changes in your personal life. A quarrel with a loved one promises unexpected sexual adventures. Therefore, recall the details of sleep and proceed to the interpretation:

  • Remember your emotional state. If a you were extremely annoyed emotions were at their peak, they felt that they were about to explode - expect bright, unforgettable, but positive emotions. They will be extremely strong, some event will happen, after which you will be in seventh heaven
  • Swearing in a dream with your husband? The value of such sleep is unfavorable - you should go to the hospital, because there may be health problems
  • Chug with a stranger? Expect quarrels, scandals and minor troubles in real life. Unmarried girls should be careful and polite to strangers, married ladies should refrain from clarifying the relationship with their spouse. Otherwise you run the risk of running into a black line in family life.
  • If a quarrel in a dream did not happen, but you felt a great desire to start it, in real life you need to let off steam. A lot of resentment has accumulated in your soul, you keep a negative in yourself and sooner or later you will explode because of a trifle
  • Why dream quarrel with mom? The authors of the dream books have different opinions. Someone says that you subconsciously accuse the mother of the wrong attitude towards you or condemn the wrong life from your point of view. Other authors believe that a dreaming quarrel with a mother is a sign of a new acquaintance with the future bridegroom.
  • Quarrel with a stranger woman - sign: be careful, your enemies are preparing trouble for you. But if the initiator of the quarrel is you, then a woman from sleep will have a great success in life.
  • Figuring out a relationship with a friend is a signal to ponder. In your relationship there is some kind of omission, tension. You inadvertently offended her, but did not notice. Therefore, she now walks and sulks, not considering it necessary to report complaints.
  • Quarrel with a close friend, guilty of which you can mean a close journey. Get ready to spend an exciting vacation or go to relatives in another city
  • If you are watching in a dream parental quarrel, worry about nothing. They will live in harmony in life. But if in a dream they are angry with you, then it’s time to pay more attention to your parents - they really miss you.
  • Quarrel with Father, dreamed of a girl - a symbol of dissatisfaction with his chosen one. You consider the current young man or husband a loser, do not trust him and stop loving. But the problem is in you - stop being strong and let the chosen one steer both in relationships and in life. Then everything will be fine
  • Quarrel with sister foreshadows failure. You will be given a certain promise that you cannot keep. Because of this, serious problems in life will begin. Get ready to give up and lose respect of others
  • If you are in a dream quarreling with relatives, and they push you all together, this is an unfavorable sign. Soon you will face serious problems, and there will not be anyone willing to help. Prepare alone to cope with difficulties and give up on loved ones
  • Quarrel with mother in law - it's a sign. You need to look at your current environment. Mostly around you are unworthy people who treat all consumer, disrespectful. It is better to change the situation, otherwise the consequences will be negative and unpredictable.

Completely trust the values ​​of dream books is not worth it. In most cases, a dream is a signal to the subconscious to think about, to pay attention to certain aspects of your life.