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Preserved Ladinets and its value


Our ancestors actively used various amulets and amulets in their lives. Some of them are irrelevant today (those used to protect land, for example). The rest have not lost their popularity. In this article we will examine in detail the Ladinets guardian and its significance among the ancient Slavs.

A charm called Ladinets was a very common female talisman. It was used by those representatives of the fair sex who dreamed of preserving the well-being of their families, finding love or revealing themselves. Other names for the amulet are the Kolyadnik or the Cross of the Lada-Virgin.

Ladinets used since ancient Russia. It is a magical object that provides help for all the keepers of home comfort and hearth. And if unmarried ladies Ladinets will help to attract into their lives a decent man for the role of the future husband.

The charm was traditionally embroidered with the help of floss threads, one of the rays must be red.

And the color of the second ray will change based on your zodiacal constellation:

  • for earth signs, it will be black or green;
  • for fire - gold or black;
  • for air - blue;
  • for water - blue.

At its core, the Lada Cross is a sacred symbol. This is a female amulet that looks like eight rays enclosed in a circle. The directivity of the rays is left-sided, which symbolizes immersion in the underworld.

Since ancient times, the other world has been identified not only with possible danger, but also opened up completely new horizons of knowledge. For this reason, Ladinets charm, personifying the basic feminine qualities, is closely connected with the level of subconsciousness and intuition. For the most part, it is women and girls who possess these features. It seems that this is why this magical item was attributed to charms for the beautiful half of humanity.

Probably the most important thing for every woman is to maximize their feminine essence. Feminine and similar qualities are closely intertwined with the position that a woman occupies in the family. For full disclosure it is necessary that before the eyes of a girl from childhood had the correct image - that is, her mother.

Unfortunately, in the modern world there was a change of priorities. Very often it misleads little girls. When they observe a picture of the relationship between the sexes in modern society, the ideals of the family and femininity are greatly shifted.

The charm with the image of the cross of the Lada-Virgin Mary, the sacral significance of which will depend on the needs of its owner, has the following magical properties:

  • maintaining an attractive appearance, youth and beauty;
  • disclosure of female qualities;
  • gaining female happiness (happy marriage);
  • maintaining spiritual harmony and tranquility in various life situations;
  • the acquisition of additional assistance in marriage;
  • protection of the family from negative energy;
  • rejuvenation;
  • helps to eliminate excess fat deposits;
  • protection from adversity in a difficult period of life;
  • normalization of the state of female sex hormones in the body;
  • filling with harmony, tranquility, peace;
  • soon bringing to life your second half.

An interesting video about the ancient signs of the Rus:

Who would benefit from having this amulet with them? First of all, Ladinets personifies protection. In antiquity, our ancestors were piously convinced that this talisman was able to influence a person, both on the physical and also on the mental (spiritual) level.

He is able to fill a woman’s life with harmony, and also helps women to achieve inner balance. It should be noted that the use of Ladints is possible for women and girls of any age category - in this case, age will play absolutely no role.

In addition to everything described above, Ladinets gives protection to the goddess Lada. Women who have given their preference to this magical item have a great opportunity to experience the charm in their own experience.

Especially brightly it becomes noticeable during childbirth (they become lighter, pain decreases). The favor of the goddess, who by means of a talisman envelops the girl with her positive energy, will facilitate the process of passing through difficulties.

A great many women in the fair sex specifically buy a ward that symbolizes a direct connection with Lada, being pregnant, in order to make the approaching birth easier, to protect themselves from possible complications.

The ancient Slavic amulet Ladinets will help to reveal the feminine power as much as possible, fill the fair sex with positive energy and make her happier. Do not ignore the secret knowledge of our ancestors - where it would be better to listen to them in order to change their lives for the better.