Dream interpretation

Why dream of seeing yourself in a mirror?


Often dreams carry calls and warnings. One comes to sleep with animals for these purposes, while others have a dream where the dreamer sees his reflection in the mirror. So why dream of seeing yourself in a mirror?

The mirror used to be considered a luxury. Merchants were enriched in the mirrors, because they were more valuable than other items. Modern man to buy this item of use does not provide difficulties. Seeing in a vision is as familiar as it is in real life.

The door to another world is a mirror. What did fate want us to say?

Details of a dream about a mirror

Remember the dream. All the little things present in it, will give the correct interpretation. What could it be?

  • Clear was the reflection? This is your inner harmony. Expect good luck.
  • What emotions did you have when you saw yourself? Good mood means success and well-being. Startle or dislike in combination with dark reflection talks about danger.
  • Peering into the mirror, but did not see themselves? You are at a crossroads, you can not make decisions. Your soul is in disharmony with the body.
  • A whole or broken mirror? Broken dream to unrealizable dreams.
  • Who had a dream? For men a dream predicts deception by friends or partners. Women should expect marriage or pregnancy.
  • What was the hair like? If you saw themselves with long hairthen wait for financial well-being. Unkempt curls warn about dangers and family squabbles.
  • What was the hair color? Black hair dreaming of disease. Redheads talk about change. They can touch any sphere of life, but they will occur bright, unusual and unpredictable. White hair promise a meeting with a pleasant and worthy man. Gray but lush and well-groomed, curls predict a beautiful and measured life.
  • You saw yourself in a wedding dress? Remember what color it was. What did you do? Trying on a dress in front of a mirror and see yourself in it? Your life will soon begin to change. We saw on yourself a beautiful and luxurious dress? The help you need will come unexpectedly. Old and ugly wedding dress to trouble and quarrel with his beloved.
  • How did you see yourself? If you saw yourself beautiful, then wait for improvements in service, work and family. If the reflection was ugly, then fate has prepared for you unpleasant situations where you need to show yourself. Saw yourself fat? Soon there will be a situation in which you get a trauma. Perhaps make a profit. Seen yourself old? Wait for the failure and the bases from the enemies.
  • We looked in the mirror, but did not recognize ourselves.? Your colleagues are unfair to you. They are waiting for your wrong step.
  • If you saw your face in acnethen expect wealth.

Interpretation of sleep

Dream Miller

Looked in the mirror in a dream and saw a stranger next to you? Someone will act against you. If a dream broke a mirrorWait for the deadly disease of a loved one.

Look in a broken mirror to unpleasant acquaintance or unsuccessful marriage. Saw themselves? There will be a lot of rumors about you around, diseases are also possible.

Freund's Dream

Looking at themselves in the mirror? Review your attitude to health. Perhaps a lot of attention paid to him. Seen sex in the mirror says that you expect to receive praise or some approval at work or service.

Dream Dream Thelomena

See yourself in the mirror to the coming changes. Perhaps you are worried or afraid to be disappointed in something. The image was beautiful? There is harmony within you, you can control your emotions and feelings.

In the mirror the old woman looked at you? Your health is at stake. Difficult days and diseases will come soon. If you saw yourself gray-haired, expect the sad news.

Were pregnant? Someone is trying to ruin your reputation. If you saw yourself nakedThis is a call for emancipation, no need to be ashamed of yourself and your actions.

See yourself in a small mirror to meet with an unpleasant and two-faced person. To be sick in reflection to possible health problems.

Children's dream book

Positive emotions from the reflection symbolize inner harmony. If the view in the mirror scared youthen bad thoughts take over you, there are a lot of envious people around.

Female dream book

If you looked in the mirrorthen expect quarrels and misunderstandings from loved ones. If you see someone in the mirrorthen you will be condemned and made unjust decisions in relation to you.

Broken mirror to losses and tears about death or separation. Young women broken mirror foreshadows a failed marriage.

Small Veles dream

Look in the mirror to messages or illnesses. We looked and did not see ourselves? Soon the latent disease will manifest. Pimply face in the mirror to financial wealth.

Russian people's dream book

The dream says that you do not believe in the correctness of your actions, that you are trying to look at yourself from the outside.

Old Russian dream book

See yourself in the mirror to treason. Sick in the mirror to death well healthy dream to the disease.

Dream Aesop

Reflection in the mirror means wrong steps for which you will be ashamed. If the mirror did not see the reflectionthen your inner world will endure changes.

Erotic dream book

Looked in the mirror? Your sex life will take an interesting turn. The last sexual contact will bear fruit. Do not exclude sexually transmitted diseases.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

Your reflection means profit, replenishment in the family or news from afar. What was the reflection, such and attitude. If there was a full-length reflection in the mirrorthen expect illness or failure. Unknown face to change.

Ukrainian dream book

Young girls reflected in the mirror foreshadows a change in life. Pimples on face to wealth. Married woman who saw herself young, sleep promises a disease.

Dream Vanga

Reflection in the mirror symbol of your interest in the opinions of others. Not see the reflection to evil deeds by other people's thoughts.

Esoteric dream book

Look in the mirror and see nothing have fun. See a lot of mirrors and reflections to lostness and lies.