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Imperial amulet for good luck and wealth


Since ancient times, the imperial amulet has brought success and material well-being to its owners.. This is not any notion or legend. If a the person is an imperial amulet, then he will never become poor. He runs out of debts and comes true time of good luck, which brings him absolutely carefree life. Amulet is done personally, under a certain person.

The story of the amulet

As early as 1689, in the Trinity-Sergius Church, the rather young king Peter prayed a lot, fearing various shooting exercises and evil from the half-sister of Sophia. The deacon of the church, having seen his torment, made him from the imperial coin amuletand prayed all night long. And in the morning he presented this amulet with such a speech to the young king: “From this very day you will become invincible, success will go along with you, and wealth will not leave! May God be with you! ”And Tsarevna Sophia and her minions soon lost, and Peter I became the great tsar himself in the whole history of Russia, as well as the first emperor.

Since then, the Romanov dynasty flourished, its rule lasted until 1917. And the same amulet was given to each new emperor of the dynasty, due to the fact that faith in its healing power passed from generation to generation. Traditionally, it was made of imperial coins in the Trinity-Sergius Monastery. A family of kings bestowed a monastery, which over time was called the monastery, various lands and gifts.

After the revolutionary process, the priests of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra managed to escape abroad. The Bolsheviks mocked the shrines of the monastery, and the secret of the amulet, as everyone believed, lost forever. But after a while, Lavra came to life, and now residents of Russia from all parts of the state gather to bow before its shrines. And the secret of this amazing amulet is kept to the present.


An amulet, based on a special ritual, is done for a particular person and his name. The ritual itself is based on the power of prayers and human ancestors. The basis from which such a talisman is made is imperial coin. These are items of tsarist times of the most different denominations, which were minted from the time of Peter I until 1916. Such items are obtained from old donations of ancient churches. Coins by type of mining - very clean. The ritual itself is performed at dawn and has no dirty tricks.

Action imperial amulet

If such an amulet is made correctly, it will necessarily attract only the most positive energies and money flows that have previously passed its side to its owner. Warm reviews of those people who already use such an amazing thing speak about it. She helps:

  • get a new interesting job;
  • climb the career ladder;
  • succeed in business;
  • adjust financial life;
  • repay debts


For the correct and high-quality work of the amulet it is necessary to observe some treatment rules with him:

  1. Amulet is a very personal thing because it's forbidden to give anyone, and it is better to hide it as far as possible from other people's eyes.
  2. These things can not give or someone peredarivat - they will lose their properties. A special case is represented only by those things that were inherited, although even they require some processing when changing their owner.
  3. It is necessary to treat an amulet very carefully and respectfully.. Store in places where it is always clean and beautiful. Be sure to believe in his amazing properties.
  4. Such an assistant is often requires recharging. Therefore, at least once a week he should be taken out and talk to him, filling him with his own energy.
  5. It should be addressed in the most important moments of life., while making major decisions, and even in moments of complete happiness and joy.
  6. The best option is always to wear an amulet around your neck.


You can make such an amulet with your own hands, but at the same time remember some important points:

  • To create a talisman should choose a special day. If the main goal is to raise money, then the optimal day will be the environment. If a person wishes success in his career, the best time is Sunday.
  • It should create a very warm atmosphere in which such a charm appears. We need to light candles, turn on pacifying music. Clear yourself mentally of all the troubles and think about the good that a person wants to receive from such an object. You can not be distracted by other things, you need to close your eyes and see bright pictures with your happiness.
  • If the coin is worn around the neck, then a small hole should be made in it. However, this can be avoided. The coin can be tied up with red thread or put in a small pouch.
  • At full moon at night, the coin must be placed on a piece of red cloth on the windowsill, under the bright light of the moon. And with all my heart, ask e from the Universe (or God) all that a person desires most.
  • After you wrap the amulet in this fabric and put it under the pillow. So the energy of the owner and the subject can unite.
  • You can not tell about the amulet stranger, somehow praising his strength. Envy can destroy such energy.
  • In the process of creating an amulet, a part of a person’s vital force will pass to the amulet. But it can be replenished soon. For this you need to taste a piece of bitter chocolate or strong tea, take a walk in the air, or do something very good for yourself.

But best of all entrust such an important business of making an amulet to a specially trained person. Only a person with a very pure and strong faith can create a truly strong amulet. The main thing is to believe in the amazing power of the imperial amulet - and then a person will never need, and his life will only go for the better.