Dream interpretation

Sign: swallows fly low

Observing the state of weather conditions, as well as the behavior of birds and animals was a key moment in the life of our ancestors. It was from him that they could already make a start when some kind of agricultural work should be done, and this greatly helped to get a good harvest. In addition, signs allowed to protect themselves from various adverse events and always be in the "armed state of knowledge."

We will try to figure out what it means omen when swallows fly low.

Swallows from antiquity called in people exclusively positive emotions and experiences. Swallows were called good heralds, they symbolized beauty and loyalty. The latter aspect is due to the fact that the swallows remain faithful to their partner and immensely love their offspring. The birds selflessly care for the little chicks, regularly bringing them another portion of food in their beak, despite the weather conditions and other external circumstances.

Traditionally, swallows tend to spend most of their lives in the air.where they serenely soar between the clouds. These birds even drink water on the fly, easily planning over the water surface of rivers and lakes. Swallows also love to build their nests on treetops.

And if the birds want a little rest in the afternoon, they give their preference to either high branches of the trees or wires. It is important for them to constantly be on top so that if something happens instantly rise into the air. Now it becomes clear why a large surprise causes the appearance of a swallow that flies close to the ground. Our ancestors, having noticed such an unusual behavior of a living being, immediately began to develop various theories on this subject. In detail with them, we will introduce you further.

According to most, perhaps, the common interpretation of omens, Swallows begin to fly low before the rain. And this belief has a very rational explanation: the swallows belong to the category of insectivores, which means that their life is very closely connected with the habitat of insects. The latter in most cases like to curl over water at a short distance from the ground. Therefore, the swallows also have to descend close to the ground for the extraction of food.

When the weather is sunny and clear, the midges rise high enough, so the swallows soar high in the sky. When weather conditions change: the sky is drawn in by thunderclouds, atmospheric pressure decreases — insects descend a short distance to the ground and water. So it turns out that when you see a low-flying swallow, you can be 100% sure that rain will start soon.

But not only this belief is connected with the swallows. Since ancient times, birds have coexisted with a person, often influencing his life, so a large number of various superstitions and beliefs associated with them have appeared. We suggest you to get acquainted with the most popular.

  1. According to national signs, Swallows build their nests only in the dwellings of good people, in families whose harmony and tranquility reigns. You never see this bird on the roof of drunks, brawlers, thieves.
  2. Very bad sign if the swallow made a nest and then flew away from it. In this case, people living in a house with a deserted swallow's nest should protect themselves from loss and trouble.
  3. Our ancestors believed that if the swallow lives near the house - it means that it protects your house from fire. But if the robbers get into the dwelling, a quick retribution will be inevitable: the little bird will take care of it and punish the guilty.
  4. According to another sign, if the swallow is knocking on the glass with its beak - it predicts that very soon you will meet a good old friend, from whom for a very long time there was not a single news.
  5. Very positive sign - This is when the birds suddenly appear during the wedding: our ancestors believed that if the swallows are circling over the head of the bride and groom, this promises them a long and very happy married life.
  6. Swallow decided to make her nest in the home of an unmarried girl? This is also a very good sign, which promises in the very near future the appearance in life of a worthy person for relationships and early marriage.
  7. There is another very interesting sign about swallows. According to her if you want to always have money in your home, you need in the spring, when you see the first swallow, throw after her a small handful of earth. It is believed that the bird would subsequently build its nest from it.
  8. Also, the swallows could tell about how fruitful (or, on the contrary, a lean year, you need to wait). If, after winter, swallows were the very first to return from the warm edges (the people were said to open the spring), then the year promised to be very fertile.
  9. Villagers treated swallows very respectfully. If anyone accidentally killed a bird, people were afraid that punishment would follow, and the number of livestock would be reduced in the village. Such a reverent attitude to swallows didn’t arise out of nowhere either: our ancestors subtly noticed all the events taking place and tried to listen to the signs from above, plus diligently passed on their experience to subsequent generations.

Based on the foregoing, it becomes clear that the sign of a low flight of swallows above the ground is not the only one that is associated with these birds. In the national piggy bank there is a sufficient number of other, important and useful signs about swallows. At the end of the article, I would like to recall another very interesting sign, according to which, a pebble, which was taken from the nest left by swallows, will act as a strong amulet for its owner and protect it from any adverse external phenomena.