Dream interpretation

What dreams of fishing man?


Fishing is considered a male occupation. A large number of men love fishing and get pleasure from it. Often a hobby can be seen in a dream. So why dream of fishing for men?

Interpreters often promise quick success. Not all dream books in a positive way can reveal the future of man. The important attributes of any dream are the details; they greatly influence the interpretation of the vision.

Details of a dream about fishing

What can be seen in a dream yet? One plot of fishing will not give clues, but little things, seemingly unimportant, become the main figurant of the dream. What can be a dream with nuances?

  • Was fishing active??
  • Themselves fished or watched?
  • How many caught fish? Fishing failure predicts a black stripe in life, but it will have to accept and quietly wait. Another interpretation: dreams will not come true. Big catch to financial wealth.
  • Sat on the beach or swam in a boat? Fishing on the beach warns you, around the danger and the bases. If a fished from a boatthen life will give you a chance to experience your excitement. Good luck smiles to you.
  • The river bank was overgrown with polynyya?
  • In the hands were tackles? Expect a change in life and greater profits. New network promises short-term success. Old and tattered nets foreshadow losses in finances and family.
  • Fished net? Perseverance and work will be appreciated by others.
  • Catch fish by hand? Your destiny is trying to steer you on the right path, she wants to warn you against mistakes.
  • Caught one or in the company? Company of friends in a vision opens up new acquaintances for you. They will best influence your business and projects. Fishing with family? Quarrels will enter the family.
  • If in a dream you were in the role of poacherthen you are expected to admit that you are playing a dishonest game.
  • Was the water clean in the river? Clear and clear water to success. Muddy river, interfering with catching fish, talks about the enemies that interfere with your business.
  • What time of year was it? Winter fishing predicts travel. Summer to financial receipts.
  • Seen as going fishing? You have to push things to the side and rest.
  • Exotic fishing, for example, on whales or sharks, predicts positive results and success in business.
  • Older men Fishing foreshadows problems with the female half of the family.

Interpretation of the dream of the angler according to dream books

Small dream book

Fishing is treated by the desire to change their lives. Wait for new acquaintances, travels and interesting meetings. If a fishing was unsuccessfulthen fate calls for being patient, only this way you will get everything you want.

Good and active bite attracts good luck. Do not miss the opportunity to get financial stability.

Dream Miller

Caught fish? Expect the test, but do not worry. Fate will help you. Saw someone fishing? New power and energy will overtake you to complete the work begun and start new ones.

If a you had a fishing net in your handsthen your enterprise and resourcefulness will help you to achieve your goals. Fishing was unsuccessful? Think maybe you should not spoil the forces on the goal? Perhaps it is not worth the effort.

Dreaming nostradamus

Fishing dream to difficulties in work and affairs. Means situations where two opposite outcomes are possible, inconstancy. Fished? In reality, you will seek a way out of the impasse.

Freund's Dream

The psychologist said that sleep reflects internal anxiety and tension. They do not give completely surrender to intimate pleasures. Learn to relax, be distracted from work.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

Fishing according to the dream, it promises success and wealth.

Esoteric dream book

If in a dream fishedthen expect news of the inheritance. Perhaps, the inheritance will get to you, and maybe, someone from relatives looks narrowly at your finances.

Dream interpretation Hasse

Fishing with bare hands promises the trouble that you attract yourself. Expect loss and frustration from your activities.

Dream Teacher

Fishing foreshadows danger. According to the dream book fish for fishing interpreted as follows: you would like to bring an enemy to clean water, but remember, attempts will fail and may cause you harm.

If you caught a fishthen get rich. If a there was no catchthen your plans will not materialize.

Dream Vanga

Dreams where you were fishing, trying to warn you against mistakes and deception. Misfortunes are coming, but the size of the trouble depends on the catch and the size of the fish.