Dream interpretation

The meaning of the guardian Helmet of Terror

Now anyone can become familiar with one of the very powerful and powerful symbols of all the magic of the northern people. You can talk about the various scriptures and meanings of the Slam of Horror to guard for an incredibly long time. Only one thing remains unified: all scientists unanimously note the fact of the incredible strength and power of this amulet. People whom he did not help, simply can not be found.

The positive impact that this guardian with the display of the Helmet of Terror gives its owner is simply incredibly broad. The main condition in such a case is that the person who owns the amulet must very sensitively and subtly sense his own guard, be aware of all the shades of his power, and also trust this object to the fullest extent. After all, this is not just some kind of abstraction. Preserved Helmet of Terror and all the value that it carries, is a whole and very special parallel world, which finds its expression in the most diverse signs.

Energy Agishalma Runes it is directed both to the outer side of the world, and synchronously with it it is sent to the very depths of the human essence. Thus, this talisman can give an enhanced effect on its owner. He gives a strong reflection of all evil and at the same time able to double the internal strength of its owner. To cope with such a power of a talisman is simply unrealistic for an ordinary malicious envious. For this reason, many popular magicians often use the power of such a talisman. Even according to ancient scriptures, the “helmet” was the main asset of all the treasures of the Nibelungs, and its incredible strength was explained by the forces of the progenitor snake.

Functions of the Helm of Horror

  • the main task The Helmet of Terror consists in accumulation, concentration and accumulation of vital energy, as well as increasing attention and improving spatial memory. Ancient legends say that such a name originates from the designation on the helmet of Fafnir, which Sigurd himself possessed ("He had a special helmet-terrified (" cegishjalm "), whom all living creatures were afraid of"). With the help of such a sign, Fafnir was able to instill fear and horror to anyone who attacked him and therefore was almost invulnerable, and Sigurd had to hide in a pit so that he would not be affected by the power of the helmet, and he could break through the dragon heart.

"Helmet-scary I always wore tracing on gold; all stronger I considered myself who I would not meet"

  • Today, people, researchers believe that based on the level of development at which all of humanity is now, all Agishyalma protect their owner precisely because they inspire every malicious envious person with a complete sense of horror. A person who is not yet aware of the real meaning of such symbolism can quickly become entangled by the influence that the universe has on man under the guise of "invisible" forces. After all, truly wearing a helmet of horror - it means to confuse others or inspire them with a sense of fear. It turns out that the impulse of aggressiveness and anger, which can come from the attacker, quickly turns into Agiskhyalm and turns on the aggressor himself, adding to him an "unprecedented" fear and fear.
  • This property of Agiskhyalma has, precisely because of its quality, to be reference points for the necessary eddies of protection. A very special moment is that Agishyalma were almost always worn on the forehead. It was believed that they were fed by a special, so-called "snake" force that comes from there. So, it provides the symbol with the full opportunity to form a whirlwind of protection.
  • Every person who was suddenly interested in such a rather rare talisman, should remember that in order to activate it one should use the truly classic appeal, or, as it is also called, hang: "I wear a helmet of horror between the eyebrows"! The ancient representatives of Iceland could, in a situation of sudden problems, even portray it with their own saliva on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and also cut it on lead, in order to then bring it to their forehead.
  • Wear a helmet of horror should be in situations where a person needs a reliable ally in the battle for their well-being, love and success. A person must always communicate with his dear amulet, and every day to express his gratitude for the help provided. As noted above, it is extremely important to establish a link between this amulet and its owner. The amulet has an amazing response to the state of the owner.

Helmet Varieties

  1. Ordinary Horror Helmet. This is the simplest Agishyalm, however, the most powerful attribute of protection. The stylization of the cruciform symbol from the runes is simultaneously enhanced by the four runes of algiz and is a rather passive, and at the same time active defense against all the negative energy that is directed at the person. The amulet is able to quickly dissipate any kind of negative energy, thereby reliably protecting the person. He also provides assistance to maintain vital energy in the necessary tone; He is responsible for the overall energy of man. If you use the most ordinary Helmet of Terror, then everything that anyone planned to send to the owner of this amulet will turn many times over against the customer. An ordinary horror helmet, as a guardian, is often applied to the skin like a tattoo.
  2. Galdrastav accumulation of forces. Such an amulet perfectly concentrates and multiplies the personal power of its owner. He quickly focuses it like a lens, or even an antenna. The guardian is used in situations where a very strong and well-directed charge of energy is required, for example, in magical rites or for the realization of a specific intention. In addition, this charm should be used in order to improve their properties in concentration.