Dream interpretation

A plot to have sex with a woman or a man


Magic can affect many spheres of human life, the intimate side of relationships is no exception. Many women and men to become physically closer to their loved one, often turn to the help of a love spell, read a plot to have sex.

Features, purpose and principle of the conspiracy to have sex

Conspiracy to have sex is called a magical effect that helps to create sexual desire and to establish intimate contact with the object of their physical interest. Its purpose is to incite passion and awaken a libido.

The rite has a direct impact on the relationship of the object to the performer, on the associated desires and sexual activity. The sex drive caused by this kind of witchcraft spell can be temporary or permanent, depending on the strength of the text applied. The effect of conspiracy on sex extends only to the intimate sphere and does not affect other aspects of human life.

Since the conspiracy is directly related to the very personal side of relations between people, the performer himself must utter it. Who can use the conspiracy to have sex? First of all, these are people who want to have sexual contact with the object of their lust. Also, the spell can be useful for the married couple, in which the sexual desire and passion have subsided, as well as for couples whose relationships undergo a difficult period.

The difference between a conspiracy to sex and a love spell

Do not confuse conspiracy to sex with sexual binding or love spell. The plot is characterized by a lighter impact on the object and is directed only at the physical aspect of the love, consciousness and feeling of the victim; its influence does not apply.

The spell helps to get sex from the desired person and nothing more. By applying this ritual, you should not hope that you will be able to create a family with the object of your passion.

To some extent, a conspiracy to have sex can be called a kind of easy love spell without consequences - without having a serious effect, it will simply provide an opportunity to have a good time with the person of interest.

Advantages and disadvantages of conspiracy to sex

A sex plot increases the quality of intimacy between people, even if they do not have a rich sexual experience. In addition, it helps to eliminate the physiological and psychological problems associated with the intima area.

A conspiracy to have sex is almost incapable of causing any side effects from recourse to magic. He does not tend to suppress the will of his victim. Without risk, people free from relationships can apply it - naturally, to the same free, unmarried or paired persons.

This rite has several advantages:

  • high speed of action and high quality effect. The result of the use of certain conspiracies for sex may occur within a few hours after the ceremony;
  • ease of execution. The execution of most plots for sex is characterized by simple technique and does not require the use of any rare and unusual components;
  • duration of action. The period of influence of a conspiracy on sex varies from several hours to one year, maximum. This is a definite plus for performers who wish only pleasant, non-binding sexual relations with the object of their interest;
  • positive impact on partners. The plot favorably affects the acuteness of physical pleasure, helps to know all the facets of sexual pleasure.

The conspiracy to have sex, however, is not without its minuses. It does not affect a person who is hateful and disliked by a performer. Also, the rite has a relatively weak effect on women - due to their presence in them more strict and high, compared with men, moral principles and personal considerations.

Available and effective conspiracy sex

Plots on sex reading is recommended on the growing moon, so that the phase of the night luminary will contribute to the increase of sexual desire. It is also desirable to do it on the day of Venus - on Friday, since it is Friday that is considered the day of family and love magic.

Plot for sex for husband and wife

This spell will help in cases where the former passion between the spouses began to fade, and sex with a marriage partner has become rare. The wife must read the plot, in the light of a lit church candle set at the head of the matrimonial bed. It is necessary that the husband slept at this time, and the wife lay down first, and only then read the spell:

“I kindle and inflame with the power of magic a violent passion and tender sensuality within God's servants (names of husband and wife). Let this night and others intoxicate and intoxicate passion and dominate the mind. Let the feet of God's servant (husband's name) tremble, dry lips, hands to God's servant (wife's name) stretch. May I become for him the greatest dream, the strongest desire. Let it be from now and forever. Amen".

Words need to be whispered 7 times, during this time the candle must be completely burned out.

Universal conspiracy to incite sexual passion

Pretty strong plot, suitable for home use by both girls and boys. It is necessary to pronounce the text by an open fire (fire, fireplace, stove, lighted candle). Conspiracy words:

“I inflame lust and passion in the lower abdomen. Let this attraction to the mind rise and get drunk, take over the body. Let in God's servant (God's servant) (name) passion is burning and strong sexual desire, which I can smother. Wants (name) my body is so crooked that my legs are weak, my lips are dry, my eyes are dark. To both of us in the heat of passion to burn, the pleasure of the inexpressible to experience. As fire burns, it burns bones (name)draws him to me. Amen".

A strong conspiracy to have sex - salt and water

One of the strongest conspiracies for sex, which can also work in cases where the relationship between a man and a woman has not reached sexual contact.

For the implementation of the conspiracy will need: fresh photo of the chosen one (without other people, animals), mince salt, 7 drops of water, bowl.

The essence of the ceremony: drop 7 drops of water into the bowl, throw the salt of the salt there and read the conspiracy three times:

“As the water gives up salt without reserve, as the salt is completely saturated with water, so let my beloved, God's servant (the name of the chosen one), God’s slave (his name), desire me. And until he takes me all, there will be no rest for him. Amen".

Further salt sprinkle a photograph of your beloved with this salt, place the photo in that position in a secret place and leave it until intimate intimacy occurs. After that, the salt can be washed off, and the photo can be stored further.  

Long-term conspiracy

This spell is read on a red thread or ribbon, and differs from other plots on sex by its duration, the duration of which depends entirely on the will of the performer.

Having prepared a red thread or a ribbon in advance, you need to whisper this plot to it 7 times below, tying one knot after each reading. The result should be 7 knots. Text:

“Tying up God's servant (name of man) to God's servant (own name) firmly and for a long time. As no one untie these knots, so let no one part. May God's servant (name of man) only about me constantly thinks and dreams, only wishes me. May I be dearer to him, more beautiful and more desirable than others. Let the male power of God's servant (name of man) only with me will be. Amen".

Conspirated thread (tape) with knots must be hidden in a casket, and the casket must be placed in a place inaccessible to prying eyes and hands in his home. The spell lasts as long as knots remain tied.