Dream interpretation

Interpretations of Miller and Vanga

Why dream of a war girl? Military actions in virtual reality of your imagination do not just dream. Most often it is a sign of upcoming important changes in life. This can be a serious conversation with the second half, which will end in parting, as well as future serious financial problems. Much depends on the details of the plot of the dream and the point of view of the author of one or another dream book.

To dream of war is unpleasant. But try to remember the dream in detail, so that its meaning can be interpreted as accurately as possible. It is better to set out the plot in detail on paper, so as not to forget the dream, and it was possible to return to its interpretation.

Values ​​of modern dream books

Modern dream interpreters interpret the dream of a dream in different ways:

  • Active combat on the battlefield - a sign of a quick spat, a violent quarrel. You are waiting for a showdown with screams and scandal. Prepare to defend against unreasonable charges of the second half.
  • If the battle in a dream has not yet begun, but the whole atmosphere of sleep is saturated with the expectation of a speedy battle, you have to have a serious conversation or an important long-awaited meeting. The outcome of the event is not clear and will depend only on your behavior. Be prudent - get only pleasant impressions, flare up - the meeting will end in scandal
  • Declaration of war in a dream foreshadows a serious conversation with the authorities. The nature of the conversation is unpredictable - this can be either an announcement of your dismissal, or a proposal for a new high position.
  • Much depends on the scale of the war.. If you dreamed of the world - wait for financial difficulties. It is better to leave an inviolable stock of money for a rainy day and not to make major rash purchases
  • The authors of some dream books believethat the fighting, dreamed of the girl - to the difficulties in the upcoming cases, quarrels, parting with the elect
  • If war in a dream is atomicThis is a sign of emotional turmoil. In the past, you have committed some unflattering act, because of which conscience is still tormenting. You need to share a problem with someone, correct the consequences of your action and take the load off your soul.

More often than not, war in a dream does not bode well. But do not be in a hurry to get upset - interpretations of dream books do not always come true. This is because a dream is more of a signal from the subconscious, indicating which way to go, what needs to be worked on in your life. Therefore, if you respond to this sign correctly, you will avoid most problems.

Sonny Hasse and Grishina

The opinions of the authors of these two popular dream books are as follows:

  • The dreamed war is a wake-up call. You occupy a precarious position in society. Your environment is disrespectful, does not appreciate and does not notice you. You need to either change it or try to earn a good reputation.
  • Does a girl dream that she not only observes, but also participates in hostilities? The war is ruthless and bloody, many victims? Alarm signal - a black line will come soon in life. Negative changes will affect almost everything: personal life, work, health. Get ready for problems, quarrels, clarify relationships
  • If a war dreams of a young girl, and her chosen one is preparing to take part in battles, it means that in real life he is not quite suitable for her. Soon the girl will discern unpleasant character traits in the cavalier, because of what she wants to leave
  • A married woman dreams of war to the upcoming difficulties in the family. Most likely, it will be a strong quarrel with her husband. Be wiser - do not allow everyday problems to influence mutual understanding with your life partner

There are other meanings. We will talk about them below.

Interpretations of Miller and Vanga

The authors of the most mysterious and mystical dream books say:

  • Miller believes: war in a dream - to difficulties at work and negative events in family life
  • The country for which you "support" in a dream loses? Wait for a revolution in your own life! The people for whom you are responsible will begin to rebel and speak badly about you. These can be either dependent relatives or subordinates at work.
  • Vanga believed that the dreamed of war foreshadowed difficult difficulties - lack of money, even food, soon illness

Listen to the interpreters, but do not give it too much importance. You build your life yourself, so do not program yourself for failure if the prediction is unfavorable.