Dream interpretation

Why dream of a bull woman?


Why dream of a bull woman? Such a strange dream may have different meanings. The authors of some dream books believe that a dream with a bull foreshadows success in society and career growth at work. If the animal is black in color, this indicates the leadership qualities of the girl. If the bull grazes on a beautiful green meadow - wait for financial replenishment. If the bull attacks, the interpretation is no longer so rosy. Let's try to figure out what the black bull dreams of the fair sex.

Important: remember the plot of the dream in detail. It is better to write down so as not to miss the details. Then it will turn out to make the most accurate interpretation.

Values ​​of dreams about the bull in popular dream books

The authors of the most common and authoritative dream books believe:

  • If a woman dreamed of a huge bull with big horns, it promises her a good future. The author of the dream book Miller states: a meeting will soon take place with a person who occupies a high position in society. He will be a companion of life and will change the life of a girl for the better.
  • Freud argued that if in a dream you are attacked by an aggressive animalThis promises the emergence of a new sexual partner. Soon the woman will meet a man who is interesting to her, who will win her heart. He will be the companion of her life, the father of children. The bigger and meaner the bull in a dream, the better the chosen one
  • Do you see the angry bull hitting and going to attack? To interpret a dream, remember your emotions at the moment. Tried to tame and calm the animal? Wait for signs of attention and beautiful courtship, great love. Are you running away and trying to defend yourself? New relationships will not bring joy, you are not yet ready to seriously change your life.

We summarize: The authors of the majority of dream books believe that the dreaming bull promises changes in personal life, if it is a woman in dreams. Moreover, despite the aggressive nature of sleep, these changes will be favorable. The larger and meaner the animal, the more happiness will come to life.

And if the bull dreams of a man?

Sometimes dreams, in which the main character is a bull, dream of the stronger sex. In this case, the interpretation may be as follows:

  • The animal attacks, hoofs, tries to win. So, in real life, you are quite confident in yourself, have a good physical form and have every chance of success. Now the peak of your form is a great time for new accomplishments and making momentous decisions.
  • A terrible huge animal, from the look at which you are experiencing a strong fear - a sign of high risk in current affairs. Can interfere with your emotions. Try not to clash, not get angry or argue. Your rage can affect the outcome of affairs, making it extremely unfavorable for you.
  • Nostradamus believed that if a man dreams of a very weak and tired bullbut trying to attack while doing so is worth giving yourself a rest. You overworked - try to take a break from work

As can be seen from the interpretations, for a man, sleeping with a bull is unfavorable, unlike a woman.

Interpretation of other dream books

There are also less popular interpretations, but which can also be considered:

  • Black bull with huge horns foreshadows some advantageous offer for you. If you agree, life will change dramatically for the better. The proposal may concern both financial affairs and changes in personal life. Be prepared and do not be afraid to agree
  • Most unpredictable Interpreter Wang consideredthat the dreaming bull promises tremendous financial growth, career success, perhaps even in politics
  • White bull dreams to peoplewhich does not bring pleasure and satisfaction to their sex life. Especially if the animal has no horns. And if the bull also attacks - it means, subconsciously you are ready to look for a new partner and reciprocate the courtship of a worthy gentleman
  • Esoteric believed that a bull attack in a dream is a symbol of sexual aggression. A girl should be vigilant - probably a violent assault
  • Battle with the bull in the arena dreams of leisurely gossip and implausible speculation. You will be covered with a wave of public contempt - well-wishers will try

Public recognition is what promises a dream with a black bull. This animal is a symbol of prosperity, financial well-being, health and love. Therefore, to see such a dream is joyful. In most cases.