Dream interpretation

Stone Mascot for Archer Woman


It should be said that the representatives of this zodiac sign love all communication and close attention to themselves. Sagittarius - very very direct, sincere and truthful girls who often scare rivals with such qualities.

It should be noted that such people hate any control over themselves: any independence is vital for them. At the same time, the main part of Streltsov is conservative people who hate to replace the already established way of changing things. Sagittarius women are very generous and kind personalities who will gladly help all those who demand it. By the way, a stone talisman for a female archer will be an excellent reward for such good qualities.

Sagittarius is often a zealous idealist: they hate violence and evil in all their manifestations, and the main value for them is freedom, equality and truth. Among positive traits the nature of this sign can be noted true sincerity and truthfulness, independence from the judgments of others, faith in goodness, a high level of energy and competence. Among the minuses Streltsov can be noted fear of any responsibility, a strong carelessness, inability to build, as well as sometimes stingy.

The main qualities of female archers

  1. Sagittarius ruled by a giant Jupiter. Clever representatives of this Sign are potential fans of good luck. The patron since school years gives his wards excellent intuition, a sense of obvious contradictions, the ability to cooperate, as well as a high possibility of self-realization.
  2. Element of Fire gives all people who were born from 23.11 to 21.12 incredible energy for creativity. The motto of this sign is the constant desire to develop, discover, set records and generate ideas. They are real idealists who, in moments, can even hurt their excessive bluntness.

Features of the choice of stone

  • Some people mistakenly believe that they can pick up some stones for themselves. In truth, quite the opposite, the amulet itself can choose a custodian. A person will be able to feel it by the frequent pulse and heart rhythm - the desire to get this souvenir or decoration.
  • Many people do not know that amulets are designed to appeal for good luck and success, they do not have to perform the function of protection. The evil eye or even a curse is already a directed work of the amulet. Talisman is the magnet that helps to attract success in the most diverse spheres of human life. The person who bought the mineral, while hoping for a cure for the evil eye, will be very disappointed.
  • Sometimes it is possible to hear from people like this: “I purchased an amulet, but m from it does not work”. It is possible that such a stone was bought very suddenly, without proper research of information, which concrete stones would be suitable for Streltsov.


This representative Sagittarius loves stones mascots. This goes without saying, since before her there are open great opportunities for choosing the true treasure.

The following natural minerals They have all the necessary properties and qualities that endow the feminine essence with various benefits:

  1. Ruby. Fills the life of its owner reciprocated in all feelingsand also gives positive energy. He is considered a real performer of sincere goals. A ring with a red ruby ​​in gold is best to wear on the ring or index finger.
  2. Garnet. This beautiful stone is fully responsible for happiness, family joy, tenderness, understanding and passion. Folk beliefs suggest that a gift of a ring with such a stone is a clear indicator of complete admiration for the power of a loved one. And those husbands who wish to demonstrate the power of their spouse on the family council, can give the wife this particular mineral.
  3. Amethyst. Mysterious stone that can tune a woman to the most positive emotions, good mood, simplify her brain work, and also set up a favorable communication with people around her. The writer Kuprin often compared the lilac look of this light quartz with the most delicate violets that bloom in Livadia.
  4. Eye of the Tiger. Stunning stone good attracts money It has a good effect on the material situation of the girl, and also fights against apathy and self-doubt.
  5. Sapphire. A beautiful stone is able to give a woman power over others subject to strong spirit, as well as kindness and tenderness. It is forbidden to egoists.
  6. Turquoise. True source for kindness, inspiration and joy. This stone is suitable for those girls who love to take risks. He will bring victory in disputes and anxieties, as well as bring harmony and understanding. From the most ancient times, the blue stone was decorated with various dynasties of the East, it was not for nothing that they considered it a symbol of profit, wealth and reliability in royal power.
  7. Topaz. Quiet, but powerful protector for fragile girls. He will help the weak individuals start driving and leading, and also makes it easier to complex things.
  8. Chrysolite. It is called by different names: peridot or evening emerald. This is due to the property of this stone to acquire brightness under the sunset rays. This is an amulet morality and sincerity who is responsible for the intelligence and intuition of his mistress.

Based on all of the above, we can say that such a stone-talisman for women-Sagittarius means a lot, much more than ordinary decoration. The main thing with this - know exactly your stones.

Best gift

If a loved one sets as his goal to improve the financial position of a Sagittarius girlfriend, a tiger-eye jewelery would be perfect. But the product with sapphire will help the girl-Sagittarius to reduce quarrels with others. Jewelry with sardonyx will be a faithful companion for travelers-Streltsov.