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Fern Flower - a powerful Slavic amulet


Preserved Fern Flower has long been a fiery symbol of true purity and nobility. He has incredibly strong healing properties, as well as being able to give his own owner very curious skills and abilities. In folk beliefs, the Charm of the Fern Flower is also called Perunovaya Color. It is believed that such a talisman is able to open certain treasures hidden in earthly rocks to certain people and even fulfill cherished desires. In addition, the Fern Flower Charm provides people with the opportunity to unleash real, hidden potential.

Sometimes such an amulet is also called Reza God Kupala. It can be assumed that such a name arose for a reason, because it is easy to track a certain connection between holidays Kupala and the legends about the special flower that blossoms on the night of this holiday. Such a talisman can easily represent an ancient image of a legend, which since ancient times was the basis of many folk tales and songs.

The Fern Flower is a very ancient symbol that has long served people faithfully. Protecting the borders and shrines of the human body, the charm performs the most important task, and its disclosure can be a terrific adventure in the halls of spirit and human will.

The oldest symbol of the Slavs

Perunov Color - This is an unusual fern flower, which according to legends is dissolved on the night of Ivan Kupala. Those who are lucky enough to see him are lucky enough to demonstrate the properties of their soul. Fern Flower symbolizes the spark of life - Heat Color Showerand, because it is often called simply the flower of life. Perunov Tsvet - truly a thunder thunder sign, which simultaneously has a huge set of characters. For this reason, many experts say that it may seem to someone who really wants and deserves it, not only during the Summer Solstice, but also on another day.

The symbol of the Slavs, according to the Traditions, was a terrific gift from Perun to the heirs of his brother Semargla, who protected the Hall of the Sun. One day, against the background of strong feelings, he fell in love and took to his wife the Bathing Suit - the Goddess of the summer night. It was in honor of the birth of their two children: Kupala and Kostroma. Perun presented them with the Fern Flower with a huge share of its power.

Fern Flower Value

  1. Fern flower - true symbol of the pure Spirit, who has incredibly strong healing qualities. The people simply call him Perunovoy Tsvet. It is he who can awaken hidden secret qualities in a person.
  2. Fern Flower marks a life force which is directed in a certain direction. The sign is a mirror image of Odoleni Grass, which can also collect energy and twist it into a whirlpool with a high concentration in the center. But differing from its mild healing action, the energy of Perunova Tsveta is hard and hot. That is why it is also called Heat Color. Perun, as a child of Dazhdbog, carries within himself the forces of the Primary Flow of life, before which all obstacles on the road face. It is for this reason that people use the Fern Flower in amulets in order to protect themselves from dangers and replenish their strength.
  3. Ownership of that Color is considered will help eliminate any human fears: neither fire, water, nor bad weather turns out to be terrible, and also secret ways to the Precious Treasure are revealed. In this sense, for the most part, this is not about the treasure with money, but about comprehending the Meaning of Life and awareness of the concepts of life and death.

For this reason, the symbol of the Fern Flower - Perunova. Colors are possible and necessary. use all those who suddenly despaired and lost all interest in life, having a lack of vital energy; those who are trying to find new ways and achieve the desired Goals.

How to make a guardian with your own hands?

  • This amulet is best made in this way: embroidery on quality fabric or sock in the form of a pendant.
  • Perunov Color helps to find a person good, sound sleep. If a person is disturbed by horrible nightmares or insomnia, he is best embroider a symbol on linen or cotton cloth and put it under your pillow.
  • Proceeding from an ancient legend, one seriously ill person, in whose healing process no one believed already, was dressed in a shirt with this symbol. After a couple of days, the patient began to recover. Then his family made a decision put such an ornament on all available items in the house, and diseases began to bypass this family side always.
  • The symbol in the form of a beautiful decoration is best worn so that it can touch directly to the body, and not to clothes. Then its impact will become much more effective.
  • In the form of material for such a talisman almost any metal will go, but silver is the best choice.
  • Amulet can also be made wooden.

How to clean and charge the charm

The true cleansing of this charm is of tremendous importance. The amazing qualities of a fern will decrease over time, and outside energy will accumulate on it, which will not always be good. Therefore, from time to time, this charm should be cleared.

If the charm was made of metal or stone, it is best to hold it over the fire for a couple of minutes. If the sign is embroidered on the fabric, it is necessary to put it under the direct rays of the Sun for a couple of hours.

Who is suitable for?

Fern Flower Talisman can be worn for both women and men, as well as old people and toddlers. But it should be remembered that, unlike the Grasses of Grasses, this symbol of Slavic culture can give not only the speedy fulfillment of desires, but also the desire to take risks and win. Therefore, people who are prone to excitement, to acquire things or talismans with the image of such a talisman should be very careful.