Dream interpretation

Why do dogs dream in a dream?


The dog is a constant companion in human life. This domesticated animal since ancient times is considered a friend and helper. The image of a dog carries a positive meaning in a dream, the main thing is that the animal is not aggressive and vicious. Why dream of different dogs in a dream? Consider the details.

Features of interpretation

What will the interpretation of the dream depend on? First of all, you need to pay attention to the external image of the animal, its behavior and habits. In the plots may be the following features:

  • see a few dogs in a dream;
  • dog breeds;
  • coat color of the animal;
  • dog behavior in a dream;
  • dreamer's actions;
  • animal condition.

If a saw a pack of dogs in a dreamFriendly, sleep prophesies success in undertakings and the help of comrades. To see a flock of aggressive animals - to obstacles and failures in what was intended. Your colleagues will tinker, problems will arise in cases, and minor problems will cause trouble.

Two dogs in a dream symbolize partnerships. The behavior of animals in a dream will reflect the relationship with a partner in business or general affairs. Fighting dogs promise a conflict on the basis of misunderstanding.

Huge animalfriendly located symbolizes strong friendships. If the dog causes fear, the dreamer fears open confidential communication.

Also, a large dog symbolizes protection and support. A huge dog can symbolize the support of an influential person who sympathizes with the dreamer.

Small dog or puppy foreshadows unexpected events and hassles associated with them. Often puppies are represented in the dreams of people younger than a dreamer. The fluffy dog ​​in the dreams of a man symbolizes the female image.

Coat color

After waking up, you need to remember what color the animal had wool:

  • white dog symbolizes friendliness, black - distrust;
  • the red dog is a harbinger of lies and hypocrisy, cunning and self-interest;
  • the gray dog ​​expresses an indifferent attitude;
  • brown color - relationship difficulties.

Breed dog

If a pedigree dog dreams, it foreshadows a high position in society, career success and authority. Also, a purebred dog promises the support of friends, mutual aid and mutual assistance.

  • Sheepdog - a symbol of reliable friendship.
  • Rottweiler - to change in life: a good dog - a good change, evil - negative.
  • Huskies - to cooperate with good people who are ideological inspirers.
  • Labrador - to self-reliance, great life potential, self-sufficiency.
  • Dachshund dreams about having fun with friends, good rest and successful solution of issues.

Friendly and angry dog

The image of a faithful dog symbolizes a friendly-minded partner or colleague, buddy or soul mate. You can fully rely on this person. If the dog is running after the dreamer, he will soon have to meet a pleasant person. If the dog wags his tail, someone needs your attention and support. Playful doggie foreshadows a fun party.

Aggressive dog foreshadows scandal, conflict, and even a fight. During this period, try not to get involved in a conflict if you are provoked. This is a dream warning. If you see a mad dog, there is a tense period ahead. You will have to mobilize all your strengths and abilities to overcome a negative situation.

What does the barking of dogs mean in a dream? It warns of the wiles of detractors. A barking dog foreshadows a conflict with a friend. A snarling dog warns of a dangerous situation in which the dreamer has got involved. Perhaps you trusted dangerous people who could let you down.

Fighting dogs - the image of competition. A wounded animal after a fight symbolizes the dreamer's self-admiration: you spend too much time demonstrating your superiority over others.

Dog bite

What does a dog bite in a dream mean? An attacking and biting dog is an aggression directed against the dreamer. Dream foreshadows temporary differences with friends or colleagues. If the bite wound does not hurt, the conflict will not cause significant harm.

The attack of the dog from the back - a trick symbol from those whom the dreamer trusted. Usually such a dream foreshadows disappointment in the person to whom the dreamer sympathized.

If a dog tries to bite, someone from colleagues prepares an intrigue. Sometimes the image of a biting dog symbolizes a friend who does not dare to talk about the started intrigue. This image may also come from the subconscious of the dreamer, which warns to pay attention to the environment and not to trust everyone in a row.

Run away from the dog in a dream - a psychological block, the fear of new relationships. The cause of the block may be past betrayal in the past. Fear of a dog in a dream may indicate a difficult relationship with people, closeness and distrust. The cause of complex relationships can be the rejection of the dreamer's criticism from others, condemnation of his actions.

Dead dog

The corpse of an animal in a dream can become a symbol of irreconcilable enmity. The parties to the conflict are likely to be parted as enemies. Sleep warns not to get excited, not to go into conflict or sustain a pause in communication.

What does a dream mean in which dead home dog dream alive? This story heralds reconciliation with a friend. Often, such a dream may portend a meeting with someone whom they no longer hope to see.

Accidentally or intentionally kill the dog in the dream foreshadows conflict with loved ones. Watch your words and actions so as not to offend those around you with your actions.

Killing an attacking animal - to the successful reflection of attacking opponents. You will successfully cope with the task and do not allow the development of a protracted conflict. Shoot the dog from a gun - to strive to retain the last word in the dispute. There is a danger of being alone because of his character trait.