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Sign: why in the treatment of many mushrooms?


Autumn is known not only for the beauty of nature, preparing for a long winter sleep, but also for its many generous gifts. And today we are not talking about the products that can be grown in our garden, but about how rich our forests are. More specifically about mushrooms. Many popular signs and superstitions, noticed by mushroom pickers and passed down from generation to generation, are connected with these amazing natural creatures. Today we will talk about how many mushrooms appear.

According to popular signs, far from all cases a large number of mushrooms is a blessing. Our ancestors were especially wary of various natural anomalies. And when the favorite treat by many appeared in abundance, it was perceived as a definite warning that shocks were coming.

But even so, the mushroom season is always eagerly awaited. Mushroom pickers are trying to guess how fruitful it will be. Engaging in "quiet hunting" is one of the favorite activities of many people. With mushrooms associated with a large number of different beliefs and take.

So, the following facts will indicate a good harvest of mushrooms:

  • for Christmas on the road brightly sparkle "stars";
  • on the night before Christmas, as well as at Baptism many stars appeared in the sky;
  • it rains on the Annunciation; if on this day there is a strong frost - you should not be upset, the omen indicates the abundance of blight;
  • rains all over April;
  • on the glades, paths, on the old sheet, left over from last year, there is abundant mold;

Also on the fact that there will be a lot of mushrooms, you will know by the number will take during the most mushroom pores.

The most important indicator - the presence of rain, because after them grows a lot of mushrooms (especially milk mushrooms).

Also on the fact that it is time to prepare baskets and go into the forest will indicate strong fogs. The appearance of the first summer fog will be a sign to you that the mushroom season is coming in the near future. And if the fogs have become commonplace - there will be a lot of mushrooms.

According to signs, it is possible to calculate the place in which forest beauties hide from prying eyes:

  • if the weather is hot and dry, mushrooms should be looked for under the trees, in the shade;
  • in warm but humid weather, mushrooms scatter in the clearing.

Our ancestors were so inventive that they even learned how to set a specific time when certain types of mushrooms appear:

  • so, when a pine tree begins to bloom, it means there are boars;
  • buckled rye - it's time to take a basket and go look for brown caps;
  • when rye has ripened - the second crop of boletus ripened with it;
  • there is fluff on aspen - you can prepare for the appearance of aspen birds;
  • when oats ripen - feel free to go look for mushrooms.

Different types of mushrooms interact in different ways with each other. For this indicator, you can also make a certain forecast:

  • if volnushki appeared - soon there will be milk mushrooms;
  • spotted fly-agarics with bright red hats - be careful, white, "royal" mushrooms are hiding somewhere near them;
  • if you find one butter dish, you should look for others near it.

Many experienced mushroom pickers are of the opinion that the mushroom index is able to predict future events. So our distant great-great-grandmothers were sure that many mushrooms appear before the war. And there was a sufficient amount of evidence. For example, old-timers recalled that the beginning of the summer of 1941 was very mushroom. On the edges of many regions of Central Russia, chanterelles and boletus suddenly appeared. At first people rejoiced, collected gifts of nature, and very soon, in a few days, the Great Patriotic War began.

Separately, I want to stay on white mushrooms. Their large number is always parallel associated with a good harvest of bread. The people even had a special saying on this occasion: "When it is mushroom, then bread is."

In the case when mushrooms started to appear on the walls of a house, this promised a very rich year for the owner of the dwelling. Those who prefer their “silent hunt” for mushrooms firmly believe that white mushrooms usually hide near the fly-agaric and very much love their neighbors. Therefore, if you unexpectedly stumbled upon a mushroom in the forest, take a close look at your surroundings: it is quite likely that borovichki are hiding somewhere nearby.

Other mushroom pickers believe that, by the presence of fern thickets, it is easy to detect the area of ​​aspen growth, although others believe that only amanita are growing next to them. And this, if you remember the previous omen, again lead us to the white mushrooms.

If you notice a large number of white mushrooms in the forest, immediately grab the baskets and run to harvest, because next year may not be so successful. Every year there is a rebirth of mycelium, plus porcini mushrooms - this is a very popular product.

The appearance of white mushrooms in the forest is also indicated by the blooming of jasmine, and this can also be determined by the heavily digging midges. It is possible to go camping for mushrooms after good heavy rains pass, and it is important that August be not stingy with precipitation either. And a very good time for a raid into the forest is a period when there is a lot of mold on the paths.

And according to the skeptics, there are not many fungi in principle. Therefore, stop thinking about the interpretation of one or another sign - rather run into the forest and return from there with a full basket of white mushrooms, butter, chanterelles and other tasty food!