Dream interpretation

Sign: what is it like nose?


Itchy nose - a sign known for a positive interpretation: either to moneyeither to drink. This knowledge is passed down from generation to generation, even by those who are not particularly versed in omens. But, like all omens, over time it is overgrown with meanings and nuances.

It is worth saying that only itch that appeared by chance, suddenly and for no apparent reason is of "perceptible" significance. A mosquito bite, for example, is not considered (for insects - its signs), the nose that chronically scratches due to illness or allergy, too. Itching should be strong enough for you to pay attention to it, and not just scratch it and forget it.

It is impossible to describe all the possible signs of what scratches your nose, if only because they differ from different peoples. But to collect the most common in our latitudes - quite feasible.

It is scratched - what exactly?

What part of the nose itches, allows you to determine what to expect from this particular sign. The value may be very different from the optimistic "It's for the money!", So you need to be careful.

Let's go from the top down.

  • Little nose itchy to unpleasant troubles, illnesses of the native person and even dead person. Not at all the same thing as "having a drink." Alcohol can also be at wake, but still, this is clearly not what they dream of when they think of future days.
  • The right wing of the nose itches to the good news. Left - to bad news or a turn of affairs for the worse. The well-known symbolism of the right and left, where the right is all good and light, and the left is dark, unpleasant and sinful. For left-handers, some people interpret exactly the opposite: the right wing scratches to the bad news, the left to the good.
  • Itchy nostrils to adding to the family. First, scratch the left - to the birth of a boy, right - to the girl. Also, the supernatural difference of the right and left is manifested here in that if only the right nostril is itching, it foreshadows pleasure, fun, holiday, and the left predicts failure, poverty and problems in social life.
  • The tip of the nose itches in anticipation invitations to the feast, and monetary gain. That same "to drink" or "to the money." So the tip of the nose - the most successful place.
  • It was combed skin near the nostrils or under the nose - carefully, this omen promises disputes, conflicts. You will refuse to give what you hoped for, you will have to take yours with a fight, defend your position at the cost of peace. Conflicts here are meant both in personal and in working life, so pay attention to the mood of the authorities and for some time bypass the controversial issues. However, itchy skin under the nose can mean new love, passionate romance.

The nose is itchy to fight. Here it is definitely worth being careful!

As for any other signs, it is of great importance what you thought at the time when your nose was itching. Perhaps the sign refers precisely to the question that occupies the most thoughts: the body chose the moment and gave the signal.

Itches - when?

Each day of the week has its own symbolism and energy, at least, so say people who know how to screw the word "energy" into a serious conversation. In human life, it is important not only what happened, but also when exactly.

  1. Monday. Itch your nose - get ready for challenges to the goal. That's right, no one expects anything good from the first day of work.
  2. Tuesday. Nose itches to arrival of old friends or good friends. Sit-offs are possible, especially if the tip of the nose is itching, promising alcohol.
  3. Wednesday is a pleasant day, because the nose that has been combed at this time promises presents. Relatives return from a trip abroad and bring you a souvenir? Is a professional holiday or a memorable date coming? Or maybe you will be pleased just like that.
  4. Thursday is a good day for love. The nose combed today predicts success in love affairs and a meeting (optional, sudden and first, possibly - the previously agreed next date) with a pleasant person in a romantic sense.
  5. Friday is naturally rich in gatherings with alcohol, and the combed nose agrees: today to drink. Let the celebration of the end of the work week not be delayed until the beginning of the next one.
  6. Saturday nose itch hints at abundant fast spending. Got a weekend shopping trip? The hike will be sensitive to the wallet.
  7. Nose itching on Sunday - prediction quarrels, loud arguments and contention between loved ones. It's time to follow the language, do not talk too much and make special efforts to be polite.

As with other parts of the body (eyes, for example), itching in the morning hints at the arrival guests.

Sexual issue

Omens appeared mainly when the nature of women seemed totally different from the male. From this way of thinking it follows logically that there will be several other signs for women. This is clearly seen in the symbolism of the right and left: women, as a rule, are the other way around, and the left side is “better” than the right for them. So, the right nostril itches to failureleft - to success and profit.

In addition, for women, interpretations of the signs associated with love, success with fans and family life are considered more relevant. If omens have two meanings, and one of them is about love, women are “supposedly” more likely than predictions of money, fights and drinks. Is it fair from those who invented signs?

A combed nose sometimes promises completely unwelcome things like poverty and fighting. What to do to avoid them (except for the obvious: save money from each paycheck and do not climb with fists on people)?

  • It scratches the nose, foreshadowing the disease and the deceased in the house - cross it three times before scratching.
  • It combed the left wingpromising trouble (for women - right) - you need to scratch it with your thumb pre-folded figs. This gesture is generally known for scaring off all bad.
  • Itchy nose entirely, foreshadowing a fight (and you are not sure that you will win) - you need to carefully click on it. The key word is "caution"! Otherwise, there was no point in avoiding a fight, the damage turned out this way and that.