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Coleus - Signs and Superstitions

Each plant, and home, including, has its own unique energy and character. Coleus, which belongs to the family of labia, confirms this theory with its example. The flower has a very powerful energy potential and has the ability to eliminate stagnant, low vibrations, replacing them with the upper, clean and healthy. There is a very large number of signs and superstitions about Coleus, with which we will acquaint you with this material.

This is a very effective ornamental plant, which has bright red-brown leaves, framed by a green border. Care for Coleus is not difficult: the plant prefers sunny places, needs moderate watering and just loves pinching (haircut).

Homeland of this flower is Asia. It was from there several centuries ago that Coleus seeds were brought to domestic countries. It should be noted that the flower has a second name - nettle, which is more popular among the people.

The flower has a large number of positive properties (which we will discuss later), but there are also negative ones - for example, revenge. The plant does not forgive its owners indifference and requires that he provided enough attention.

First, we will try to figure out what signs in principle are. Under the sign means two or more objective (that is, those that are not dependent on the person) events that follow one after the other. In this case, the initial event is a kind of sign or signal of the occurrence of a subsequent one.

With regards to Coleus himself, the following signs are connected with him:

1. If the plant has started to wither and dry for unexplained reasons, This foreshadows a quick illness of one of the household. It should be noted that there are certain grounds for this omen: if even such an energetically strong flower is depressed, it means that a thorough cleaning should be carried out in the dwelling. And everyone living in the house should be given increased attention to the state of their health. You will not interfere with vacation and restoration of strength and energy.

Of course, it may be that Coleus fell ill for a banal reason - he wasn’t watered in time or the sheets were not cut. Then you need as soon as possible to take up the restoration of the state of the flower, otherwise the plant will certainly avenge you for such disrespectful attitude.

2. If you put the plant in the workplace, for example, in the office, flower will bring good luck in business. This sign has a sufficiently strong basis - the plant has remarkable properties of cleansing the space from the negative, helps to neutralize the unnecessary extraneous effects.

In addition, the leaves of the flower emit a special essential oil into the air, which has a pleasant smell, very similar to the mint. At the subconscious level, this substance begins to activate the brain, contributes to more active creative work.

Superstitions are false connections between subjective (that is, those that depend on the person) events. As a rule, they are reinforced by isolated cases of coincidence or fitting events to the desired result.

With the appearance of Coleus in our people, a sufficient amount of superstitions about him arose:

  • Flower is not recommended to keep at home, for he, according to superstition, is capable of making a person bankrupt. The roots of this prejudice go far back when Coleus or “nettle” was called Croton for the poor. Croton is very reminiscent of "netting" in its appearance, but it is notable for its higher cost and rather complicated self-care.
  • The flowering of Coleus in the winter season foreshadows poverty. In antiquity, it was believed that if a houseplant begins to bloom in winter, it can lead to hunger. It was explained quite simply - it was usually very cold in the houses in winter. And if a houseplant that stood on a cold window suddenly bloomed, it meant that winter is warm enough, it means that there is not enough snow on the street and the harvest may die. Today, all apartments are equipped with heating, windows are insulated for the winter, or there are double-glazed windows on them. Therefore, a heat-loving guest from a hot tropical state can flourish at any time of the year and cannot be blindly trusted in this superstition.
  • Quite often, this plant belongs to the muzhegon. That is, if a single girl starts Coleus, the suitors will “run away” from her. In this case, the superstition is explained by the "dumb phone". Since ancient times, Coleus was considered a flyworm, since flies and other pests did not land on it.
  • If Coleus grows in a dwelling, there may be a fire in it. This superstition is most likely due to the bright leaves of the plant, which look like a small flame from the outside. But if you are too impressed with this superstition and can’t get it out of your head, it’s better not to keep the flower at home, so as not to attract misfortunes on a subconscious level.
  • If Coleus grows on your window - no mole will be scary to you. This plant contributes to the atmosphere of purity and does not tolerate living together with any parasites.
  • On the leaves of Coleus there are small tubercles that serve as lenses. Due to the reflected light from these natural lenses, the sheets have such a bright color. If you want to verify this fact, put a piece of Coleus in a glass filled with hot water. The tubercles will burst and the leaves will turn green, like all ordinary plants.
  • You can change the color of the leaves of Coleus with water, in which food coloring is added. After you water the plant with such water, it will be very good to see how it rises along the transparent stem.

You definitely will not regret if you decide to start this amazing plant at home. It will fill your home and you with positive energy, attract success in business and improve your mood.