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How to fall in love with a guy conquering him forever


How to fall in love with a guy? This question is asked all the fair sex. That, however, is not at all surprising, because we all dream of a happy relationship, a family. But, for some reason, some girls easily manage to fall in love with men, they conquer not one man’s heart for their lives, and others have difficulties with it.

Why is this happening? I propose to deal with this in my next article. Read, it will be interesting!

Why do women want to fall in love with them?

Is there really some secret code of falling in love? Of course have. By it they understand the special power of the female over the male. Many ladies know how to use it at an unconscious level. Indeed, in reality, the essence of female nature implies the ability to fall in love with yourself.

But why do we need it, women?

The most common answers to the question I propose further:

  • desire to escape from loneliness;
  • the desire to create a happy family;
  • for more money, attention, gifts;
  • to be able to independently choose with whom to build relationships, and with whom not;
  • in order to create and maintain relationships with the man of your dreams;
  • to increase self-esteem, to look with confidence into your future;
  • to get what you want with your personal charm from life;
  • to feel comfortable surrounded by strangers, in a new company;
  • for maximum disclosure of their femininity;
  • so that life begins to bring real pleasure
  • wanting to be protected and protected by a strong man.

Surely, you can add something personally from yourself to this list. But let us quickly find out what kind of special magic of falling in love is, how is such a delicate and interesting process going on?

How men fall in love with women

Perhaps I will open your eyes, but in fact the process of falling in love today is very well studied scientifically. Yes, yes, you heard right - it was “scientific”. It may seem, with the science of love? Do not forget that everything is closely interconnected.

We live in a consumer society. Day by day we choose for ourselves different things (food, clothes, cosmetics, furniture, decor items, and so on), precisely because we like them. And even more - we actually fall in love with some of them, therefore we want to have them.

The geniuses of science have made many efforts to study how the process of falling in love occurs. Millions of dollars were spent on research. In the course of his analysis of the reactions of subjects, using special sensors to understand the peculiarities of the influence on the brain of men of certain factors. Their results I will tell you a little further in the article.

In the meantime, I would like to note that falling in love with guys and men is the natural, natural state of a woman. It is worth paying attention to the natural world - it is difficult to find in it, for example, a single female moose or bumblebee. And, by the way, the bumblebee overcomes huge distances for the sake of its “righteous”, just as the animals fight for the female, which in the end gets the strongest in the pack.

It turns out that animals are much smarter than us, although they do not have higher education and regalia in the form of diplomas and certificates of advanced training? But they know how to fall in love with themselves, motivate the male (that is, the man) to take action for themselves, which is not always possible for modern ladies.

Alas, but we all live and grow up in a society that persists in saying to us: "We need to learn, work, achieve results and only then can you become happy." And many blindly follow these attitudes, receive several higher education, make a successful career, but happiness does not hurry to knock on the door.

An important detail. If you want to fall in love with you, first of all, love yourself. A woman who is convinced that she is irresistible will always win against an insecure and not-complexed person, even if she doesn’t have a perfect figure (nose, lips, ears, etc.). Because for men it is much more important the internal state, energy, than the outer shell.

Why is this happening? The fact is that the process of falling in love is completely different from what we think.

Very often from the female in the process of washing up the bones to a colleague / friend / neighbor (you need to underline) you can hear the heartbreaking question: “Why does he like such a DURU? hands and fulfill any requests. "

And really interesting, why so? Why is often a smart, self-sufficient, self-realized person forced to languish in solitude, while less educated and intelligent ladies enjoy family happiness.

Love is illogical. More on this later.

Female mistake when dealing with strong sex

Do you know what is the main mistake of women when meeting men? For girls (especially, intellectually developed, who have reached certain heights in life), it is typical from the first meetings to interest a vending MCH, showing him his achievements (red and blue diplomas, countless certificates from courses and trainings and other regalia).

What happens to a man at this moment? Of course, he attentively listens to his interlocutor, at the level of logic he admits that yes, she is really well done, infinitely cool, worthy, but he does not feel that he is falling in love with her.

The very “spark” is missing, a hormonal surge that can inspire any member of the stronger sex and turn it into a real romance from self-confident macho.

You may have heard that smart women find it harder to build their personal lives. What is called "grief from the mind." There is truth in this expression.

But what is the reason for this?

Love and the limbic system of the brain

In order to understand where the grain of truth is buried, I suggest to get acquainted with the structure of the human brain (meaning the male brain, because, as established by scientists, there are differences between the brain of men and women in the orientation of neural connections).

We will consider now not all of its components (all are not needed), but those that will help clarify the situation.

So, what zones is the brain divided into?

  1. Cerebral cortex (neocortex). It is the largest part of the brain, responsible for speech and logic. When you try to impress a man with your mind or skills, listing them in colors, you force him to turn on the neocortex. He automatically tries to find logic, connections, sense in your words, which in principle is not bad when it comes to communicating with a man as a business partner.

However, falling in love in this way will not work. Indeed, the process of falling in love does not occur in the first, but in the second zone of the brain.

  1. Limbic system. Differs in the smaller size, is responsible for emotional experiences and memory. Interesting, but the more you “load” MCH information, including logic, the less the limbic system of the brain participates in the process. A man may even agree with you, understand that you are right, but your communication does not cause him emotions, does not crash into memory - accordingly, he does not fall in love.

That is why it is so often possible to observe a picture when an unremarkable girl (woman) who does not have a special education, doesn’t “grab stars from the sky” lives a happy marriage all her life. She is able to influence the desired area of ​​the brain and activates emotions, not logic! It's simple.

  1. Reptilian system - another area in the brain. Responsible for reflexes. Ladies often take offense at their faithful when they catch their eyes on the charms of other women on the street, on TV, at a party, and so on.

The reptilian system can affect the limbic (the man understands whether he likes or not), but it has no effect on the neocortex. That is, even if your MCH looked at another girl, this does not mean at all that he does not love you or you do not attract him. He just had a reflex, no more and no less.

And even if he watches porn movies, this also should not become a cause for jealousy, because at the level of consciousness, he does not consider the actress from the video as his wife.

Women are very important to be able to properly understand the structure of the male brain, to understand what can entail serious consequences, and about which you can not worry too much.

And most importantly, if you want to learn how to conquer the hearts of the representatives of the stronger sex, you must be able to influence their limbic brain system.

Once again I want to remind you that unsatisfactory personal life is not affected by appearance, intellect. The matter is in one’s own world perception and attitude, and also, of course, in the lack of understanding of male psychology and inability to influence a man in the necessary way.

Magic of sight

Where does this mysterious and mysterious process of falling in love begin? First of all, at a glance. No wonder there are so many romantic stories about "love at first sight". And they have a place to exist!

This is due to the fact that when we stare at something for a long time that causes strong positive emotions, the hormone PEA begins to be produced in the blood (or completely phenylethylamine).

A hormone with such a difficult name activates a chain reaction in the body: it increases the heart rate, breathing becomes more rapid, and the representative of the stronger sex realizes that something out of the ordinary is happening.

All would be nothing, but only many girls at this stage are prone to making one mistake: having caught the gaze of a man, they lower their eyes. In many ways, this is dictated by the public opinion, who asserts that "a girl should be modest" and "too long looks are indecent."

In this process, the MCH reads non-verbal behavior of a woman and "understands" at the subconscious level that he is unsympathetic to you. After all, for a long time we fix our eyes only on those objects or people that cause us positive emotions. And lowered eyes provoke a discharge of energy and interrupt the impulse that has already appeared between you, even in a short time.

Accordingly, if you crossed eyes with a man in a public place, but immediately averted your eyes - the likelihood that he would come to you is zero. On the other hand, those MCHs who are not too respectful of the female sex as a whole, may be used to feeling unwanted guests and storming their goal through.

Therefore, very often it is the modest, shy girls, who from childhood taught humility, have difficulties in their personal lives. They often become victims of tyrants, for whom the opinion of the chosen one does not mean anything, because they only assert themselves at her expense in fact.

There are secret technologies of magical sight. In this case, the woman looks at the man in a certain way, which provokes the beginning of the process of falling in love in his brain.

The magic of a look is the most important detail both at the initial stage of acquaintance and in long-standing relations. Why? When the initial passions have calmed down a bit, we no longer look each other in the eyes as often as on first dates, we shift the focus of our attention more to domestic problems.

In addition, relaxing and deciding that if the goal is achieved, then you can no longer strain, we forget about the scheme of the male brain. We begin to overload a man with logical things, completely forgetting to give him vital emotions. As a result, the chain that took place earlier ceases to start, and it is not surprising that the spouse cools with time to his second half.

Trying to get the missing, MCH stares at the other ladies, which, of course, can not upset. That’s why it’s so important not to concentrate only on the domestic sphere of life even in a long marriage, to be able to evoke positive emotions in your husband, to give him inspiration, to believe in him - then he will love and carry you in his arms all his life, I don’t even think about someone else.

Finally, I invite you to view a very interesting video on the topic: