Dream interpretation

Signs on the wedding - what is possible and what is not?


People signs speak experience accumulated by generations of our ancestors and preserved to this day. Do not make a mistake and confuse omens and superstitions, because the latter are not experience, but are based more on mysticism and ignorance. Signs for a wedding - this is one of the most popular categories. People have always filled this solemn event with special symbolism and tried to figure out how the life of the newlyweds will develop on a number of grounds.

We bring to your attention the most popular signs for the wedding, which will tell you what you can and can not do on this day. It is worth listening to them, if you want to marital life evolved in the most favorable way.

  1. Do not let anyone try on a wedding ring neither before nor after the wedding ceremony. Otherwise, you risk transferring your happiness to another person.
  2. It is necessary that the groom put a coin in the right shoe on this solemn day - it will provide young people with a happy and comfortable life. The coin must then be carefully kept as a family heirloom.
  3. Both newlyweds need to be attached to clothes over a safety pin with the head down - it will save them from the evil eye. For the bride, a pin against the evil eye is attached to the inside of the dress, and for the groom - around the boutonniere, but so that the pin is not visible with the naked eye.
  4. The bride on her wedding day must be dressed in all new. It is also recommended to perform several stitches on the hem of the dress or in another place invisible to prying eyes. Use for this thread blue (this will protect you from the evil eye). Shoes must have closed socks.
  5. Immediately before the wedding, the bride should cry a littleThen, if you believe the signs, family life will be very happy. Of course, it is better that these tears were caused by the parting words of the parents, and not by some problems or overlays.
  6. Before letting the girl go to the registry office, her mother must pass one of the family heirlooms: Rings, crosses, brooches, bracelets and other decorations can appear as relics. It is important to keep this thing with you during the wedding, and then carefully store it.
  7. It is impossible for the bride to see herself before the wedding / marriage procedure in the mirror. It is allowed to look at yourself without gloves and veils, being in the same dress.
  8. The bride and groom should hold a bouquet in their hands throughout the day.. In emergency situations, it is permissible to give a bouquet to the mother or the groom. Only at the wedding banquet it is permissible to put flowers on the table next to you, and after the celebration you should definitely take them with you to the bedroom. Our ancestors believed that by releasing a bouquet from your hands, you release your happiness.
  9. After the bride leaves home, you should wash the floors, at least symbolically. This will facilitate the process of its transition to the men's house. The right thing to do is to her mother. A wedding procession will wait a few minutes.
  10. The bride should put a veil over herself when leaving the house.. This item of toilet protects it from the evil eye. It will be possible to fold the veil when the bride enters the registry office or the church.
  11. After the groom has put a wedding ring on the finger of the bridebut she no longer has to touch the empty boxes in which the rings were. It is better that this thing took one of the unmarried bridesmaids.
  12. Unauthorized guests should not correct clothes the bride or the groom, it is important to follow this throughout the ceremony.
  13. Newlyweds should be together all the time not allowing anyone to pass or stand between them. This will make the marriage union strong and unbreakable.
  14. It is important that the bride and groom simultaneously blew out the wedding candlesand - it will provide them with a long life together.
  15. After the wedding procedure young people need to look in one mirror. This will attract good luck to them, will make a married life friendly and happy.
  16. Leaving the registry office or church, you should sprinkle the young grits: it can be millet, rice or wheat grains. According to the sign it will ensure the spouses a happy life.
  17. It is impossible for young people to go to a wedding celebration on a straight road.. Our ancestors believed that it was necessary to entangle evil spirits, and therefore chose the most difficult route. In some countries, there is even a tradition to tie behind the empty cans of canned food, which will scare away evil spirits with their strumming.
  18. When the newlyweds drive up to the place of marriage, it is necessary that the car beeps loudly. It will also scare away evil forces, protect from the evil eye.
  19. Newlyweds at a wedding banquet are allowed to dance only with each other. and symbolically with parents. But after dancing with children, parents should bring them together again.
  20. The bride should cut the wedding cakeand the groom should support the knife. The newly-made husband lays the piece with the main picture on the plate to his wife, and the next bride presents the groom. Only after that the cake is distributed to the guests. This sign indicates mutual agreement and mutual assistance.
  21. When young people make the bed, pillows must be laid in such a way that the cuts of the pillowcases are tightly in contact. This will ensure a friendly life.

Signs on the removal of the veil. In most cases, it is accepted from guests to choose a young couple and they seem to become the "bride" and "groom." A veil taken from a real bride is put on a girl, and the groom's boutonniere is given to the imaginary groom.

But, according to signs, you can not part in a boutonniere and veil! On this occasion, a sign was invented to throw a bouquet. After the wedding, the veil and boutonniere should be kept at home as a heirloom. When a couple has a baby and becomes ill, it is necessary to cover it with this object or hang it over the crib. Thus, the protection against the evil eye.