Dream interpretation

What dreams of balloons and balloons?


What dreams of balloons or just balloons? Balls are associated with the holiday, childhood, joy and happiness. Multicolored and bright, they create a fun and relaxed mood and evoke positive emotions. What do balloons mean in a dream?

General public interpretation

The image of balloons does not have an unambiguous interpretation. A dream can prophesy success and failure. To interpret a dream it is necessary taking into account features of development of events The mystical significance of the balloon - dreams and dreams, as a rule, impracticable. The balls are like rainbow soap bubbles that burst at the first contact with an obstacle.

Plots of a dream can be different:

  • balloons rise high;
  • balls fly in different directions;
  • burst from contact;
  • inflate balloons;
  • flying a balloon.

Watch how colorful balloons fly in the sky - a good sign. For young girls, this spells interesting acquaintances, for married people, a dream foreshadows the resumption of fading feelings and romantic mood. but red balls promise the unrealizability of love dreams.

What dreams of balloons that fly apart? You expect a career takeoff, however, the achievement of success at work can adversely affect family relationships: you can not pay enough attention to loved ones.

See multicolored balls at the celebration - let the holiday come into your life. You are so mired in household chores that you have stopped noticing the beauty of life around you.

If the balls burst before our eyesyour perception of life is far from real. You are full of illusions, built castles in the air and mapped unrealistic plans. Unfortunately, the planned is not realized, and the life lesson will bring heartache.

Burst balls can foreshadow and dismissal from work, demotion, various difficulties of relationships with partners / colleagues. If the balls burst on the eve of an important financial event, do not rush to make a deal or make a large purchase.

Balls blown by the wind from you? Love will remain unrequited, a loved one will never love you. However, one should not worry: a worthy candidate will meet on the path of life in order to create a happy family.

If a balls go down, wait for disappointments in life. Trying to catch the ball is also disappointing. What is conceived will not be fulfilled. This can affect any area of ​​life.

Action in a dream

The dreamer can take an active part in the events of sleep. For example, inflate balls. This is a sign of meaningless hanging out: you waste your energy on unnecessary things.

Also, ballooning can warn: near you are two-faced people hiding behind a mask of sincere friendship. Take a closer look at the nearest environment, you will find them.

To dream like balls inflate children, - to the complication of relationships in the family with their own children or younger krovniki. Or you have to solve their problems.

If in a dream you filled the balls with helium, it spells good luck in deeds and undertakings. Everything that is conceived, successfully implemented in life. Especially favorable is the dream in which balloons filled with helium soared into the sky.

Balloon Flight may herald a journey. This may be a temporary job in another city or a business trip. If during the flight you were throwing ballast out of the basket, you will soon get rid of the annoying problem in your life. Also, this story may portend deliverance from a chronic or prolonged illness.

Interpretation of dreaming dreams about balls

Dream Miller sees in the image of balloons a sign of future conflicts and misunderstandings with neighbors. All that you feared will come true. A burst ball may foreshadow dismissal from work.

Esoteric dream book sees in the image of a balloon a positive symbol. If a dreamer in a dream inflates a ball, in reality he will be able to realize his dreams on his own. It is a symbol of self-sufficiency. However, the burst ball promises failure.

Dream Dream Morozova warns: if you blow up a ball in a dream, you will soon fall in love with an unworthy person, or you will already fall in love. If the ball bursts, you expect to participate in a risky business.

The modern predictor of dreams considers this image to be positive: luck will follow the dreamer on the heels of luck, life will sparkle with colorful paints.

Dream Interpretation From A to Z predicts failure in work. Flying in a balloon - to an unsuccessful trip. If the ball rapidly flies away from the dreamer, it prophesies an unsuccessful love. Inflate the balls in a dream - revel in the illusions of love. To release balls into the sky - to acquire new worries.

Modern dream book Considers the image of a balloon predicting illness and dreamlessness. You love to dream and build castles in the air. The red ball dreams of love without reciprocity.

Dream Dream Considers a balloon ride foreshadowing success at work and in personal life. Also, the flight symbolizes a successful solution to complex problems. Look at the colorful balls - to pleasant dreams and dreams.

Freight's Dream Interpretation compares the balloon with the penis. If it is elastic, with potency everything is normal. If you are blown away and hung - wait for failure in love affairs. The ball flies away - to unfulfilled sexual desires. A burst ball foreshadows problems in potency and relationships with a partner. Watching the flight of balls - to sexual fantasies.


What dreams of balloons? Psychologists consider frequent dreams with the image of a balloon a signal of tiredness of the body and mind. You have little rest, overloaded with worries and problems - the subconscious mind is trying to remind you of your rest with images of colored balloons.

A dream is considered to be happy, in which the sleeper himself inflated balls and released into the sky. If none of them burst and fall to the ground, all desires will come true, and problems will be resolved without difficulty.