Dream interpretation

Why dream of gray hair?


Fate prepares surprises and difficult life challenges for people who see gray hair in their sleep. The first impression of the vision is unpleasant, but do not be upset. Refer to the dream book, find out what he will say to you. Why dream of gray hair?

Sleep details

Details are important parts of any dream. Little things are ready to give an accurate and detailed answer to the question of interest, often omitting the main thought of sleep. Plots are varied:

  • Who had gray hair? On your head see Gray hair to wealth and health for many years to live like this is worth the work. If a hair was her husband, the dream predicts him a test. Mother's Gray Hair urge you to spend time with your parents. Did you see such hair from a friend? Expect a request for help from him. Gray-haired girlfriend means a change in personal life for the better. If your son turned graythen fate informs you of his independence, stop unnecessarily patronizing him. Perhaps he decides to marry soon.
  • If you saw a gray-haired man in a dream, then you will soon receive an answer to a question that has long troubled you. Single ladies gray hair in a foreign man dreams of getting married, but the husband will be a despotic man. Young beauties foreshadows a dream interesting and intriguing meeting. If the man was old and graythen look forward to seeing the rich and powerful patron. It will help you solve many problems.
  • What is the condition of the hair? If the hair is brittle and fall outthen you should pay your lifestyle. You may be tired and the body tells you to take a break.. Beautiful gray hair promise success in business and in all endeavors, a quiet life and old age.
  • If a hair fell from the head of a friend, then life has prepared for her difficulties and a black stripe. You can become a support and an assistant for her at this time. Long hair fell? Trouble will haunt her for a long time. The hair was curly and wavy? Soon there will be a quarrel over money. If the hair fell on the shoulder, then help a friend with advice, an unreliable and deceitful person winds around her.

Interpretation of a dream about gray hair according to dream books

Dream Miller

See yourself gray in a dream means the successful completion of the work started or getting what you want. Expect wealth. The vision can be deciphered in another way: you regret the lost time.

Beard hair was gray? Your work and perseverance will bring you honor and respect. Gray but young man warns of danger. It should be more serious about situations and things, do not be frivolous.

White dream book

To see gray hair in a dream to prosperity. If they were your girlfriendthen she should expect a change in her life. Gray-haired man married women promises prosperity and prosperity.

Gray beard predicts meeting, on it you will get answers to all your questions. For a pregnant girl sleep is considered good, her child and she will be healthy.

Dream interpretation prophetess Mary

Gray and fluffy hair to honor and respect. Perhaps you will be promoted. Weakened and brittle hair to call for rest. You are tired and can make serious mistakes or get sick.

Saw hair on a man? You will fall out of marriage with a strong and wise man. Gray son dreams of a good future, which is prepared for him by fate.

Ukrainian dream book

Own gray hair predict yield and profit. Fast graying hair They say that the situation can get out of control.

Gray-haired old man with a beard to prosperity and respect. Gray-haired girlfriend to her marriage. Graying son predicts changes in his life.

Falling hair they say that you will be overtaken by retribution for created evil deeds and sins. Pregnant sleep predicts joy.

Dream dream wanderer

Sleep symbolizes loyalty, wealth and wisdom. Dreamed gray-haired man to woman promises harmony and understanding in family life. Gray-haired girlfriend predicts unusual, but pleasant changes in your life, thanks to a new acquaintance.

Young guy but with gray hair foreshadows unjustified and vain monetary spending. Perhaps you are overtaken by empty worries. Brittle and drop down The hairs symbolize health problems.

Modern dream book

If you saw gray hair sonthen rest easy for him. His life will be calm, interesting and prosperous. Elderly people dreams of health, wealth and wealth.

if you had a gray beardthen wait for honor and recognition from others. Fluffy gray strands talk about prosperity and good luck in business. Young and gray people warn of fraud and danger.

Moon dream

See gray hair at home predict self-knowledge and good successful beginnings. For a young girl gray strands mean the right choice. If you saw hair in the bedroom, wait for mutual understanding from the spouse and well-being in your personal life.

If a man had a dreamthen he should expect a tide of new forces, thanks to which he will be able to overcome all the hardships and difficulties. Problems will bypass it. For women It is worth waiting for peace, spiritual harmony, happiness and interesting perspectives.

Family Dream

White hair in the dream book symbolize financial income and well-being. Perhaps we should expect an increase in salaries or career growth.

Saw gray hair on the floor? Think of parents, they need your attention and care. The hair was in the toilet room.? Unexpected money will fall on your shoulders.

If the hair was on the threshold, then you have to make a trip for the sad reason. See the gray curls to call for rest. Falling hair They promise resolution of problems, but it will take a lot of effort