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Amulet Dreamcatcher: value, photo, reviews

In today's world, people's awareness of various amulets is growing. Therefore, it will be very difficult to find a person who would never hear anything in his life and did not know about such a talisman as the amulet of the dream catcher. He has long gained enormous popularity only among Americans, however, and the entire planet.

Now it will be very difficult to pinpoint where and at what time did the first Dreamcatcher. It is such an ancient amulet that now it is difficult to reliably investigate and study the complete history of its occurrence. There are a lot of legends about how this amulet happened. Many people believe that Dreamcatcher came to humanity from an ancient civilization Indians from America. But even if this is so, then this statement is far from complete. The Dreamcatcher, or as it is also called the Dream Spirit Trap, came to people from amazing practices not only of the indigenous people of the New World, but also of the northern aborigines and inhabitants of Siberia.

According to their external features The charm is very much like a sieve - a round-shaped frame with threads stretched on it, which are intertwined in a wide variety of patterns. Wherein each pattern can have its own specific meaning.

Functions and Meaning of the Dream Catcher

So, most scientists believe that an amazing dream catcher came from an ancient territory North America. But in fact this kind of amulet was known for the northern nations, as well as many Asians. The amulet takes its protective functions in the origins of beliefs that negative, terrible dreams are simply entangled in the web of threads of the amulet and are no longer able to do any harm to a sleeping person.

The people attribute evil to a total inconsistency in recounting the poppy seeds and the inability to get out of the web.. This way or another, however, such a mechanism works perfectly: the devil is not able to pass through the threshold that was covered with poppies, and bad dreams quickly become entangled in a web of threads of a trap for dreams.

Of course, the researchers are unable to provide photographs as evidence of such phenomena: you cannot take a photo during sleep. People can only be trusted or not trusted by such statements. And the real proof can be a quiet sleep, which cherishes the dream catcher, and the threshold of a house protected by poppy seeds.

Why can bad dreams become entangled in the web of such a talisman? It is believed that the positive energy moves with a purposeful and focused beam, at the same time as the negative energy does not have a clear structure and resembles a dark cloud. This is the quality of negative energy that the dream catcher himself uses in his work.

In order to actually study the diffuse structures of negative energy, you can look at photos of water crystals that are easy to find on the Web. In such photos it is very easy to notice a lattice of water crystals in the form of snowflakes. Water acquires such a structure after having prayed over it. But a photograph of water after curses can demonstrate a very fuzzy structure of the crystal lattice, which has a rather chaotic structure. The chaos of negative energy, which can be seen in such photos, very well shows its inherent features.

About such things was known to human ancestors, including Indians from America, which originally came up with a dream catcher. As they at that time could be aware of negative energy without photographic evidence, remains a mystery to this day. Surely, the belief in the words of the sages was incredibly strong.

The main differences between charms of different cultures

The amulet Dreamcatcher has such varieties, the value of which is strongly dependent on the meaning that all nationalities put into such a talisman. Here are just two main ones:

  • Dream Catcher Indians from North America has the property of attracting "evil" and "good" dream spirits. After he is able to sift "evil"it becomes entangled in the web of patterns and dies with the rising of the sun, and the “kind”, knowing the right road, gently move along the feathers, going down to the person and giving warm dreams.
  • All other knowledge has Dreamcatcher at the main Siberian nationalities. It is an amazing subject of shamanic power and serves to work in their practical activities. Spirits that cater to this network can not be divided into "good" and "evil." During the day, they cater to the web, lingering on the villi, and at night slowly descend along the cord to the sleeping person, carrying various images. This makes dreams very bright and sometimes quite tough, in a dream a shaman can even fight with spirits. It is important for him to become a winner. Images that are a shaman in dreams are most unpleasant, however, they help to realize oneself - this is the secret of the shaman. But without the right preparation, the inept use of a talisman can provoke alarming consequences.

Giving important meaning a circle - a symbol that symbolizes eternitynamely in this way the circle is perceived in the practice of shamans, Dream catchers are also compared to the road of the sun across the sky.

Use amulet

So that the dream was really very pleasant, you should know where to place catcher. Usually it is placed in the headboard, so that the ward can easily spin and catch the spirits flying around it. But you can place the charm and in the center of the room, a chandelier, where it will rotate like a real locator.

Regarding the question of the cleansing of the amulet, then, based on the legends, the spirits of evil, trapped in the trap, will die with the first sun rays. This means that cleaning the Dreamcatcher is not required at all. But the modern world is so overwhelmed with all sorts of "evil" that it is sometimes better to simply "air out" a dear guardian for yourself. The best way is to hang it in the wintertime under the white and fluffy flakes of snow, and in the summertime to keep it in the wind by the light of the Sun or the Moon.

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