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Dua from damage and the evil eye - listen online


Dua are in the main description of Islam - Quran. Translated from Arabic, dua means prayer. It is with the help of Dua that those who believe, call on Allah and ask about something, both for themselves and their loved ones. If a person wants to be sure that he will be heard by the higher forces, he should pray in the most diligent way during the interval between azan and ikamata, immediately after namaz, during the drinking of the healing water deputy-deputy until dawn. After all, just before dawn, Allah is activated. Allah should be asked with the best intentions and thoughts. How do these magical prayers of dua from damage and the evil eye work?

Prayers from evil

Dua - These are prayers from the Koran, the main shrine of the entire religion of Islam. Thanks to them, evil can be eliminated quickly and reliably. From damage every morning and evening you can read this kind surah: "In the name of Allah, who is the most powerful defense on earth and heaven from harm. He hears everything, knows everything."

Features of reading dua

  • Dua assists anyone who wants to turn to the great Allah. for mercy. In Islam, there is an incredible number of various prayers, for all sorts of tasks, for any situation in life, as with the Orthodox - prayers and various conspiracies. The suras of the evil eye are pronounced only if they are convinced of their exact availability.
  • Islam does not believe in no luck / no luck conceptssuch categories are simply absent there, because everything that takes place with any representative of Muslim culture is the sincere will of Allah, and simply nothing else. Therefore, in a situation of a sudden life turn, which suddenly changes life in a different direction, Muslims are never in a hurry to pronounce a dua from spoilage. For a start, people try to figure out what is really going on around.
  • Dua, which are used to protect against the evil eye, very short and light in essence, if desired, their texts can simply be found in the holy Quran. It should be emphasized that such suras are required not to read, but to speak from memory, and twice a day - in the morning, before dawn and in the evening, each should be pronounced three times. Sura can pronounce as a person who has suffered from magic, and her confidant, who with all her heart seeks to help him.
  • While reading sur no attribute needed, as well as the observance of lunar days, because the Dua is in its essence not at all a conspiracy - it is a real prayer.
  • The most appropriate place to read the dua is clean desert, but since not every modern person has it nearby, this kind of action can be carried out simply in an empty room in complete silence by turning off the mobile and doorbell beforehand.

How to pronounce dua?

In order for the suras to have the maximum effect, they should be pronounced. only in Arabic.

The strongest results are those prayers that were pronounced correctly on the original, therefore, it is much better for a person to waste his time on learning a text if he really wants to get a positive result. As usual, surahs are pronounced by a person, for himself, but sometimes, when the one who suffered from magic is in such a bad condition, one can say a prayer to someone else, and less often even a whole group of people. After reading a sur, another person needs to gently blow on the patient.

If a person does not know about the existence of damage to him, but one of his relatives guesses it, this person can read the sura from the damage with his own hands, not even mentioning his actions to the patient, in order not to upset him once again. Prayers that are asked to Allah by their relatives have the same power as those that a person pronounces himself.

Dua from the evil eye

Special Duas from the evil eye are very effective and concise, and all of them should be read straight from the Koran. This means that dua are special prayers from the Qur'an, by reading which one can directly turn to Allah for help.

Such suras will quickly help to get rid of various witchcraft:

The first sura of the Quran is called Al-Fatiha:

112 surah of the Quran - called Al-Ikhlas:

113 surah of the Quran - called Al Falyak:

The Last Sura of the Quran - Called An-us:

It is necessary to read the above mentioned duas in a separate room, while they cannot be alternated in any other way. That is, it is necessary to start from the first sura and dwell on the 114th. The ritual of exemption from damage should be carried out at night, and it should be completed before the full dawn.

To enhance the quality of prayers from the evil eye of the should be voiced in Arabic straight from the Korantherefore there is no need to translate them into your language. Moreover, almost all people who profess Islam are able to read the Quran in Arabic. Otherwise, the dua is required to learn by heart, however, when referring to Allah, the holy book must be firmly held in its hands.

In order to break the curse or defacement in Islam exists A very effective remedy is the 36th surah of the Quran called Ya-Sin.. It is incredibly long, since it is 83 verses, therefore it needs a certain time to read.

Dua will provide the most reliable assistance in that situation if the patient, who has been subjected to outside influence, pronounces them himself daily until such time as any positive changes are noted in life. But it also happens that the victim of a malicious influence is in an incredibly poor condition and is simply not able to read the dua himself.

In such a situation, he can be helped by another person who is very sincere in his good motives. It must be remembered that when uttering a dua from the evil eye for someone specific, it is not necessary to talk about it to the victim, as this can only worsen his condition and lower the quality of the prayer.