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Red thread from the evil eye - how to tie, where to buy, can you do it yourself?


Probably a very large number of modern people fear the evil eye. And a much larger number simply do not believe in it, as in other mystical phenomena. But those individuals who believe, try not only to be as far as possible from all strange personalities, but also to protect themselves from negative energy.

The highest quality and proven way to protect against damage and the evil eye - this is a red thread. It is believed that it is the red thread that makes it easier and faster for a person to return the natural blood circulation. People have long spoken about the process of the evil eye. Even the great Plato and Aristotle talked about this concept, they wrote about him in the Bible.

It should be noted that damage and the evil eye can be wary all people: of any age and sex, different material situation. Not for nothing, even the kings and queens were very afraid to be damned. After all, even blue blood does not shy away from negative energy.

From the most ancient times, people are trying by all means to protect themselves from evil influence. Seafarers designated special eyes on the noses of the ships that could prevent damage. Many nations still believe that this clot of negative energy can not only greatly affect human life, but also significantly change it, introducing its own characteristics, which are almost always very negative and sad. The fact is that this kind of bad energy can restrain a person from what was indicated to her by fate.

Why exactly red?

For what reason people prefer to be protected using a red thread? There is simply no single version for this. Each nation has its own legend, which explains in detail why it is the string of this color that should be tied to protect it from damage and the evil eye.

  1. Slavs there was a legend about the goddess Swan, who taught ordinary people to tie a red thread of wool on the fence, so that the disease did not fall into their home. Even in modern times, to this day, in this way, strong epidemics are trying to stop. Modern city dwellers, who are not so exposed to such beliefs, can still tie a thread around their hands in order to get rid of a cold or negative influence.
  2. In the most ancient chronicles it is mentioned that wool wool thread absorbs the bestial power and energy of the Sun, which dyes the thread in a shade of fire. The sun brings health and life, and hence the thread.
  3. Gypsies also had their own legend about this. Based on the legend, Saint Sarah is a Gypsy woman who managed to protect the apostles themselves from their enemies. For such an act, she was rewarded with the gift of foresight, and then selected the Gypsy Baron. The woman took out a thread of red color from her own shawl, cut it and tied on her wrists all those who claimed this title. One guy Joseph suddenly started flashing such a thread as if the rays of the sun were passing through it. So the choice was made. It was from that time that this nation remained the belief that all applicants for the important title should knit their hands with such threads.

Buy or make yourself?

  • The strongest and working red thread on the wrist from Jerusalem. They have the power of the Holy Land. You can buy the red thread from the evil eye for a symbolic price on this site.
  • Currently, the red thread is most often located on the left hand in adults and children. Not everyone knows that it is used in the form of protection. This thread helps to get rid of the envy and evil of other people, as well as to expel such feelings from themselves.
  • Charm must be made from wool. Red shade is a danger. I tied such a thread to my hand, a person puts protection against such danger in any form.
  • Left hand - This is the side of the body and soul that is responsible for receiving. Wearing a thread on this hand, people make some important connection with the energy of protection that exists in space.
  • You should also be able to tie a red string. This will require exactly 7 knots, while the thread holder does not need to do it alone. Ritual for tying should be carried out by the most dear person. In the process of tying it is necessary to read the special prayer of Ana BeKoah. Thanks 7 knots manages to fix in itself the strongest energy that intercepts the negative of ill-wishers.

The rules of wearing amulet

  1. As soon as a man had a red thread tied on his wrist, he should promise himself that now not only the thread would be protected, but he would also refrain from all evil in his life.
  2. According to legend, after the thread was wrapped around the tomb of the biblical promateri, it overflows with a special force Rachel. It was after this great thread was cut into pieces. Then people wear it on their wrists.
  3. Negative behavior of the thread holder will have a bad effect on the working properties. such a talisman. The thread receives energy from good deeds, purity in the heart and thoughts.
  4. I would like to emphasize once again the fact that the thread is knitted exactly on the left hand, since negative goes through this side. The left hand has long been responsible for the desire of a person to take, and the right hand is for the desire to give. According to this scheme, good comes to man from the right, and evil comes from the left.
  5. Each new knot of thread symbolizes a specific spiritual level.which overflows reality. It makes no sense to knit the usual lace on the hand. The best option for acquiring such a talisman is to seek the help of a special person - a Kabbalist. The strongest threads are those made in Jerusalem.
  6. Putting this amulet on his wrist, a person makes a promise to himself and to God that he will lead a good and clean lifestyle, with positive thoughts and good deeds.