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How to wear a pin against the evil eye


Sometimes the simplest at first glance, objects can be excellent protection from negative magic and negative energy. One of the objects of this kind has long been an ordinary safety pin. A lot of people know that pinned to the inside of their clothes, this pin can protect them from the evil thoughts and eyes of any person. However, not everyone knows how to properly wear a pin against the evil eye, because it is not enough just to pin for this.

The color of the beads in the pin against the evil eye

To protect yourself from the words and thoughts of ill-wishers, it is enough to simply acquire an English hairpin. Experts claim that the most powerful - it's a silver pin. But products from gold or metal also not inferior in their strength. With this main role I play beads that can be attached to the needle:

  • beads green color ideal for protecting babies and pregnant women;
  • yellow beads perfectly protect friends;
  • red will protect the feelings and relationships;
  • blue assist in the fight.

It is strictly forbidden to use black beads, because they will have the opposite effect.

How to wear a guardian

Immediately answer the question "how to wear a pin from the evil eye eyelet up or down?". Right - eye down, as close to the heart as possible..

A quality pin should always be close to your man, pinned to clothes. Only at night it should be removed and closed placed under the pillow. There are basic rules for this:

  1. Evil eye pin should be located in the sight of others, have brightness and catchiness. To wear it constantly inside, to hide from others is wrong.
  2. Young mothers well attach such an amulet on a sling with a baby.

But just to get this item is not enough. Even if he is golden - such a defender should be encouraged to act.

Plot for charging the pins against the evil eye

Buy amulet required on Friday afternoon. But the ritual for activation should be on a growing month on the second day of the week. Conducting a conspiracy is not at all difficult. There are a couple the most reliable methods - just dwell on the most suitable for a person.

  • Fiery. After 12 nights you need to light the sanctified in the temple of the candle and glow with her eyelet from the pins. The plot is read three times, while dripping wax on the ear of a pin. It is better not to wash the drops at all - they will disappear. It is necessary to say these words: "My defender, granted by fate, cover me from the evil eye of the evil."
  • Water. Pour into glassware clean water, and then put there a hairpin. A day later, I had to say the following words to the water: “Protect me with a spearhead against black people, evil offspring and other contagion.”
  • Nodular. For this useful red thread of wool. To that part of the amulet that does not have an edge, 12 knots should be tied. With each new knot, it should be pronounced: “12 forces, 12 black man’s shields will be retracted, they will save from anger and misfortune. Take away the knots of sorrow, misfortune and suffering.
  • Rowanberry. Need to open the pin and alternately on the needle string dry fruits of mountain ash. Only three pieces. At each should say: "Rowan is beautiful, Rowan is strong, I am protected from damage caused."
  • Onion. In the world of magic this plant has long been called a very powerful toolwhich protects against adversity. You need to stick a hairpin into a large and sturdy bow and read these words: "A bow wrestler, protect my crown, take away evil words, take the damn tricks from me.

After the ceremony, such a conspiracy pin must be attached to your clothes and so be worn.

How to speak talismans?

You can protect yourself from the evil eye using one simple method. Pin - This is a very strong defense, only an overwhelming number of people use it in the wrong way. Simply the pin itself has no effect. It should be prepared in the proper way.

The attribute, as already mentioned, should be acquired only on Friday afternoon. He should be brought into the house, a candle should be lit under it, and to speak: “Shut up evil on yourself, let everything that was prepared for me go away to you.”

After you need to attach a pin in such a way that nobody noticed.

Every day, upon returning home, one has to unfasten the detail and consider what became of it. If she remained unharmed, then negative magic did not occur.

Then the decoration should lie down unbuttoned until the morning, and the next day to close again. Check ward worth every day. If the needle suddenly becomes bent, rusty or black, this will indicate an attempt to perform magic. Such an amulet will not be able to help. It should be buried in the place where no one will find, in the open state. And then buy a new amulet.

Ritual for the growing month

  1. Rite of passage on Tuesdays to the growing moon. A pin on protection for a person or at home starts to speak. The ritual should be carried out either very early in the morning or late in the evening, when the sun has not yet risen, or has already set.
  2. For the plot you need to buy absolutely new item. Place a candle in front of you, hold the new pin over it. When it turns out to be sufficiently heated, it should be sprinkled with holy water and say such magic words: “May I, the Slave of God, be kept by you. God save me from all that is unclean, from the words of bad, from corruption, and from every eye. Amen.
  3. Text need pronounce three times. After voiced plot on the talisman should drip a little fresh wax. When the ceremony ends, let the wax harden, and then you can attach it to any place.
  4. It must be remembered that even if magical attacks were not made on a person, the defenses will eventually become weaker. So that they can stop, once in one season you need to take a talisman and dip it in holy water.