Dream interpretation

Good signs - the list of the most popular signs in Russia


Omens are in demand in the people since the days of hoary antiquity. There are a large number of different classifications of beliefs, but in the end they can all be divided into negative and positive. Often, people ignore the signs of fate only because they are afraid to believe in the bad. But, fortunately, not all superstitions are distinguished by poor interpretation, there are various good signs that interpret the attainment of happiness, profits, love, health, family well-being.

A list of popular good signs

We offer you a list of positive interpretations:

  • itched his nose - this indicates good news that you will receive very soon;
  • from afar notice that the lights in the windows of their homes - promises great luck;
  • if the ladybug has sat on the arm and does not leave it for a long time - it foreshadows a beautiful romantic story;
  • if in the morning the first met a man - the day promises to be successful;
  • a woman who does not want to grow old should always keep a ripe acorn with her;
  • it rains heavily on holidays? The celebration will go well;
  • if a person there are many moles on the body - his life will be long and happy;
  • if a bird droppings landed on the head - do not rush to mourn about this or to ridicule the person with whom this is not a very pleasant event, as it indicates the imminent wealth
  • waking up get out of bed on the right foot - A very good omen, which portends a productive day, a successful conclusion of transactions, as well as the solution of various disputes;
  • if a daughter is more like a fatherthan the mother - she prepared a happy share;
  • if you find a pin, it means someone is talking about you in a good context;
  • prick the finger with a needle to a girl foreshadows receiving compliments from the opposite sex;
  • if dreamed that someone is dying - the life of that person will be long;
  • cry in a dream - rejoice in reality;
  • if you hear a squeak in your right ear or ringing - get ready to receive good news;
  • get silver as a gift - foreshadows success in business and undertakings;
  • if on Saturday you broke a plate - This is a very good sign, which foreshadows great happiness in life;
  • person, sneezed before the meal, will soon receive unexpected, but very pleasant news;
  • if you want to improve your financial situation - buy violets;
  • if you are on the way meet a woman carrying something in her arms - this indicates that the day will be very productive;
  • to meet a fellow traveler dressed in red clothes - predicts happiness
  • if you want to have a relationship with a young man you like - put on a round decoration;
  • whenever you step on the sidewalk or climb stairs do it with your right footso you will attract good luck;
  • if a fly got in the dish - Someone is preparing you a pleasant surprise, or you can win a large sum of money in the lottery;
  • the child is smiling in his sleep - This means that in his home all is well;
  • extremely favorable sign see three nuns at once;
  • put a newborn baby on mother's belly will save him afterwards from want;
  • Our ancestors believed that real luxury is when there are buttons on clothes. For this reason, there was a belief that the person who found the button, will soon succeed in his career;
  • in the Annunciation, angels keep a close eye on human behavior and thoughts. Extremely it is important on this day to tune in exclusively to positive, avoiding insults, swearing;
  • if the newlyweds are given a blue gift for the wedding - it foreshadows them a happy and comfortable life

It must be remembered that omens and superstitions will work only in that situation if you believe in them. For ardent skeptics, they are unlikely to be able to bring both good and bad events to life. And on which side to be - this is only your personal right.

Judging objectively, there are many more good signs than bad ones. Plus, this number is regularly updated. Despite the technical and scientific progress, no one will cancel faith in ancient superstition, carefully developed by our distant ancestors and carefully preserved for a long period of time. Plus, seeing the positive, bright side in everything is much more profitable and much more productive for life than to destroy yourself with negative emotions.