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Preserved from the evil eye and damage - what they are and how to do it yourself


Amulets from various negative energies, the evil eye and damage have been on the world since the most ancient times. Similar objects were used by various ethnic groups, and they had only one goal - to protect a person from negative energy. Different tribes and peoples, which were separated by vast distances, had similar amulets, with identical meaning. For a long time, the appearance and meaning of the amulets have not changed, and people today use the same talismans against the evil eye and damage.

What are the charms against the evil eye

The most simple and convenient means of protection against negative energy was considered the usual safety pin.

  • It is necessary to fasten a pin from seamy side clothes, so that it is located in the solar plexus zone or near the heart.
  • If a person applies such a talisman, you need to check every night didn't he change his shade. When this object becomes black, it means that the pin has taken on itself a share of negative energy, and it is necessary to get rid of it as soon as possible.
  • If the pin does not change color, then at night it should leave open when open, and in the morning reattach in place.
  • Acquire a pin should only Friday eveningbesides this, it is not necessary to take change from the dealer.

Pins from the earliest time used in order to protect themselves from the negative. The pin has long defended not only the man, but also his house.

In the Slavic states from the evil eye took an amulet, which is called "God's eye". Such charms can be found in Tibet. Everywhere they are called the same. Each of them is based on a cross.

Slavs made amulets in this way: took two little sticks, made a cross from them and wrapped them with colored threads of wool. The sides of such an amulet can point to all 4 directions of the world and denote the combination of all energies. These kinds of objects were used to protect the children, they were also often hung over the bed of the kids.

Charm of bones and plants

A special position among the various amulets is occupied by amulets that make of bones, teeth, claws or the horns of animals.

In ancient times, people endowed such objects with magical qualities and believed in their healing power. Amulets have not lost their peculiarities even today; they can be used even now.

  • Bear claw incredibly appreciated by the Slavs, they believed that he would help a man win a victory in any battle and win the love of the female sex. Because the claw hung over the bed of a newborn boy and outweighed him around his neck when he was growing up a little.
  • Amulets of fang bear were very popular among Caucasians, Americans and Finns.
  • Moreover, these nations believed that bear skullwhich is located next to the house, provides protection and complete security for all who live there.
  • Nowadays, key rings, which are made on the basis of bear fangs and claws. These are incredibly powerful amulets with a strong energy, which are perfect for men, however, can be useful for women.

It has long been known and protective qualities of a large number of plants.

  • Slavs placed throughout the house fragrant bouquets of herbs and flowers. The fact is that in this they played not only a decorative role, but mainly protected the house and its occupants from negative energy.
  • Europeans have become the most popular amulets since ancient times thistle, as well as hawthorn and oak.
  • It is believed that in the apartment where there is hawthorn branch an evil spirit will never dwell, and if negative energy is already in the house, it will soon leave the house.
  • Acorns often placed nearby with windows so that evil could not get inside.
  • There was a belief among the Slavs that if on May 1st they broke flowering rowan tree and dry it, the tone will be an excellent amulet from any kind of evil and will serve for a very long time. It is possible to strengthen the effect of such an amulet with the help of a thin thread of red color, which should be wound on a branch.
  • Garlic all and have always been considered an excellent method of scaring any evil spirits, because for some reason such a plant is called the best way to fight vampires. Slavs often wrapped garlic in a clean cloth and carried it with them everywhere. It was believed that in a situation of danger it would be enough just to touch such a plant.

Child Protection

  • Amulet for kids best create parents personally.
  • For a talisman that is meant for children, not only the material is important, but also correct charge. Only appropriate words are ways to endow the amulet with the necessary strength that can protect the baby from evil.
  • The best time for such a ceremony is any the sixth or sixteenth.
  • During the conspiracy should keep charm in the right hand, and draw a cross over the top of the hand, above the flame of wax candles, purchased in the church.
  • At the end of the ceremony, the amulet should be omitted. in holy water. If in the words a person suddenly decided to turn to the forces of nature, then various kinds of church paraphernalia would simply be inappropriate in this process.

Preserved from the evil eye and damage with their own hands

So that people with malicious intent can never enter the house, you need to make such amulet.

  • Would need floor vase large sizes. On her bottom put 3-4 heads of garlic, a branch of thistle, mountain ash, as well as a pair of spikelets of wheat and any withered flowers, which are collected in a bouquet and wrapped with red thread or ribbon.
  • This vase is required to be placed at the threshold, so that any ill-wisher who gets into the house could not cause harm.