Dream interpretation

Why do wolves dream of attacking?


The image of the wolf is always associated with cruelty, ferocity, attack. Very often this animal comes to us in a dream. Understanding why a wolf or a pack of wolves appeared in a vision is not easy, especially when they behave aggressively. It is worth contacting the dream book. So why do wolves dream of attacking?

The wolf symbolizes prudence. It is necessary to soberly assess the situation and their friends, colleagues and relatives. Fate warns that envious people scandals and gossip wind around you.

The value of sleep depending on the details

To reveal the meaning of sleep is simple, but you need to remember all the nuances and little things. Close your eyes, roll the dream to the beginning. What did you saw? Why dream with a wolf?

  • How many wolves were there? One wolf symbolizes aggression from a friend or colleague. This person considers you his enemy and stipulates. The attacking animal shows decisiveness and some actions by the ill-wisher. Why does a pack of wolves attack? Pack of wolves promises militia of many people. Accumulated problems need to be solved immediately, you should start with yourself Young unmarried lady dream where many wolves attacks her, promises a rich marriage and a magnificent wedding.
  • What was the color of the wolf? White Wolf means an important and influential person, soon meeting him. It is important to calmly and prudently hold the meeting. In the event of an attack by such a wolf, it is worth revising your opinion about a friend or relative. Black wolfs They talk about the deceit of others or possible illness. Gray wolf dreams of betrayal.
  • Who dreamed a dream? The woman who saw the wolfblocking the path with hints of attack, should pay attention to their internal fears. Time to deal with them and go to the next stage of life. Perhaps the new stage will be marriage. Aggressive beast to the cruel and tyrannical spouse. If sleep was intended a manthen he should look around. The enemy in every way hinders the solution of cases. It is believed that there was a serious competitor.
  • Whom was the wolf attacking? Attack on someone foreshadows an irresponsible person. He is his illiteracy can bring you trouble. If the victim was helplessthen the fate directly says that it is not necessary to shift the affairs of a stranger, you have to decide yourself, relying only on yourself. Goat assault promises collapse in action.
  • Did the wolf bite you?? Expect loss or illness. Wolf bit child? Soon get news with news from relatives.

Interpretation of sleep by popular dream books

Dream Miller

Gray wolf foreshadows disassembly with employees and business partners who have long led you by the nose.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

Attacking beasts promise actions by enemies, their machinations.

French dream book

A pack of aggressive wolves promises troubles, problems and quarrels. If you can run away or defeat their wealth and success will soon overtake you. If the animal has bitten you, the started business will bring great losses. Think and weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of partnership with a new person.

Dream Vanga

Animal attack by the pack speaks of great adversity from colleagues or acquaintances. Perhaps they will act together.

Dream Interpretation of Meridian

Aggressive wolf against woman predicts a quarrel with her husband and his relatives. Started to fight the wolf? Your fears are trying to break out. It is important to defeat them and understand yourself. Bite for woman promises a change in personal life.

Psychoanalytic dream book

Forward wolf in winter and at night predicts parental abuse.

Ninth interpreter

Bitten wolf? Someone will bring you evil. Fight wolf to quarrel.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

Bite during the attack the wolf promises losses and trouble. To be surrounded by wolves preparing to attack, dreams of threats and actions by enemies. Redefine your environment.

Esoteric dream book

Aggressive animal speaks of your fears, but they are groundless, you should not be afraid of them. Rushing beast on you symbolizes defenselessness. Do not rely on friends, they will not help, but only aggravate the situation.

Ukrainian dream book

Wolf symbol of theft and theft. If a he attacks upon you, then expect a robbery or theft. The magnitude of the loss depends on the number of wolves.

Modern dream book

Wolf in action says that the enemies have already done something against you. Be careful and attentive.

Dreaming nostradamus

Wolf attacking fox, predicts the end of a long confrontation and struggle.