Dream interpretation

Why dream of white roses?


Why dream of white roses? The symbolism of the rose is not unique. This beautiful flower is a symbol of love and tenderness. But do not forget about the thorns that protect the stems. What foreshadows a dream with a vision of white flowers - good or evil? Consider the details.

General interpretation of dreams about roses

White roses are a symbol of purity and innocence, sincerity and trust. It is a flower of love, romantic impulse and tenderness of feelings. To see beautiful white roses - to feel the delight of the soul, romantic ecstasy.

If in a dream you gave white roses - you won the heart of a secret admirer. If a give someone yourself rosesIt symbolizes heartfelt affection for a person.

What does the image mean? roses without thorns? This symbolizes complete dependence on a partner, helplessness in love. On the other hand, the absence of thorns speaks of the tenderness of the feelings of a partner, of his careful care for his chosen one.

If in a dream the girl received as a gift white roses and badly spikedThis dream carries a warning: the young man takes it lightly and does not care about the purity of his thoughts.

Dried flowers bear a negative prognosis for the dreamer, the lack of positive events in the future. White petals scattered on the floor - a symbol of separation and faded feelings.

Other folk interpretations

Why see white roses in a dream? This symbol has many meanings:

  • a living flower dreams of sincere feelings, trust and love;
  • artificial flower symbolizes loneliness, unrequited love, false;
  • frozen roses foreshadow chilled feelings, cold in relationships;
  • faded flowers - to betrayal in love, treason;
  • broken flower symbolizes vain expectations.

If a the man had a dreamin which he gives white roses to a familiar girl, the subconscious suggests looking at her. White color symbolizes the kinship of souls, and if in a dream a dreamer gives a bouquet to a girl, it means she is chosen for him by heaven. This is a dream tip.

  • To see how the petals of a bud bloom - to a happy love.
  • Enjoy the fragrance of the flower - to the unalloyed happiness nothing.
  • An incomplete blooming flower is a symbol of a prosperous future.
  • Many white roses - you'll bathe in a sea of ​​romantic experiences.
  • The combination of red roses with white - to a passionate and very beautiful love.
  • Pluck the roses - to the delight of love.
  • See roses in your hair - to date with loved ones.
  • Roses in a home flowerpot - for family joy.
  • Looking at the rose bush - to the admiration of the opposite sex.

For other people, the symbol of white roses brings improvements in financial affairs, income stability and well-being.

Interpretations of famous dream books

Dream Vanga warns: prick with a thorn from a rose in a dream - to the disclosure of personal secrets, it will become public. Faded bouquet warns about the deception of the beloved. Inhale the aroma and enjoy the smell of flowers - to a long-lasting novel. Receive a bouquet of white roses as a gift - to pure thoughts and deeds.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova thinks: if white roses were presented in a dream, someone likes you. Inject a thorn from a rose - to the unfounded jealousy of a loved one, suffering due to mistrust. Throw a bouquet of roses on the ground - to the rapid separation from his beloved.

Freight's Dream Interpretation claims that a gift bouquet of white roses symbolizes success with the opposite sex. A spike from a rose - to the harassment of men.

Dream Miller considers this image as a sign of warm, trusting relationships in the family and with loved ones.

Dream loft thinks: if a girl is presented with a bouquet of white roses in a dream, it foreshadows an elegant wedding and a happy life together. For the rest of the dreamers, the image of white roses in buds dreams to improve the financial situation, as well as to unintentional profits.


The symbol of white roses is especially important in dreams. couples in love. White color bears the symbolism of spirituality and purity. Your novel will differ from the usual love affair, it will be filled with other content - it will completely change the past ideas about love. Relationships will be harmonious, trusting and lasting. They say about such couples - they were crowned by the sky.

If a girl pricked spikesThis means that the subconscious mind warns you to tell your secret to your beloved one. If this is not done, he still finds out from other sources: in this case, the tiff is unavoidable.

Faded roses are an undesirable symbol for a girl in love. Especially if the bouquet gives a favorite in a dream, and it fades on the eyes. Your union is doomed, soon the inevitable separation will come. Feelings faded like flowers, and will not be able to "come to life."

Rose carries and mystical symbolism: the ability to absorb human fluids and transfer to another. Receiving a bouquet of white roses, you get a piece of the soul of the donor, his feelings and thoughts.