Dream interpretation

Chinese rose in the house - signs

Chinese rose is a very common indoor plant. He also has another name - hibiscus. In the wild, the rose bush is large in size and is capable of reaching 3 meters in height. And for home conditions, a low-growing variety of flower has been specially created. Signs about the Chinese rose in the house appeared in antiquity, but were able to successfully reach our days and have not lost their popularity. Further in the article we will deal with the positive and negative interpretation of these signs.

Unpretentiousness in content is peculiar to the Chinese rose. These qualities make it an ideal option for public institutions and at home. But besides the aesthetic side of the issue, the Chinese rose is also a carrier of certain information. And it can both help in certain situations and cause harm to human life and health. And in which direction the scales will tilt - this will depend entirely on the specific situation.

Around the Chinese rose has always been a lot of signs, from the positive we can note the following:

  1. The flower is able to charge the surrounding area with the energy of movement. Hibiscus corresponds to the sign of the zodiac Leo, and refers to it because of the love of bright sunshine and a magnificent view of flowers. Despite its feminine name, the Chinese rose has a rather strong male character. If you believe astrology, it is the fire that acts as a male principle, expresses activity and activity.
  2. A flower like a sponge collects the destructive energy of laziness and begins to transform it into the energy of creativity.. It is recommended to have this plant in your home for those who suffer from cardiac abnormalities or low blood pressure. Also, the Chinese rose is shown to people as passive, as it will provide active nourishment with life force.
  3. The energy of the Chinese rose winds spiral - rising up from the bottom. From the area of ​​roots to the tips and leaves. According to a popular sign, it is believed that with the help of this plant it is possible to restore the extinct fire of love between a married couple living together for a long time (although, there is an opposite interpretation).

But besides the good ones, there are also a number of negative interpretations of this belief:

  1. Hibiscus is a kind of beacon, indicating family happiness and health. Therefore, if you notice that the plant has become withering for no reason, or its petals have begun to crumble, this indicates a possible illness of one of the family members (both manifested and hidden). In such a situation, it is imperative to seek medical help.
  2. There is also one very controversial omen associated with hibiscus. This plant is considered a symbol of passion and unmarried ladywho grows it will not know the end of the boyfriends. But at the same time there is the opposite interpretation, according to which a hibiscus is a “muzhegon”. And although she is actively attracting fans, but at the same time, very quickly makes them cool to the owner of the plant.
  3. If the flower will lead the couple, the situation is completely at risk of becoming deplorable. Together with the appearance of the Chinese rose, the beginning of quarrels, disputes and scandals is likely, everything can end even a complete rupture of relations. And it will attract them just this beautiful, but at the same time the most dangerous flower.

Of course, everything described above is essentially superstition. There are many people in the house who have hibiscus, but they are completely happy and do not have any problems. But do not forget also that omens and beliefs do not appear on level ground and there is always some truth in them.

You must decide for yourself whether to believe these signs or not. Each specific case is completely individual and for all people their own mood, energy and emotions play a decisive role. We ourselves are the creators of our destiny.

Omens and superstitions will not be superfluous, unless, of course, you believe in them fanatically. They did not come out of nothing - our ancestors for centuries collected and analyzed the events that took place, built certain analogies and connections, why something or another happened. And now we have an excellent opportunity to use their work for the good of ourselves and the world around us.