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Signs about cats in the house and on the street


The cat is one of the sacred animals in many nations of the world. Cute fluffy animal, "walking by itself", able to bestow affection or, on the contrary, to scratch and even bite, if he does not like something. It is the signs about cats that are highly popular, not for nothing that our ancestors were firmly convinced that the cat is associated with witchcraft.

There is a huge number of different signs about cats, and often they are quite contradictory - in some cases they indicate a speedy happiness, while in others they warn of possible troubles. Consider next the most common of them.

If you specifically offend a cat, then later you will certainly get some unpleasant surprise from life. Perhaps as a serious disease, and other significant trouble.

Cats are known to have a fascinating, to some extent even hypnotic look. Many people are afraid of glowing in the dark eyes of this animal.

You can not look into the eyes of a cat, so you do not face serious problems. A domestic cat may perceive too close gaze as a threat or manifestation of aggression and will be alerted inside. Street animals have a slightly different strategy of behavior - they are able to calmly withstand the gaze of a person in the hope of feeding.

The people have always believed that the cat has the ability to see a brownie. They can even make friends. And then the owners will often wake up from their night games. But you can not quarrel a cat with a brownie, otherwise the house can start to get into trouble.

According to the good old tradition, it is the cat that must be first introduced into the new dwelling. Many piously believe that cats drive away evil spirits. Others believe that the cat makes contact with the brownie.

If you noticed that the cat went to a far corner and became alert, according to the beliefs of our ancestors, this meant that she spotted an evil spirit there. You need to help your pet get rid of evil. To do this, you can use a broom, cleansing prayers or conspiracies, but you can, as an option, just do not believe this belief.

And in this case, we are not talking about hygiene. Mystics believe that when human lips come into contact with the animal's nose, a channel is opened through which a person loses energy and loses a part of his life.

According to this belief, you need to bathe the cat, and do not pour out the water, but give the sick person a bath in it. It is believed that it has high healing properties. But in the end it is necessary to pour it as far as possible from the dwelling so that the sickness does not find the way back.

Tricolor cats always foreshadow quick well-being and good luck. If an animal of such a suit has come to your house, you will soon create a new, very long and successful relationship. In Japan, in honor of tricolor cats, they even produce special figurines made of porcelain, which are known as "monetary cats" or "kittens of happiness."

It is quite common to believe that a black cat running across the road is capable of bringing trouble. In this case, it is recommended to stop and return home. In ancient times, a black cat was accused in connection with evil forces, although there were exceptions to the rules. So, on the ship, black animals were specially kept for good luck: it was believed that they protect the ship from storms and hurricanes.

White cats are designed to fill the lives of their owners with peace, harmony and tranquility. If a kitten of such a suit has come to you, be sure to take it, it will bring you happiness. It is also believed that white cats produce less allergens. And if a white cat crosses your path, all your plans will surely be fulfilled.

  1. The cat lies on the person and does not want to go - it takes away negative energy. Do not chase the animal - it will leave itself when it feels that the session is over. Pay special attention to the part of the body on which the animal lies - there are some problems with it.
  2. So that the cat could make friends with the brownie, start an animal of the same color as the owner's hair. Otherwise, the animal may not settle down.
  3. According to national signs, it is believed that the seriously ill, cats necessarily go to die from home, so as not to draw trouble into the dwelling.
  4. A person who killed a cat will be deprived of happiness and peace for seven years. And in the home, where there are no cats, a lot of negative energy accumulates that negatively affects human health.
  5. A cat stuck in a house is a very good sign, promising well-being and good fortune. In ancient times it was believed that the spirit of a deceased relative moved into the beaten animal. You need to take a cat, feed it, warm it up and then it should go away.
  6. Does a cat pull on a man? This predicts the appearance of new things.
  7. According to the rules you can not buy a cat, but you need to exchange it for a chicken egg or take it as a gift.
  8. The animal washes to the guests.
  9. If the cat curls up with a ball and covers its nose, it is likely that frosts will come soon, and if it is winter, wait for the bitter cold. Cats begin to tear walls to bad weather (rain), and to the wind and frost - tear up the floors.
  10. A bad omen is considered if a cat kills a pigeon - to the bad news.
  11. Hear the cat sneeze - to the toothache (but the bride means a happy married life).
  12. It is better for lonely people not to start cats - otherwise, for a long time they risk being without a pair.

To believe or not all these signs is, of course, only your business. In any case, the cat in the house will give you a lot of positive energy and caress, most importantly, do not forget to feed her in time!