Dream interpretation

Why dream of eating ice cream?


Why dream of eating ice cream? Cold delicacy foreshadows easy flirting and transience of communication. The novelty of the relationship can deliver many pleasant moments, but will not last long - it will melt like ice cream in the summer heat. What else foreshadows the image of ice cream in dreams? Consider the issue in detail.

Popular interpretation of dreams about ice cream

The image of ice cream is a symbol of pleasure, enjoyment and relaxation. Ice cream in a dream - to get a long-awaited rest from work, to find a moment of joy. To treat ice cream others - sharing joy with others.

If ice delicacy was filled with chocolate and fruit, erotic pleasure will bring unforgettable moments. However, passion in these relationships and love experiences will never happen.

See ice cream in the hands of a familiar person - to cool relations. The enemy is holding ice cream in the hands - to ridicule.

If a ice cream melted, there is a chagrin - you will not get the pleasure that you expected. Flowed delicacy - a harbinger of frustration

Buy ice cream - to the unfortunate love affair and chagrin. Cooking a treat at home in an ice cream maker - your heart is too cold, you need to “unfreeze” your attitude towards people a little, to become warmer.

Bad sign is ice cream too cold - it portends a sharp cooling of the senses and a quick break in relations

Ice cream variety

See in a dream ice cream in the window shop or in the tray, choose it - in reality you have a choice of entertainment and assessment of their value. Also, the image of ice cream in the window can be a symbol of an unfulfilled children's dream that the dreamer cannot forget.

Look at the ice cream and not buy - enjoy the dreams and memories of the pleasant. Look at the price tags and refuse to buy an expensive product - to frugality and to assess the real possibilities in achieving the intended goal.

An important point in the interpretation of a dream is the variety of ice cream seen:

  • chocolate;
  • vanilla;
  • sorbet;
  • cream;
  • waffle;
  • ice cream cake

Chocolate ice cream symbolizes sexuality and temptation, contrary to conventions. This may be the desire to have an affair on the side or succumb to forbidden feelings in a different way. However, one should not rush into the pool of forbidden passion, because it will be transient and bring in the end some disappointments.

vanilla ice cream has a different taste and a different interpretation - a sweet feeling can develop into a whirlwind romance. Spice vanilla warms the blood, it is part of love drinks and is a strong natural aphrodisiac. Therefore, the vision of vanilla delicacy has a positive meaning in the dream.

Sorbet symbolizes deception. This delicacy is made not from the traditional ingredients for ice cream, therefore the dream warns about falsehood and illusory perception of relationships.

Cream It is considered the favorite delicacy of the majority. This traditional ice cream is made from top quality cream. However, in dreams, the image of the ice cream warns: stay away from the object of passion, this familiarity will not lead to good.

Waffle ice cream in the dream carries a positive symbolism - the case may end in a chic wedding.

Interpretation of dream books

Culinary dream book warns: to feast on your favorite ice cream in a dream - to a new lover. Intimacy with this person will give an unforgettable experience.

The newest dream book sees in the image of an ice delicacy a foreshadowing of the cooling of feelings or a cold. Take care of your throat.

Family Dream predicts success in business, if in a dream you ate ice cream. See children with ice cream - to the well-being and prosperity in life. If a woman drops ice cream under her lover's legs, she will soon be carried away by another man. Flowed ice cream - to unexpected disappointment.

Modern dream book interprets ice cream treats to the successful completion of the cases started. Spoiled ice cream - there will be obstacles to enjoyment and entertainment.

Dream Dream Considers: joint delicacy with ice cream foreshadows the joys of love. Melted ice cream promises solitude. Overturned on a friend's sweet dessert spells cruel attitude towards him.

Dream Dream sees in the image of a sweet dessert fleeting pleasures and short-term joy. Melted delicacy warns - do not miss your chance. Very cold ice cream foretells a cooling of the senses or a cold.

Dream Miller sees in the image of ice cream success in business. The melted dessert foreshadows disappointment from not getting a relationship.

Dream Interpretation From A to Z warns: buying ice cream in a dream foreshadows a short-term love interest. Eating cold dessert - a toothache. See someone eating ice cream - to the successful completion of cases.

There is ice cream in a dream in a cup - to change partner, ice cream - to cool partner, popsicle - to help a friend, chocolate ice cream - to love joys, fruity - to a talkative fan, dessert in the glaze - to reveal the secrets of friends. The dripped ice cream - to the chagrin, to get dirty with the delicacy - the meeting will not take place, to sell the ice cream - to unexpected expenses.

Freight's Dream Interpretation. Ice cream on a hot day - to meet with a man from the past. Melted dessert - an unsuccessful attempt to reanimate faded feelings. To enjoy dessert in a cafe - unfortunately about your overly relaxed behavior.

Universal Dream warns: the image of ice cream dreams to immediately resolve important issues, until they become a big problem. Enjoy the treat - treat yourself to a treat. Someone suggested sour ice cream? This man is no different sincerity.

Esoteric dream book sees in the image of ice cream fervor of feelings. However, the partner may be a traitor. Making ice cream yourself - get into a love adventure by your own rashness.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century He sees in the image of ice cream the secrecy of feelings and understatement.