Dream interpretation

What is the dream of a bear married woman?


What is the dream of a bear married woman? The image of the bear does not have an unambiguous interpretation - it can be a patron of the totem, and can be a threat. How do dream images interpret this image? Let us consider in detail all the plots of the dream.

Popular interpretation of dreams about bears

Is bear a friend or a dangerous predator? The bear is considered to be the patron saint of animals in Russia, and the god Veles was often represented as a stern forest owner. A Russian fairy tale can be found the plot of turning a bear into a man who married an ordinary woman.

Interpretation of the image in various dream books is ambiguous. If for the Russian people the bear was a totem, then in the Vanga dream book he appears as a predatory enemy. To understand what you see, you should remember:

  • where was the bear;
  • what impression the dream made;
  • what color was the bear's fur;
  • whether it was a nightmare or an ordinary dream;
  • whether it was a toy or a fairy tale character.

Teddy bear

A plush toy in a store may foreshadow a girlfriend's parting with children's dreams and moving into the world of adults. Also, the image of a teddy bear can predict parting with a child's love for a classmate or a neighbor boy.

For other dreamers, a plush miracle can predict an invitation to a party or an unexpected surprise. For a lonely girl, a dream may herald the appearance of a wealthy fan who will give gifts. However, the relationship will not be long.

See the toy in the bedroom - to an unexpected pregnancy. If the bear was dressed in a suit, a boy will be born. The toy was in a skirt - a girl will be born. Panda dreams to the appearance of a girl or fun entertainment.

Circus Bear

If children dream a dream after visiting a circus, it is considered an echo of daytime impressions. To dream of a bear for a woman is to positive circumstances. Circus bears on bicycles herald the arrival of relatives with children, an invitation to a child event, or just joyful chores around the house.

A circus bear to a young woman predicts the appearance of a charming but low-income fan. Sometimes circus bears prophesy having a baby with brown eyes and chestnut hair.

Forest bear

To see a bear in a clearing or at his dacha - to a picnic with a rustic, but good-natured, man. If the bear is talking in a dream - you will have a very real disservice, at the wrong time and out of place. The bear in the house at the table - to unexpected guests or an invitation to visit.

Image of a bear with cubs reflects your current appearance - you do not look after yourself, completely dissolved in household chores. If you do not take care of yourself, you will soon become fat and lose all the attractiveness. Sometimes a dream foreshadows the arrival of relatives with children.

For girls, this dream spells marriage. Family life will be prosperous, but the spouse will be able to provide the family with only the most necessary. If you saw in a dream the transformation of a dipper into a sistersoon woo her. If there is no sister, the dream foreshadows familiarity with a large family.

If a the bear calls with him to the forest thicket, it is necessary to change the workplace. Meet the bear in the forest - to repent in a rash act committed in the heat of passion.

Wool color

The suit of the bear also has a special meaning. See black bear - not good. This dream can warn about an accident and even an attempt on life. According to ancient beliefs, a black bear in a dream foreshadowed illness: in his image Chernobog himself came.

Why dream Brown bear? Brown bear portends trouble from evil people, if behaved aggressively in a dream. A good-natured bear promises the help of older men - a grandfather, uncle, or older brother.

If the dreamer pursues polar bearAn annoying fan will appear in her life. Polar bears dream of courtship, secret admirers and gallant gentlemen.

Interpretations of popular dream books

Freund's Dream predicts a married woman a secret admirer who will not give a pass. This man will burn with passion and impose his society. However, the interests of the new fan revolve in the plane of carnal love, the spiritual qualities of a woman do not interest him.

Run away from the bear - to adventurous adventures on the side. Beware to get into the network of passions and desires. If the pursuit of a bear is carried out by a woman, her intimate fantasies have gone beyond what is permitted. The dreamer is obsessed with the passion to master a beloved man. However, you should keep yourself in hand: hunting is the prerogative of men.

Dream Vanga sees in the image of the beast dangerous malice and aggression. You should beware of outbursts of anger from unrestrained people, watch your every word and not give in to provocation of the conflict. Hear the roar of the beast - to the trouble, to kill the bear - to the rash act.

Dream Miller warns: you can be deceived by an influential person. To see a bear for a woman is a dangerous rival, to run away from him is to lose the battle for your family well-being to your rival.

Family Dream warns: the attack of a bear in a dream foreshadows the betrayal of the spouse. If you are fighting with an animal - there will be a scandal with a rival spouse.

Common dream book believes that the bear dreams of a woman disappointed in his wife, and she wants to meet her man. Another interpretation of sleep is the bad news about the wilderness. A woman will be put before the fact of her existence. There will be a hard struggle for your family happiness.


The correct interpretation of the dream depends largely on the emotional perception of the plot. If a woman perceived the image of a bear with caution, fear or wariness, then the dream is negative.

Joyful and enthusiastic perception of the forest beast suggests that there was a protector. Now you don’t need to be afraid of anything - your totem will cope with any negative situation.