Dream interpretation

What is the dream of a dead cat?


The ancient people compared the nature of man with the nature of animals, hence the emergence of totemism. Each person was patronized by an animal, whose qualities coincided with the qualities of the person in charge of it. The death of the animal symbolized the disappearance of certain qualities in humans. What is the dream of a dead cat? We analyze the vision in detail.

The total meaning of sleep according to popular interpretation

What does the dead cat symbolize in a dream, what kind of person’s loss of qualities? First of all, it is the loss of dexterity, attractiveness, sexuality and charm. Animal vision foretells emotional shockassociated with disappointment or loss. This may be separation from his beloved or his betrayal.

Also, the image of a dead cat in a dream can be a warning about the waste of funds for material pleasure. Maybe, impoverishment is a karmic lessonwhich the dreamer must pass in this incarnation.

The interpretation of the dream will depend on the plot of the picture:

  • killing a cat;
  • cat death;
  • dying animal;
  • dead animal dreams alive.

Which means killing a cat in a dream? This is a symbol of wasting time on empty classes. Instead of a few hours spent in communication on the pages of social networks, devote to productive creativity or self-development.

Also, killing a cat can symbolize the waiting position of a dreamer in a developed conflict situation. You wait for the right time to attack enemies and enemies.

Dead cat is an image of the personality of the dreamer. You have the talent of manipulating people, you have your own. Expect career takeoffs and bosses encouragement.

Dying animal dreams of a state of indifference and detachment from the realities of life. This dangerous condition can last several years, if you do not designate a goal in life. Only active actions to solve the tasks can be brought out of a depressive state.

If in a dream dead cat appeared aliveSoon the difficult situation will be resolved by itself or there will be people who will help in solving it.

Women's dreams

The interpretation of the story of a dead cat can vary considerably for men and women. What does a dead animal mean in female dreams? This is the image of the envious or rival. A dead cat says that they have disappeared from the life of the dreamer or are unable to cause harm. However, if you see blood stains on the carcass of an animal, scandal and conflict cannot be avoided.

The same meaning has a dream in which there was several dead cats. However, if you saw an animal in your home, the business takes a bad turn. Some dream books consider this a warning about a lining-damage in the house. Damage is imposed on women's happiness and a change of fate for the worse.

If a the cat's fur in the dream was similar in tone to the dreamer's hair colorIt warns about the disease. Depression or nervousness, impotence or apathy may also occur. Some dream books interpret this plot as a prediction of distress: the dreamer will be forced to part with the usual comfort for an indefinite period. For a woman in love, dream foreshadows separation.

Men's dreams

In men's dreams the image of a dead cat symbolizes contenders for his attention. As a rule, these are power-hungry persons, seeking to subordinate all to their will. Some individuals can also harm a man: the color of the hair of the vengeful person will indicate the color of the cat's fur. However, the revenge of this person will not reach the goal, the circumstances will prevent.

If a dead animal thrown into the house or bagThis suggests an attempt to damage the house or the man himself. A recurring dream with the same plot warns about the introduction of damage and danger to men. Damage can be done ostudu to his wife or family scandals.

What dreams of a dead cat to young men? This is a good sign: a power-hungry woman (usually a grandmother or mother) will not be able to influence freedom of choice. If the color of the animal's coat coincides with the color of the hair of the desired girl, the dream predicts failure in conquering its heart.

Other interpretations

If in a dream clearly marked causes of death of the cat, you can learn more about upcoming events:

  • the corpse of a cat floating in water prophesies disharmony in relations with a loved one;
  • cut throat in an animal - to the disappointment of loved ones who were trusted;
  • no animal head - get ready for a competitive war for a good position.

Why dream home dead cat / cat? If in a dream you saw the death of your cat, it means that troubles will go away from life. You will establish peaceful relations with the household, you will be able to complete the previously begun affairs.

What means kill a kitten in a dream? This story marks the end of the black stripe in life. Strangulation and drowning a baby means success in the financial arena, improving family well-being.

See dead animal in blood - bad sign. In the near future we will have to go through hard times because of the financial recession. This may be dismissal from work, loss of clientele and other moments. Also likely fraud and setup.

Decaying animal corpse foreshadows the disclosure of secrets of the past. The dreamer is accused of past actions and misbehavior. What has been forgotten will remind you of scandals.

If in a dream previously dead cat appears alive, the family will have to endure financial expenditure of considerable size. The following may occur:

  • car breakdown or expensive vehicles;
  • unplanned apartment renovation;
  • property theft by thieves and more.

Dead pets come to dreams with a warning of impending trouble. Circumstances can be changed if you carefully consider the symbolism of dreams and begin to act, and not rely on chance.