Dream interpretation

Why dream of a fish in water?


The image of live fish is often considered the harbinger of pregnancy. However, the fish can dream of unmarried girls and men. The symbolism of the fish in dreams has a positive meaning, and the details of interpretation will depend on the characteristics of the plot of the picture seen. Why dream of fish in the water?

General interpretation

The image of live fish foreshadows good luck and well-being, and a plethora of river / sea fish spells a serious financial breakthrough. See a lot of swimming fish in water - to success in family life and career growth. This is a sign of good luck. Only the fish should swim in clear, transparent water, and not in muddy ones.

The meaning of the dream will depend on some features:

  • type and name of fish;
  • the quality of the water in which she swam;
  • actions with fish in a dream.

Many fry promise small conflicts and troubles in the family. This also applies to relationships with relatives in the line of both spouses.

Shoal floating in the sea, warns about a change of views - the dreamer will make a choice in favor of an intelligent case instead of vanity and unnecessary hanging out. Also the joint can be a harbinger of replenishment in the family.

See many large fish - to complete well-being in the family, prosperity and mutual understanding between relatives. If this dream is a dream of a young girl, she will soon meet with her future husband and the wedding.

Fish with caviar dreams of unexpected good luck, good news and a good time. Big white fish foreshadows pregnancy for a married woman if held in her hands.

Many dead fish in the water promises trouble, problems and unhappiness. Life will be filled with disappointment in people and myself.

What does live fish without a head? This dream warns: you must be a responsible person and not commit rash acts. You should also take responsibility for your health.

Fish species

To correctly interpret the dream, you need to remember what kind of fish dreamed of:

  • pike - to big trouble;
  • carp / sturgeon - for big money;
  • whale - to the great achievements that will be proud of;
  • herring - to small troubles;
  • Karasik - to the bustle and bustle;
  • eel - to problems in love;
  • white fish - for women, pregnancy, for men - potency;
  • goldfish - to a tempting offer;
  • red fish - in the house of joy;
  • black fish - to sorrow and grief;
  • catfish in muddy water - to gossip;
  • skat - to the betrayal of a loved one;
  • predatory fish - warning of danger.

Why dream piranha? Such a dream warns of danger. Dreamers expect trouble at work, cash outflows and negative changes in their personal lives. Catch a piranha - to solve problems on their own.


Catch fish - to profit. Fish nets - to the family hassle. Fishing with a fishing rod - bye, catch nothing - to the losing streak in life. However, failures will appear due to the dreamer's fault: one must be able to relate the desired with the reality and not overestimate one's capabilities.

Fishnet bears the image of profit. If in a dream the network was whole, there will be a good profit. Torn or worn network - there will be a profit, but it will also bring chagrin.

Catch fish in muddy water - you are drawn into a scam. A dark affair can cause damage, or even imprisonment. Do not mess with scammers, give up the deal.

If caught fish beats in hands, be careful. This symbol carries a threat to well-being. The dreamer faces numerous troubles, troubles and failure in undertakings.

Interpretation of popular dream books

Russian people's dream book relies in the interpretation of popular wisdom. Dreamed a fish - you need to keep your mouth shut. The fish is beating on the ice - to empty the hassle. Big catch - to profitable business, if you will not tell about it to outsiders.

Gypsy dream book believes that the catch of large fish marks a profit, and small fish - losses. If the fish is seen by a sick person, the amendment will not be soon. If a fish is seen by a healthy person, this foreshadows mental anguish, conflicts and insults. Feed the fish - to victory over the enemies.

Dream Aesop interprets the image of the fish as a symbol of silence. If a predatory fish swallows a small one, it is necessary to endure a reprimand from the authorities for concealing the facts. To fish - to the cottage, not to catch anything - to interference in business. Big catch - to the successful completion of a profitable business. Catch a small fish and release it back into the pond - you do not know how to appreciate the little that is given in life, you dream of the unreal.

Erotic dream book He considers the image of floating fish in clear water a harbinger of a new meeting. To fish - to the proposal to marry. To see fish in troubled waters - to dissatisfaction with sexual contact.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova interprets the image of the fish in the water to good luck in business. Fishing - to great success. To see someone catch a fish - for the birth of a child. For a woman to catch a fish - to a rich husband.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century interprets the image of the fish as a symbol of good luck. If there were a lot of fish, it foreshadows profit. Large fishes dream of slander, fry - to tears, for married women - to the birth of a child. Tadpoles dream about questionable contracts and deals that end in ruin. Girls tadpoles dream about meeting with a man of indecent behavior.

Dream dream wanderer thinks that the school of fish dreams of big profits, fry - to disappointment, dark-colored fish - to bad, flying - to great luck. Catch a fish - to marriage, happiness.

Freight's Dream Interpretation coming to interpretation from the psychological side. The image of a fish in a dream suggests that a person cannot disconnect from household worries during sexual contact, cannot fully relax. This is fraught with the loss of sexual pleasure and can lead to neurosis.

Unsuccessful fishing talks about complexes in bed. The dreamer is afraid of hitting his face in the dirt, complexing about this. If in the past there were unsuccessful intimate meetings, you should forget about it. Be philosophical about the perception of failure, do not transfer sensations from the past to the present.