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Signs of the evil eye and damage to a person


In ancient times and in the modern world, there have always been moments of the evil eye or damage to people. Any ill-wisher can jinx a person, at a time when only a very knowledgeable person in this sphere is capable of causing damage. There are certain criteria by which you can identify the main signs of the evil eye.

Signs of damage and the evil eye on the person


Damage can not go to the person by inheritance. It leads only to a particular person. If the damage is aimed at the whole family, it still affects only one person - the one who is the very first to encounter her strong negative energy.

Signs of spoilage:

  1. During the disease tests can be good, however, doctors can not accurately identify the diagnosis, besides there is no help from treatment, man fading away.
  2. For a long time a person has very frequent prostration, apathy, lack of desire to live and move, thoughts of suicide originate in the mind.
  3. A woman can't get pregnantdespite the fact that she is healthy.
  4. Significant weight loss no particular reason for a short time.
  5. In life comes very long “dark stripe”.
  6. Fear of people as well claustrophobia.
  7. In the family there are very frequent quarrels.
  8. Man can provoke his wife and kids, he is abusing alcohol, and also breaks down at his relatives.
  9. Pets eschew this man, their fur rears up.
  10. The girl meets many guys, however, she can't get married.

Evil eye

The evil eye is, by its nature, intentional and unintentional.

Unintentional almost any person who, moreover, does not have any magical qualities, can bring to the unfortunate. He can simply be sent by a malevolent person who is jealous, or someone who has given a rude word or emotion to an address. There are also naturally incredibly envious and very keen-eyed people who spread their eyes everywhere without knowing it. If at the moment a person is distressed by something, as well as emotionally unstable, sick and does not have protection, then such a person is highly susceptible to this type of evil eye.

There are people who are well aware that the ways to jinx it. And they do it intentionally. Promoting this type of evil eye may have an evil wish for a person. And it may turn out to be very disguised. One must be very careful with those people who, in communication, show maximum courtesy and adulation.

Signs of the evil eye

  1. High fatigue.
  2. Strong drowsiness and apathy.
  3. Or the opposite insomnia.
  4. Dizziness, sudden and frequent pressure changes.
  5. Inability to withstand the look of another person.
  6. Self-doubt, lack of decisiveness, and also eternal excuses.
  7. Change in habits and attitudes.

Signs of the evil eye and damage in women

TO physical signs damage or the evil eye in females include:

  1. Quick feeling tired and lethargy in everything. Although previously such a person was not.
  2. Rest at night has changed dramatically. In this case, there may be both constant insomnia and an eternal desire to lie down rather to rest. Or the dreams will become very real and terrible, which will not give time for rest.
  3. Unexpectedly may arise strong health problems, which can not be cured.
  4. Very well, you can determine the existence of the evil eye On eyes: those tears, the woman is constantly trying to take her eyes off her interlocutor. Even in the mirror a man can not look.
  5. Any woman that existed before the evil eye bad habitslike smoking and drinking alcohol, now only will increase.
  6. Women may experience significant difficulties with the desired pregnancy, even infertility.
  7. If a woman always wore crossthen suddenly want get rid of it.
  8. Should also pay attention frequent sighs of man. This is also a symptom of an evil eye for a woman. In addition, she may develop a sense of lack of oxygen, namely in closed places.

There are some nuances psychoemotional level:

  1. A woman notices that she quickly sinks into unreasonable stress and depression, it becomes very slow and indifferent to just everything.
  2. A woman who has suffered an evil eye can be identified. relationship problems with native people.
  3. AND strong degree of aggressiveness and unwillingness to look at your reflection may indicate that a woman does not love herself.
  4. The woman may also have different hallucinations disguised as voices and other sounds.
  5. Often people start hear the voices of those who left this world long ago.
  6. Also, a woman may suddenly become afraid of something that she had never experienced before.

But to the external signs of the evil eye, which clearly may be noticeable in women include:

  1. Sharp weight drops and the eternal feeling of hunger.
  2. Significant deterioration of the skin, even if earlier the girl did not bother such problems.
  3. A woman can have a face dark spots.
  4. The shade of the face can be gray and earthy at all.

AT imprisonment I want to emphasize that if a person becomes very careful in tracking his behavior and well-being, as well as the condition of his relatives, he will be able to quite easily identify the presence or absence of the evil eye. By itself evil eye possesses not a very strong effect on a person, therefore his symptoms can be noticeable singly or in small groups and have weak force. Defacement has a stronger negative energy and impact on the person. A curse is the most powerful and terrible extraneous impact on man. But, with the right approach and timely procedures By removing this effect, a person can be completely cured and saved.