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Signs of autumn - good and bad weather


Autumn is perhaps the most mysterious and romantic season of the year. It is not for nothing that autumn has always been sung by poets and artists of various epochs: poems were written about it, and they also described its beauty in numerous works. In the national calendar, signs about autumn were quite popular, which were compiled on the basis of observations of the laws of the surrounding nature, as well as links to specific events.

Our ancestors were far from science and technology, but they tried to explain all the events of life around us with the help of signs and beliefs that they completely trusted.

With the help of the people, our ancestors would take about the autumn to successfully predict the upcoming weather, and also to know what spring or winter was foreshadowed, whether the next year would bring a fertile harvest or not.

It should be noted that the prediction of the weather according to ancient signs is a hot topic for many people today. We will try to find out which of the autumn will take the most detailed tell us about the upcoming changes in weather conditions.

Everyone knows that according to the calendar, the beginning of autumn falls on September 1 and the first autumn signs tell us about leaf fall, as well as the birds fly away. For example, if the sheets began to fall off early, it is worth waiting for an early winter. The appearance of late leaf fall always foreshadowed the beginning of an early very cold and harsh winter.

If by the end of September all the leaves came from aspen and birch trees - the coming year promises to be very fertile. And if in the fall an apple tree suddenly blooms, then in this case the belief does not bode well for good - it indicates the imminent demise of a man whose home is located nearby.

If migratory birds fly high above the ground, great weather is expected. And if, on the contrary, the birds seek to fly as close to the ground as possible - severe frosts will soon come.

The fact that very soon there will be rainy days, you can learn from the following beliefs:

  1. Acorns form a thick peel - this means that it will very soon become colder.
  2. Brightly twinkling stars in the sky in November indicate a sharp deterioration in the weather, the appearance of strong winds.
  3. If there were a lot of berries on a mountain ash - autumn promises to be very rainy.
  4. If in September the clouds are low - it will be time for lingering rains, as well as cold weather.
  5. To see a swan flying above the ground - soon snow will fall, and the flying goose foretells rain.
  6. If a large white cloud appears in the sky after sunset, the weather conditions will worsen drastically for several weeks.

Good weather is indicated by such national signs:

  1. If the sunset is bright red, there will be almost no rain in the fall.
  2. If the sky is very clear in the early morning, there are no clouds on it - in the near future the weather will be sunny, without rain.
  3. The appearance in October in the sky of bright stars foreshadows warm and sunny days.
  4. Do you hear the sound of thunder in September? Soon wait for warm and sunny days.

And according to these signs you can learn that the winter will be warm:

  1. As long as the leaves do not fall from the cherry - you should not be afraid of snow and frost, the weather will remain warm.
  2. The emergence of a large number of mosquitoes in the late fall indicates a mild winter.
  3. If the chickens began to fade early - the cold this year will not come to your edges.
  4. If in the morning of November 9 (the day of the winter Matrona) there is a thick fog - in December it is worth waiting for warm weather.

Folk signs that portend that the winter will be harsh:

  1. There are few mushrooms in the forest - store warm clothes, the winter will be very frosty.
  2. The appearance of large anthills also indicates severe frosts.
  3. If squirrels try to stock as many nuts as possible - it is worth waiting for a long and frosty winter.
  4. The hare began to turn white wool - to approach very cold winter.
  5. The presence of a very large harvest of mountain ash indicates that the cold will come early and will be especially strong.

Also, some autumn signs are interpreted by the changes that occur in inanimate nature. Our ancestors knew how to foretell the weather according to the strength and direction of the autumn winds, dispersing gold leaves, the amount of precipitation, and the state of clouds in the sky. If you will be more attentive and take a closer look at the surrounding objects and phenomena - you will learn many interesting things for yourself and solve the many mysteries of nature.

  • starlings are not in a hurry to fly away to warm lands, and hares do not change their fur coats for a long time - get ready for the fact that autumn will be long, windy and inclement;
  • during the Indian summer a lot of cobwebs are hanging - wait for a warm autumn and a rainy winter;
  • in the fall birds fly low above the ground - a sign indicates that the winter will be cold;
  • the plants are heavily covered with cobwebs - this foreshadows imminent warming

Having learned how to read and interpret autumn signs with proverbs correctly, you will surely trace the following pattern: everything in the surrounding nature certainly goes on as usual and the change of one event invariably heralds the beginning of the next stage. Considering the proverbs on a par with signs, you can discover for yourself the many mysteries of the surrounding reality.

With their help, it is possible to intelligently characterize various weather phenomena, and also to associate them with certain events. In many signs, such phenomena as thunder and lightning are affected and this is quite easily explained. Thunder always frightened people, but lightning could take life away altogether. And the predicted occurrence of thunder and lightning in time allowed to avoid misfortune. The sudden emergence of thunderstorm bad weather also points to some kind of sign.

Belief in omens, of course, is an absolutely personal matter of each person. Omens appeared due to the fact that people throughout the centuries carried out observations of certain regularities of animate and inanimate nature, as well as the behavior of animals and other things. In our world, nothing happens just like that, and if after millennia omens could have reached our days, it means that there is some point in them all the same.