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How to protect yourself from the evil eye and damage


Sometimes the eyes can be sent by a person quite involuntarily and not on purpose, however, there are also situations where people can use different attributes and rites of black magic to achieve their own goals, doing it specifically with the desire to make someone's life worse. Then the magic effect is called damage.

A special type of danger is a type of damage that is unrealistic or incredibly difficult to remove. How to protect yourself from the evil eye and damage?

A person who has been affected by the damage can usually not know about it, and when the treatment process starts, often out of his own indiscretion, he tells his friends about it, seeking advice from them.

This can not be done, since the data can simply reach the culprit, who most often is located precisely in the close environment of the unfortunate person. All healers are convinced that during the healing of the patient, the performer may begin to worry, since the disease itself tends to return and amaze its own creator, and in a very short time.

Such a phenomenon is called a reverse pullback, it is very common in the modern world. The culprit of damage can make their action stronger, and then the treatment will be simply useless. Therefore, when learning about the magical effect on oneself, it is better to immediately turn to magicians for help, who can reveal exactly what kind of evil energy was imposed and how to overcome it.

Ways to protect against the negative?

Ordinary migraine and a sharp deterioration in health can clearly signal a different kind of magical attack.

In order to protect yourself from the harm of magic, you can use special talismans and various amulets. There are also conspiracies that you can use yourself, without the help of a magician.

If suddenly a person began to feel any discomfort or even dizziness, then he was probably exposed to a strong attack from the side of magic. In such a situation, one should combine the palms in the shape of a fist and in thoughts say the words of the conspiracy, imagining that the body was suddenly soaked with silver threads that have strong cleansing properties and form a strong defense:

"Take your black attack. You are for it and disappear, and I, as a servant of God (my name), know my fate, for me there is no place in captivity".

On the mirror

Protecting the mirror from damage helps not only protect against the evil eye and the negative effects of magic, but also protects against various negative manifestations from nature.

A person who wants to protect himself from the negative, you need to make a custom round mirror (two-sided) with a diameter of about 4 cm. Then you should sheathe this mirror with black leather and wear it as an amulet near your heart or even on your neck.

With salt

  • You need to purchase salt on the fourth day of the week and say a magic expression over it so that the breath almost touches the crystals: "All evil people salt in the eyes, fire and burning sand. The porchenikam of God's creature never know, the clouds do not open, the stars do not discourage, the morning dawns are not taken away, the young moon is not locked up. According to the same words, my servant of God (my name) cannot be mutilated, spoiled, broken, and always be. "
  • This magic salt should be placed in a bag of cloth, and every day to carry it in your pocket in order to protect yourself from probable witchcraft.

Morning rite

In the morning, before you go on business, you should hold this kind of ritual to protect:

  • He will need a knife or a long needle.
  • It is necessary to turn to the east and delineate the end of the needle in the air above and in front of a visually represented star.
  • At this time, you need to think about the fact that the energy inside is given to the needle, comes down from its end with electric discharge and creates in space a burning pentagram. Be sure to try to feel her presence exactly where she is.
  • The vision of this figure should be so obvious that sometimes it even seemed as if it were really to touch it, feeling all its density and flames.
  • It is important that the performer be able to save such a feeling in the future. During the day, a person must constantly feel the presence of such stars and it is not necessary to contemplate them, it will be enough just to realize that there is a strong barrier for evil forces around him.

With a pin

For this ritual it is necessary on Friday in the second part of the day to acquire the most ordinary pin and wear it under your clothes in the solar plexus zone or just the heart. Each evening, removing this pin, you should pay particular attention to the tip of the needle.

If he suddenly changed his shade, that is, turned out to be darkened or black, this would be the starting point for the person who wore this pin to perform an obvious magical effect, and the needle stopped him. In this situation, you need to spit three times (in front of you, and then behind the right and left shoulders), and then quickly bury the pin as far as possible from your home deeper into the ground (the pin that took the evil eye over you should be buried open).

In the future, to protect yourself from damage, you should purchase a new pin and wear it in the same way.

If the needle shade did not change last day, you should unbutton the pin and leave it that way throughout the night, and in the morning reattach it.

Protection against damage with a pin is a very easy, but qualitative method that can protect against the many types of witchcraft that was sent to destroy the human biofield.

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