Dream interpretation

What dreams of a drunk person?


Dreams are ambiguous, but they can accurately reflect the impending future. Visions, where a drunk person was present, very often predict future mistakes and frivolous actions. What dreams of a drunk person?

Drunkards always bring unpleasant emotions. But is it really? What should you pay attention to correctly interpret your dream?


  • Who dreamed of a drunk man? Young girl the dream speaks of her levity that she will not bring to the good. Woman to see father or husband sleep promises problems in the family. A man saw a drunken wife? A strong floor should expect good luck and a bargain.
  • Who from relatives was drunk? Drunk mother symbolizes your concern for her health. Drunk father talks about mistakes and wrong view of life or the current situation. Grandmother intoxicated foreshadows quarrels and conflicts in family. See daughter or son means anxiety about children and their health.
  • Saw a drunken loved one? With a man seen we will be many quarrels. Perhaps he is not true to you. Swore with cute? Expect difficulties and problems, they will come from enemies and envious.
  • We saw a drunk handsome young man? Be careful, you can cheat swindler.
  • Drunk bearded man to pleasant meetings.
  • Drunkard molested you? Fate has prepared for you unpleasant situations. He pestered with conversation - problems and difficulties in business. Offered obscenity? Meeting with unpleasant persons. Admitted in love? A close person in whom you were sure would betray you.
  • How many years admit love? Younger than you - there will be a temptation, but it is necessary to refuse it. Older than? Expect support from a rich and powerful person, note that he has feelings for you.
  • The man was drunk and lay on the bed? On your bed to see such a person to losses in all areas, things will go hard. Was the man also dirty and dressed in rags? Your carelessness will endanger your home and family.
  • Where have you seen a drunk person? In my house see the oncoming trouble.
  • See the boss drunk to enlightenment. He is not the kind of person you imagined.
  • Drunk son dreams to experiences for him.
  • We saw a drunken dead man to the council, you should be in a sober state, soberly look at the situation, make a deliberate decision.
  • Seen yourself drunk? Your self-esteem will suffer in the future. If you drunk and fell, then wait for situations where others will mock you and not accept. Be drunk in the club to an unsuccessful trip.
  • Cheerful, but drunk company indicates insincerity on the part of friends and acquaintances.

Interpretation of sleep

Refer to your favorite interpreter and find out what to expect from the future. Interpretation of vision for the most popular dream books.

Modern dream book

See others drunk to the misfortunes. If you see a similar dream, no matter who was drunk and where, then you should pay attention to your health, reconsider your lifestyle.

Dream Grishin

A dream predicts a meeting with unpleasant people, they will enter your life quickly, creating many problems. Lightheadedness, waste and shame await you.

Dream Aesop

See drunk? Wait for a number of problems, you need to solve them quickly. Drunkard under the fence means an unexpected meeting.

If in a dream was drunk friend or close personthen the dream suggests that you are helpless. Putting problems on others is not the best option. On you drunk attacked person? Things will be hindered, and the mood will be depressive.

English dream book

If a woman dreams of a man drunk, she should carefully choose her husband. With his obstinacy and unbridled passions, he will cause much grief.

The newest dream book

Drunk relative warns you that you may soon commit a misdemeanor against the background of alcoholism or excessive drinking.

Russian dream book

Seen drunk a person foreshadows reductions at work, you may be included in the lists of dismissed.

Russian people's dream book

Sleep where you are saw drunkIt symbolizes an unpleasant, weak-willed and weak person. You will encounter difficulties, it is important to address them immediately.

Dream interpretation prophetess Mary

If in dream drunk man was aggressive and dirtythen fate predicts an unpleasant encounter with a deceitful and dangerous person. If you helped drunkthen it is worth waiting for scammers and cheaters.

Drunk in the dream of a woman, besides her beloved, speaks of quarrels and misunderstandings between lovers. Stranger offering indecencypromises a meeting that you do not like.