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Symptoms of the Evil Eye in Adults and Children

The presence of the evil eye on a person has long been a rather disturbing topic for a multitude of magical reflections and disputes, because there is an incredible amount for this method of varying degrees of difficulty. Before discussing whether one could jinx a particular person, one must have a clear idea of ​​what it is and what the main symptoms of the evil eye are.

Signs of the evil eye can be both physical as well as psychological moments due to the fact that the magical effect is produced equally on the state of health and psyche of the victim. In this case, we can talk about physiological weakness, negative state of health, depressive disorders, nervous breakdowns of various degrees, and others. These are the main and most important symptoms of the evil eye in adults.

Signs in children

Regarding young children, they are generally in incredible danger. Because the nervous system of the baby is especially susceptible to all sorts of magical actions. The kid literally absorbs various impressions of everything that happens around him. Including, and from different actions of people with the "evil eye". Babies are affected by the same components of the evil eye symptoms as adults.. The only difference is that the features of the eye of the baby do not appear immediately, since the child's body has some innate immunity, which for some time is able to restrain the negative effect of the eye.

Here are the most important signs of the evil eye in children: blanching, constant sleepiness, low concentration of attention, the complete absence of any interest in various games and entertainment, a very weak appetite.

The manifestation of the symptoms of the evil eye

Negative and very the evil effect of the evil eye most often it may take a simple person by surprise, as it comes very suddenlyfor no reason. But more often it can occur precisely in those moments when the human psyche is very weak. But until the moment of its manifestation, the evil eye matures for a certain time, sucking on magical power.

The more emotional, irritable and more sensitive a person is, the sooner it will be able to make itself felt on him by any influence of the evil eye.. Indifferent, restrained and very phlegmatic people, capable of carrying a "hidden ailment" for a couple of months. Sometimes the effect of the evil eye can be determined by frequent troubles and frequent diseases, the birth of which should be simply incremental.

If absolutely no measures are taken to combat the damage or the evil eye, then the results can be truly frightening and terrible. In the Middle Ages, people often died from various kinds of curses, as can be found evidence in ancient German, English, and Eastern European chronicles. However, even in modern times, quite unusual deaths occur under very strange circumstances, to which even the most popular medicine is powerless.

Methods for determining

But there are more significant methods, how to correctly identify the evil eye, or check a person for his presence. If a person is not confident in his abilities and qualities, he can always turn to people who are particularly knowledgeable for this: shamans and various kinds of sorcerers. Also, if desired, he can himself perform the rite with predictions or ask the necessary question to fortunetelling cards.

  • You also need to pay attention aspects of pet behavior (if they are in the house). As usual, the dogs are very afraid of those who have been on such a seal of the "evil eye". If the faithful four-legged suddenly began to shun his master - a very sure sign appears on his face that there was a strong evil eye. How to identify yourself, if there is an evil eye on a person?
  • In very light and clear weather (best at sunny noon) you should look at your own reflection in a pond or a vessel with water. If a the reflection turned out to be blurry or with strong ripples, it is a clear sign of illness. This is one of the most simple methods that helps to identify the evil eye. But such lightweight methods can often be very superficial and with poor efficiency. The exact answer can be obtained only using such methods in combination.
  • There is also another way: you should take a candle from the church and place it between the mirror and your own face. You can use the imagination and imagine that a person washes away with a real glow coming from a candle. If a person during this suddenly feels there is a strong burning sensation on the body, which means that it is jinxed. This is one of the most simple and high-quality methods for detecting the evil eye.

It is necessary to emphasize the fact that for different people can be effective various methods of the evil eye. If the question “how to determine that you have been jinxed” still remains unresolved, then you can use different natural forces, as well as the magical properties of the elements. So choose rites with the use of water, earth, fire or air. According to temperament and natural features it is required to select the type of rite that will be closest to the character of the person performing it.

In addition, you need pay attention to the opinion of relatives with whom a person communicates every day, and who can watch him more often than anyone else. They are very easily able to recognize the "print of the evil eye" lying on a person. For very weak changes in appearance and in behavioral aspects.

If a person realizes that he has the evil eye, you need to rather take action in order to overcome this disease in the early stages of its development. The fact is that later such an evil eye can turn out to be just of incredible proportions and threaten not only the state of human health, but also his life.