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Plot for wealth - reading the strongest rituals


For wealth, people have always sought. And this desire is fully justified, because the availability of money provides a decent life, opens up many new opportunities for people. Everyone is looking for his own way of enrichment, and people who believe in magic often use a plot on wealth.

The specifics of reading at home

A conspiracy to wealth is a special magic text used to enrich from various sources. In most cases, the ritual is accompanied by some kind of witchcraft rite, however, there are also texts that are used independently, without ritual.

Magic action is based on the creation of directional energy flows, under the influence of which the performer's behavior changes. He becomes more shrewd, begins to notice all possible ways of making money. A conspiracy positively affects a person’s self-esteem, increases and strengthens his confidence in himself and his abilities.

However, there is a weakness of this type of magical effect. Over time, any ritual loses its power, so such rituals require systematic renewal and repetition.

Thinking rich man

Everyone has heard about the materiality of thought. Surely, you have repeatedly wondered why some people literally flow into their hands, like from a horn of plenty, while others have to drag their entire lives into a beggarly existence, despite all the efforts made to earn finances. The secret lies in the correct thinking strategy that is present in the rich. Money is loved by those who answer them with mutual love. Do you want to become rich and financially independent from anyone? Love the money!

If your relationship with money is still tense and difficult, take it as a rule to regularly engage in so-called auto-training. The technique is as follows:

  1. Believe in yourself. Believe that you are worthy of wealth, and it is worthy of you. To fix the effect every morning in front of the mirror, say the installation on the monetary well-being: “I am a lucky man. Money loves me. I get everything I want with ease. My wallet is always filled with large bills. The more money I spend, the higher my income. ” You can think up the text from yourself (it will even be more effective), the main thing is that the main idea can be traced in it: you are a rich and successful person, wealth gets to you easily and continuously grows.
  2. Visualization of desires. Imagine that you already have a large sum of money. What will you spend it on? Do not be afraid to voice expensive purchases - the possibilities of the universe are endless. Make a detailed plan for future acquisitions, issue it on paper (write, draw, ...) - the result should be visible.
  3. Getting rid of the habit of complaining. Never complain about the lack or lack of money, at a small salary, at the inability to buy even the most necessary - by doing so you install for yourself an energy block that blocks access to money channels. Remember that your thoughts are material - what you think you will get in real life.
  4. Gratitude to the higher forces. Do not forget to thank God regularly, the Universe, for all the benefits that you already have.

How to understand that you are ready to utter a conspiracy? Very simple. As soon as you feel that this auto-training has become a habitual ritual for you and has ceased to cause confusion, to seem something incomprehensible and ineffective, in a word, when you feel an inner readiness, you can safely proceed to the rite. But before that, do not forget to familiarize yourself with the rules for working with this magical effect.


The sacrament requires from the performer the most serious approach and responsibility. When working with rituals of this nature, the following points should be considered:

  • Do not do the rite for fun and without faith in the power of witchcraft. Levity, curiosity and the desire to simply check the effect of the ceremony, doubt and incredulous attitude of magic are not welcome.
  • The indispensable privacy and concentration on the result.
  • The mystery of the rite. No one can talk about his intention to perform the ceremony, or about its direct implementation - someone else's energy can interfere with the effect.
  • Availability of all necessary attributes. Items that are needed in the process of pronouncing the plot, you need to prepare in advance. Something else can not replace the required attribute. If you did not manage to get everything you need, you should choose another ritual.
  • The text is desirable to read by heart. You can not pronounce it from a computer monitor. If you cannot rely on your memory, write the words yourself on a blank sheet of paper and read from it.
  • Be sure to consider forbidden days for magic. These include: church holidays (the Twelve Great Feasts), their own name day, week (Sunday), fasting, and the day of commemoration of the saints.
  • Consider the phase of the moon. It is recommended to pronounce the text on the growing moon. If another phase is needed, this is usually stipulated in the instructions.
  • Attention to the process of ritual. If something interfered in the course of pronouncing the text (got lost, the candles went out, someone distracted, etc.) - immediately stop the ceremony and return to it no earlier than in a week.

Examples of effective conspiracies and rites of wealth

Below are some of the most effective "recipes" to attract money, tried by many people in practice.

On a yellow coin

A very simple way, which requires only a coin from the yellow metal (of any value) and a sunny day. Money should be put under direct sunlight and read out loud 3 times:

Under the rays of the daylight, the coin must lie for at least 12 hours. Then it should be placed in your wallet, separately, and never spend. The coin will serve as a magnet for finance.

Summer plot for cracks in the ground

This method is suitable for use on hot summer days when cracks form on the earth from the scorching sun. The moon must be in a growth phase. First you need to find a fairly deep and wide crack in the ground. Also need handful of coins (preferably from yellow metal, without zeros).

Holding the coins in your left palm, speak three times:

Then shift the coins into the right palm and read the text three times again. After pronouncing the words with the right hand, the coins should be lowered into the earth’s crack and left there.

On a thread with a needle

Simple, but at the same time, quite a strong ritual of wealth, consisting of prayer and conspiracy. Will need scarlet silk thread, new needle, nightgown (pajamas). Thread through the thread in advance through the wax, so that it is better implanted in the needle. Procedure:

  1. Prepare a thread with a needle before bedtime.
  2. To go to sleep in a shirt (pajamas), turned inside out.
  3. Wake up before sunrise, take a needle and thread in your left hand. Right hand to cross himself three times and say a prayer:
  4. Without taking off the nightgown, start doing stitches on her lap. The process is accompanied by reading the text:
  5. Calculate the number of stitches so that the remaining thread is enough for 12 knots. Tying knots, cut the thread.
  6. Needle and all that remains of the thread in it, bury in a deserted place, or throw into the pool of water.


One of the effective conspiracies to attract wealth and wealth. For carrying will be required door lock and key (it is better to buy new ones especially for this purpose). A suitable day for the ceremony is Monday.

It is necessary to get up early in the morning, insert the key into the door lock, close (close) it and read it 9 times:

After a 9-fold reading of the plot, the lock should be unlocked, and the key should be hung on a string and carried around your neck as a pendant - just as long as it takes to obtain the desired wealth.

For the most courageous

The power below this rite is that. that he gives eternal luck in all matters related to money. After performing this conspiracy, the money will literally stick to the performer.

And now about a fly in the ointment. The performer will have to pay for the amazing result of this ritual. He will receive money and wealth, but will lose the sincere love of all the people around him, even the most loved ones. Before performing the ceremony, the performer must carefully consider and decide what is more important for him - material prosperity or love.

The plot is read 3 days in a row, starting from the third after the new moon day. Lead time - midnight. Attributes: 3 church candles - the largest (buy in advance), drinking water. Mandatory conditions: clear, cloudless night (if clouds suddenly appear in the sky, the ritual should be transferred to another lunar month), from the window of the room where the rite is performed, the moon should be visible.

The procedure for the first night:

  1. Put on the windowsill one of the candles, light. Next to place a glass of water (he must stand between the performer and the candle).
  2. Looking at the moon, to utter a conspiracy, be sure to memorize and without hesitation:
  3. Having finished reading the plot, drink all the water from the glass.
  4. Candle to burn to the end and go to bed.

In the next two nights, do the same actions. Candles candle can be thrown out. The effect of the conspiracy will follow in 3 weeks.

Possible consequences

Anyone aware that the use of magic can lead to certain consequences, among which are often negative. With regards to the conspiracy to riches, you can not be afraid of any negative manifestations, if you choose a simple rite from the arsenal of white magic - it is with these and it is recommended to begin the magical practice of beginners. And simple white methods are suitable for home use. Complicated rituals are best left to professionals.

It is necessary to strictly adhere to the instructions and work rules mentioned above. If you conduct a ritual with errors, there is a risk of being faced with a slight indisposition. Usually it passes quickly enough.

Maximum protection against potential negative effects is possible by the following methods:

  1. Orthodox prayer “Our Father” - it should be read after the completion of the ceremony, three times.
  2. Protection from dark forces. Four simple ways (the first two are held at the end of the ritual):
    • cut off a strand of your hair and burn in a candle flame;
    • in winter: empty the bladder after the rite, pour urine into a snowdrift behind your house;
    • strong blood protection: before the rite, go to the tree closest to the threshold of your house, clasp the trunk with your hands, then take a sterile needle or pin and prick the bloodless finger of your left hand to blood. Drop 7 drops of released blood into the base of the tree;
    • for believers: go after the conspiracy to the temple and put a candle for health.

Observance of all recommendations and protection guarantee the security of the ritual for wealth - be sure to take note of this.