Dream interpretation

Sign: sprinkle salt

Each belief has its own hidden, deeply hidden meaning. People who know what it means omen sprinkle salt, usually get upset when this trouble happens, because it is fraught with conflicts with friends and family. In this article, we will look at where the origins of this omen begin and how to neutralize its negative effect.

There are a number of superstitions emanating from the distant past, which coincide in many nations. It is to these signs and sprinkled salt. If you ask a Russian, a Ukrainian, or even a Frenchman what the sprinkled salt means, the answer will be the same.

To understand the reasons for the emergence of certain superstitions should refer to our history.

Most of the superstition is based on the elementary human fear of the powerful forces of nature. In ancient times, people did not have sufficient knowledge about the causes of the appearance of various natural phenomena and did not know how to defend against them correctly. It is for this reason that they sought to protect themselves with the help of various signs.

You can also explain the persistent confidence in the performance of the sign. Man is by nature very quickly self-suggestive, so if he constantly thinks something like: "If I scattered salt, it means that soon I will quarrel with someone.“then the conflict will invariably be drawn into his life. The positive moment is that if you set yourself up for positive, then trouble will be able to bypass you.

If we consider specifically about the scattered salt, it also has its own explanation. In ancient times, salt was very expensive. Getting it was extremely problematic, and even more difficult was the delivery of the product to "consumers". Salt was taken care of like the pupil of an eye, wealthy people always tried to have an adequate supply of this product available, because salt did not spoil and did not change its taste. Salt was also an excellent preservative: well-salted vegetables had a very long storage period, thanks to which people could make various pickles for the winter.

Salted meat was also cooked - corned beef, and also herring, lard and other food products. This food allowed to eat tasty in the winter, plus it came in handy for military campaigns and fishing.

Slavic customs suggest the meeting of dear guests with bread and salt. This tradition helped to verify the intentions of the newcomer. So, if a guest came with good thoughts, he had to dunk the bread in the salt shaker and eat, and if he pointedly scattered grains, it meant a quarrel.

Salt among the Slavs was always revered as an important strategic product, was on a par with bread. They treated the “white gold” quite respectfully, and did not allow for disrespect to the product.

The man who spilled the salt, necessarily scolded and could even beat. And deliberately spilled salt was equated with open hostility, was equivalent to a glove thrown by duelists.

But what did you do if the salt woke up by chance? Of course, they expressed their dissatisfaction with this fact, reproached the person who committed this person for waste or “curvature”, a great conflict inevitably arose between people. That is how the prediction came true.

Even less optimistic salt scattered over the fire. Probably, it is no secret to anyone that in ancient times people worshiped various elements, to which the elements of fire belonged. And grains of salt scattered over the flame indicated impending trouble. In such a situation it was necessary to eliminate the destructive effect of omens with the help of a special conspiracy.

Our ancestors were very wise, and for every bad omen they found a means by which it was possible, if not removed, then at least to minimize the negative impact.

For this, certain techniques were intended. Next, we present all the most popular popular recommendations with which you can eliminate the bad effects of belief. And you will be able to decide which of them will be to your liking the most.

If you accidentally spill salt, we recommend that you follow these steps:

  1. A small pinch of product to throw over the left shoulder, be sure to laugh while. Our ancestors believed that on the left side of each person there is an evil entity who likes to arrange various dirty tricks and quarrel people. And with the help of this manipulation, you sleep her eyes with salt, so as not to violate the family charter. Thanks to a smile and a laugh, you will show that you are not afraid of any intrigues. You can also spit in the same direction for greater loyalty.
  2. Another way to eliminate a bad sign is the pronunciation of a certain conspiracy. It is necessary to say these words: "Salt - salt, pain - pain, but I have no pain". Then the spilled grains should be collected and carefully wiped off the table.
  3. Many believe that the ill effects of belief can be eliminated with the help of good omens, for example, sprinkled sugar. So, if you accidentally sprinkled salt, you should sprinkle it on top with a small amount of sugar or put a cube of refined sugar. Wait for a certain time (about a day), and then throw it all into the trash. Sugar in this case will be a kind of antidote for salinity.
  4. And finally - if the salt spilled, follows the little finger of the right hand to draw a magical cross and then no bad beliefs will be terrible to you.

Note! It is important to even convey the salt at the table with a smile and a positive attitude. In this case, no bad omens can hurt you.

Of course, these recommendations apply only to those who truly believe in them. The best thing is to dwell as little as possible on this bad event, because it has long been proven that thought is material and capable of attracting both failures and luck.