Dream interpretation

Why dream of seeing yourself naked?


Why dream of seeing yourself naked? Clothing is the protection of the body from environmental aggression. In a dream, the lack of clothes on a person is a symbol of insecurity and helplessness. However, the nuances of the interpretation of sleep will depend on many related details and the situation in the dream. Consider the details.

Popular interpretation of nudity

To walk naked in a dream - insecurity before the prevailing circumstances, the coming beggarly existence. This foreshadowing applies to women, and for men the vision of their own naked body promises all sorts of benefits. First of all, strong sexual potency and success in women.

Nudity in a dream can symbolize shyness of the dreamer, shyness and lack of complexes. Another interpretation may be the disclosure of secrets that the dreamer has kept. The personality of the dreamer will be discussed by the gossipers in all details and details; you will have to go through many unpleasant moments.

Often dreams with a naked body warn of impending illness. Old dream books interpret this image as a sign of poverty, failure, and conflict. However, a conversation in a dream in the nude predicts a heart-to-heart conversation with this person in reality.

Seeing yourself naked alone without the presence of strangers - be honest with yourself. This is a sign of spiritual purity. To admire your body - to have high self-esteem, to be dissatisfied with yourself - check your health and take care to preserve your own reputation.

For a sick woman admiration for his naked body promises a speedy recovery. Also, sleep promises release from painful memories or a stressful situation that has arisen in the life of the dreamer.

Various plots of a dream

Strip in dream - to an unexpected unpleasant event in the life of the dreamer. However, if in a dream not one dreamer exposes his body, but also a group of people, such a dream foreshadows warm trusting relationships in a circle of close people.

Swim naked in pure water - to meet your love. The dreamer will bathe in the waves of passion and tenderness. This is a good omen for single women.

Why dream see yourself naked surrounded by nudity? It symbolizes the attraction of undue attention to his person. It is necessary to reconsider their behavior in order not to become the object of desire of many men and not to tarnish their reputation as a decent woman.

Attempts to hide nudity from others symbolize the desire to hide unseemly deeds from others, fear of publicity. If you managed to find clothes in a dream, in reality you will be able to cope with the situation and get out "dry out of the water."

See yourself naked in the bath - in reality, you should put in order all your affairs. If this is not done, there will be trouble. When diligently doing business, good luck and complete success await.

What does it mean to walk naked in a dream at the dream?

Dream Miller considers the vision of his own naked body in a festive atmosphere with a lot of unauthorized people foreshadowing happiness in the life of the dreamer. However, this interpretation is appropriate if the dreamer has experienced positive emotions in a dream. Attempting to wear clothes in a dream symbolizes the internal contradictions in the human soul.

Dream Vanga states: admiration of his body in a dream promises a promotion and all sorts of benefits in the life of a dreamer. Being dissatisfied with his own body in a dream - to trouble and bad changes in his personal life.

Dreaming nostradamus prophesies the dreamer favorable changes in his personal life. Soon can expect a good acquaintance, which will lead to a wedding celebration.

English dream book spells trouble. A business lady warns this dream not to make deals in the near future and check all the documentation well. Beware of bankruptcy - warns the dream book.

A bad omen carries a dream for a woman in love. Contemplation of your naked body predicts a quick separation from your beloved. For a married woman, a dream spells betrayal of a spouse or the birth of an inferior child.

The newest dream book He sees in this story the foreshadowing of the dreamer's fast illness. A young girl dream spell unpleasant situation in which she will soon be. The vision of several naked people is a warning not to take decisive steps in the near future, not to sign contracts and not to trust strangers.

Seeing yourself naked in the mirror and admiring the contour of the body - to meet with a new man. If a clumsy figure and a blurred body contour can be seen in the mirror, this foreshadows a conflict situation and a misunderstanding with relatives.

Modern dream book states: nudity of the body in a dream foreshadows an ill-considered act in life. Seeing yourself with your naked girlfriends is about changing your job. Sometimes a dream prophesies a protracted illness. Swim naked in a pond or pool - to love chagrin, disappointment.

Family Dream foreshadows a scandalous situation in the house. Also, this story may foreshadow the disruption of an important event due to the dreamer's illness. Trying to cover the nakedness of the body - the contradiction between moral principles and natural desires. If a young girl admires her own nakedness - in reality she will be able to subdue a man, but will not be able to keep near herself.

Dream of Juno claims that this dream comes only to persons with high self-esteem. However, the second interpretation is the foreshadowing of profits in the near future.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova predicts illness and trouble. Running naked in a dream foreshadows a quarrel with a loved one and a complication of relationships.


If nudity in a dream does not embarrass a dreamer, this indicates openness of her feelings and high self-esteem. However, be careful of excessive frankness in conversations - this can serve as a reason for unnecessary gossip behind your back.

Seeing a familiar person naked in his dream - you will soon find out about him the whole truth, which was carefully hidden under the mask of friendship.